In the Line of Duty

In the Line of Duty

by Carolyn Arnold


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The loss of a hero cuts deep...

"Fans of crime fiction will be moved and enthralled by In the Line of Duty, as much an action-packed mystery as it is a heartfelt tribute to police who give up their lives to protect others." -Publishers Weekly

The headlines hit home for the Stiles PD when one of their own is shot and killed while on duty. Detective Madison Knight and the brotherhood of blue are fueled to find justice. But that's easier said than done. Emotions are high, and the evidence is pointing them in several directions.

One thing is certain: members of the Stiles PD will need to stand united and set aside their differences in order to reap justice. But can they hold it together and close the case without any more officers paying with their lives?

In the Line of Duty is "a roller-coaster ride of a plot with all manner of twists and turns." (Midwest Book Review) Perfect for fans of James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and JD Robb.

Buy this international bestselling book today and join the investigation! Uncover clues, follow leads, and catch a cop killer like thousands of readers have done before you. It doesn't matter if this is the first book you're reading in the Detective Madison Knight series or not; all the books stand alone!

What readers say about In the Line of Duty:

★★★★★ "A hard hitting, emotional novel."
★★★★★ "A slew of twists and turns along the way."
★★★★★ "Arnold... makes us feel a roller coaster of emotions."
★★★★★ "I absolutely loved this book."
★★★★★ "I actually could see it being a movie."
★★★★★ "The author makes such an effort to do her research on police procedures."
★★★★★ "I was glad to read this book that has the utmost respect for law enforcement."
★★★★★ "Arnold puts words and feelings in this book that are true to life. Great writer and series."
★★★★★ "Thanks for such a good book. Maybe they can make a movie out of this one."
★★★★★ "Brilliant as usual."
★★★★★ "An insightful look into the lives and losses our country's heroes face every day on the front lines."
★★★★★ "This book absolutely kept me guessing until the killer was revealed."
★★★★★ "The twists and turns will leave your head spinning, in a good way."

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781988353302
Publisher: Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc.
Publication date: 11/04/2016
Series: Detective Madison Knight Series , #7
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.65(d)

About the Author

CAROLYN ARNOLD is an international best-selling and award-winning author, as well as a speaker, teacher, and inspirational mentor. She has four continuing fiction series-Detective Madison Knight, Brandon Fisher FBI, McKinley Mysteries, and Matthew Connor Adventures-and has written nearly thirty books. Her genre diversity offers her readers everything from cozy to hard-boiled mysteries, and thrillers to action adventures.

Both her female detective and FBI profiler series have been praised by those in law enforcement as being accurate and entertaining, leading her to adopt the trademark: POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT™.

Carolyn was born in a small town and enjoys spending time outdoors, but she also loves the lights of a big city. Grounded by her roots and lifted by her dreams, her overactive imagination insists that she tell her stories. Her intention is to touch the hearts of millions with her books, to entertain, inspire, and empower.

She currently lives just west of Toronto with her husband and beagle and is a member of Crime Writers of Canada and Sisters in Crime.

