by Dennis Obert


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When He created man, God breathed a life-giving spirit with an innate sense of God and a conscience- sensing basic goodness into a carnal body made from the dust of the earth which is Satan's domain. Therefore, the battlefield of the great war between good and evil is now within mankind as God and Satan fight for control of the heart of each person! With man in Satan's kingdom under Satan's control, the battle seemed hopeless until Christ lived a sinless life and provided the perfect sacrifice for sin. Through his spiritual death and resurrection, Christ defeated Satan's spiritual death-grip on humans. Now, He offers us that victory as well if we believe in God as a Spirit and understand that it is absolutely essential for us to become spiritual in order to have a saving relationship with God. How do we achieve this? The answer is the message of this book!

I am a retired Registered Pharmacist who, in spite of church membership from the age of 12 when I was baptized until now, did not really understand the joy of walking with God in the Spirit. Two years ago, my desire to follow God more closely and to have a more spiritual relationship with him led to an intense effort and study of God's Word in order to establish that relationship. This book is an account of what I learned from that quest and the wonderful changes that I have experienced from "walking in the Spirit" and from the fruit of the Spirit that is developing within me to make a me a peaceful, joyful, more Godly believer even in the face of Satan's renewed attacks and the resulting adversities. I am truly experiencing peace In the Eye of the Storm!

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ISBN-13: 9781613790175
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 03/24/2011
Pages: 260
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