In the Eye of the Hurricane

In the Eye of the Hurricane

by Dr. Merritt H Cohen


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What are Dr. Cohen’s books really about?

The 140 or so chapters written so far in this and his first book, Whistling in the Wind have dealt with reminders of history and issues facing us which are quickly forgotten. The sound bites heard, or the written bites read, fly into many of our ears or are transported through our eyes into our brains and then, in an instant, are gone. These books, which can be read and reread and will stay on your bed stand or shelf, are meant to remind you that these issues don’t go away. They simply lie dormant or are pushed away by those who want to allow sleeping dogs lie. There are many examples of this phenomenon: Benghazi, lead in drinking water, Dough Hughes, Iran deal, Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction. The list goes on and on. How many of my readers, especially those who really care, allow themselves to forget.

Dr. Cohen, now eighty, is a practicing urologist in New Jersey. Educated at Princeton University, Tufts University School of Medicine, and New York University’s Department of Urology, he is now in his forty-seventh year of practice.

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