In The Latter Days: An Intellectually Honest Study of Bible Prophecies Concerning End Times

In The Latter Days: An Intellectually Honest Study of Bible Prophecies Concerning End Times

by Thomas O Meeker


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As I set out to write a book about End Times Prophecy one of the most important rules of interpretation that must be carefully observed is to distinguish between what is actually said in the texts and that which is assumption, exaggeration, speculation or imagination.All too often writers and preachers of prophecy publish their works mainly because they believe they have solved the riddle or completed the picture. But their resulting product ends up being more a description of their own personal opinions, assumptions, speculations and biases than of what the writings actually say. That by itself wouldn't be so bad. The problem comes when these assumptions and speculations are not presented as such, but rather are presented and accepted as though they are established truth. Presenting them this way implies that the conclusions of the author have been proven and are sure, when in fact they are not.In hopes of avoiding this kind of error I have carefully tried to distinguish in this study between the facts from the writings and the assumptions or speculations that may be made from them. The facts from prophecy are unmovable and sure. Any assumptions or speculations must be open for change or outright abandonment if events around us prove them wrong. Now, I understand that "facts" can also be open to interpretation and interpretation can be a very subjective thing. Therefore, an author's method of interpretation is extremely important if he hopes to discover what is true. The method should be as objective as possible and designed to remove the natural tendency to project one's own biases or preconceptions into the interpretation. The goal is to allow prophecy to define what is true and to paint its own prophetic picture of what is to come. The goal is not to use the Bible to support or lend credence to one's own pet doctrines or preconceived beliefs or imaginations. Sadly, the latter approach is more often than not the method that is applied in prophetic studies. In this study I begin with the assumption that I know nothing of the subject at hand. I approach the prophecies like a detective looking for clues to solve a mystery. In order to get to the truth, I have to trust that my clues are accurate and that they say what they mean and mean what they say. But like every human being it is hard not to filter what I'm seeing subjectively. So in an attempt to keep my method of interpretation as objective as possible, I developed several ground rules. These ground rules are explained in the book.I believe that all of the prophecy in the Bible is true and accurate. Therefore, it will never contradict itself. If it appears to contradict itself, then there is something we are missing or misunderstanding. If this assumption is valid, and I believe it is, then there is never a reason to isolate a prophetic text from the rest of the writings. They should all agree and form a congruent picture.Basically what I am going to be focusing on is developing a timeline. Using just what the writings and the prophecies in the writings tell us, without exaggerating, reaching, stretching, spiritualizing, symbolizing, isolating, projecting or looking for hidden meanings, we will discover amazing detail and congruence as to the chronology of events. Once we understand the chronology and the framework, even if we do not fully understand what the events are or exactly how they will look, we will be equipped to recognize the events when they actually begin to happen, and thus will not miss our time of visitation.Our journey begins in the book of Daniel where most of the framework of the timeline is discovered. Then we will move on to the words of Jesus in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. With this knowledge, then, we will work our way through the Book of Revelation and will discover that we are much better equipped to understand how these things flow into the chronology of events In the Latter Days.

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About the Author

Thomas Meeker was born in 1953 and grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa. He was one of 7 children being born second to the youngest. He married at age 28 and raised three children.

Tom came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in 1973, at age 20, while in college in Daytona Beach, Florida. It was there that the Lord physically touched him in a powerful way that changed his life forever. Since that time his Christian journey has taken him into many different streams of the Christian Church. His knowledge of the Bible comes from over 40 years of study and listening to the many preachers and teachers in the Churches he was a part of.

Over time Tom began to discover that the teachers, preachers, books and writings he looked to for truth... didn't agree. Each claimed to have the truth but, though they were using the same Bible, their ideas and interpretations were very different. And so, realizing that all of these respected teachers and writers must be guessing, Tom felt he must begin the long arduous journey of discovering for himself what was in the Bible, without the filters, opinions and prejudices of others. He also began to discover things that were NOT in the Bible. For there are many that claim Biblical authority for their teachings when in fact it is not there.

This journey also took Tom into the study of Hebrew and Greek. Though his success at Greek was minimal, Tom stuck it out in Hebrew for many years and today, though by no means a scholar, has a very good working knowledge of the language.

In 2007 the Lord precipitated a major change in Tom's life which resulted in his loosing his career as an Avionics Engineer. For the next 4 years Tom was completely unemployed, yet the Lord never failed to provide for him. It was during this time of unemployment that Tom began to focus full time on the Scriptures concerning end times, to determine for himself what was there and what was not. This study led Tom to some surprising discoveries, many of which differ from what is taught in mainstream Christianity today.

As a result of his studies some friends asked Tom if he would be willing to teach a class on end times prophecy, which he did. The class was so successful that some suggested he should write a book. The result was; In The Latter Days. Since that time Tom has taught his class several times to others.

Tom now lives in Lisbon, Iowa and attends the church he founded there, Freedom Christian Fellowship, where he teaches and preaches.

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