In the Half Light

In the Half Light

by Peter Weltner




Lyric poetry informed by religious, literary, and cultural traditions, including Catholic, Greek, Roman, and Latinate; by classical mythology; and by a life spent close to rural nature as to a number of beloved young and old men. As always, Weltner displays his formal dexterity in this book, using-- and making his own--a variety of traditional, hybrid, and invented forms.

Peter Weltner was raised in northern New Jersey and Piedmont, North Carolina. For 37 years he taught American, British, and Irish literature at San Francisco State University. He has published 20+ books of fiction and poetry. He lives in San Francisco, steps away from the Pacific, with his husband Atticus Carr.

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ISBN-13: 9781938144714
Publisher: BrickHouse Books, Inc.
Publication date: 01/15/2020
Pages: 87
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents


A Bottomless Well 13

A Praying Mantis 14

A Scroll 15

Paper Boats 17

Green Things Dreaming 18

From a First Book of Revelation 19

From a Second Book of Revelation 20

From a Third Book of Revelation 21

From a Fourth Book of Revelation 22

Noh 23

Orizaba 24


A Late Night Hike 27

Tempest 28

Unborn Sons 29

Orgasm 31

After Consummation 32

The Morning After 33

The Word We Spoke 34

Consecration 35

An Eternal Pine, to the Memory of Chou Wen-chung 36

Off the Coast of Maine 37

Off Labrador 38

In a House by the North Atlantic 39


Golden Gate Bridge 43

Fin de Siglo 44

Of Things Not Seen 45

Once Heard 46

Rereading a Yearbook while Listening to Bruckner's Eighth 47

Barrett's Shakespeare 49

My Father and I in Manhattan 51

The Day My Father Died 52

Its Critics Ask, What Is Poetry For? 53

Phantom Love 54


Chrysothemis 59

The Mystery of Haydn's Head 60

Hart Crane Cruising 61

Late Strauss 62

Shostakovich's Last String Quartet 64

Rothko 65

Vocation 66

Guillaume 67

Plum Stains 68

Reasons of Faith 69


October Dawn 73

Birds at Twilight 75

A Dawn without Birds 76

A November Evening 77

A Lake 78

Wilderness 79

Home 80

Green Days 81

An Offering 83

First Dawn 85

Second Dawn 86

Third Dawn 87

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