Customer Reviews

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In the Line of Duty 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Carolyn Arnold has written a book that not only captures the criminals it shows us the true heroes in the Line of Duty. We hear stories in real life but don't fully understand. This book shows us the heartache that families are faced with in order to sever and protect us. God Bless those men and women. I had tears in my eyes when reading the final chapter. To all the fallen officers RIP and Thank You.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love how this author keeps me turning the pages! Wonderful suspense to keep your interest!
CECJ 6 days ago
good read
Dawn Tilman 21 days ago
This is one of those books you don't put down. The characters felt real and the story compelling. This is the first book in the series I have read and it won't be my last.
Kathy Roll 28 days ago
Carolyn writes very realistic, gripping law enforcement stories. I enjoyed the mystery and tension between characters. Very good!
Cheryl Peil 3 months ago
A technically accurate & yet very interesting novel!
Anonymous 3 months ago
the characters were all well developed and the story was interesting and well written. I will definitely read more of this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good book. Would read it again and probably will.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
In The Line of Duty by Carolyn Arnold may not be the action packed, in your face suspense and danger that I love so much, but I do enjoy learning about the step by step procedures of a murder investigation, especially when it is one of their own…and the impact it has on the characters personal lives. Carolyn Arnold has done her research, including the impact the media has on an investigation. I, too, think they dwell too much on the bad, never telling the whole story. Madison is a detective with the Stiles Police Department and Troy, her boyfriend, is a member of their SWAT team. Their relationship takes a direct hit. Both of them were friends of the murdered officer, but Troy had grown up with him, been his best man and was the godfather of his children. Troy’s nickname for Madison is Bulldog. She is tenacious, aggressive and determined, sometimes forgetting to eat and sleep. She’s like the energizer bunny, she doesn’t stop. Just the type of person you would want working your case, if you had one. It takes a real knack to figure out who’s lying, who’s telling the truth, getting the information they need from uncooperative suspects and witnesses and Madison is like a dog with a bone, her mind putting the puzzle together, piece by piece. I think their situation could actually be a benefit to their relationship if they could let the old baggage go, knock down some walls, and use the knowledge of the nature of the beast, their work, to overcome some of the bumps in the road sure to come their way. Imagine if you were the other half and not a police officer…their late nights, not knowing where they are and what they are doing, and the danger, never knowing if the car they pull over will have a criminal that will blow them away rather than be taken. I became invested in the characters, even the most peripheral, because they all had their place in the story. Some were good, some were bad, but they all have a ring of truth to them. The police kept their cool, when they could have gunned down the suspects and got away with it. The bad guys did what bad guys do, lie and muddle the investigation. I do like some humor with my danger and Carolyn Arnold supplied it. Madison and her partner Terry are quite a team and I look forward to more adventures with them In The Line Of Duty by Carolyn Arnold rings of truth and realism, the slow and steady investigation into the murder of one of their own. I loved following each thread of the mystery, unraveling it a strand at a time, veering this way and that, eliminating one thread only to find another. I only figured it out right before she told and I LOVE IT! Carolyn Arnold had to break it down for me. That is so rare, that I can only bow down and say I’m not worthy. I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of In The Line of Duty by Carolyn Arnold.
eternalised More than 1 year ago
Carolyn Arnold is an excellent author. I discovered that much from reading her previous books. But from all her books I’ve read so far, In The Line of Duty, is hands down my favorite. Detective Madison Knight is the protagonist in this series, and this is the seventh book so far. But even without reading the previous books, you can just pick up this one and enjoy the story. It does make it tougher to keep the characters apart and figure out how they’re all connected than if you’d start from book one, in my opinion, but it’s definitely doable. Anyway, on to the story. Barry Weir, police officer, gets shot. Detective Madison Knight and her team are itching to catch Barry’s murderer. The one must devastated about Barry’s passing is Troy Matthews, Madison’s boyfriend and Barry’s childhood friend. Evidence points to a gang-related drive-by, but the deeper Madison and her team dig, the more convoluted the case becomes, and the less likely that Barry Weir was shot in a random shooting… I don’t want to spoil the story, but there were some clues I picked up on, and others I completely missed. The author did a fabulous job describing the inner workings of a police station and police proceedings. Madison Knight is an intriguing protagonist. She’s independent, strong, capable, intelligent, and overall, a very realistic character. This was a gripping, suspenseful story, and highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a good mystery read. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Always enjoy her books!
lifeasleels More than 1 year ago
I loved this book! This is the first I have read in the Madison Knight series, but I definitely want to read more! I was very, very cautious about reading this book. I was worried it would trigger my anxiety and I had heard that it was a tear jerker so I was very worried about reading it. I am happy to report that there was only one spot that made me tear up (and if it doesn’t make you tear up, I have to question your humanity) and it did not trigger my anxiety. It was a wonderfully twisted mystery that led the detectives (and me) on a wild goose chase. (Thank goodness it was eventually all laid out because I didn’t figure it out and was still confused when the Detectives figured it out!) I have read one previous book by this author and I am a huge fan. She writes excellent, accurate stories and I cannot wait to read more!
beckvalleybooks More than 1 year ago
A hard hitting, emotional novel which covers the true meaning of comradeship and team spirit. When an off duty policeman is shot dead at a petrol station it causes ructions and resentment throughout the station. The loss of a close colleague stirs the full range of emotions from anger to sorrow. It also tears the relationship within the investigation squad to pieces. The excellent descriptive writing brings the characters to life and the most impressive part of it is the human element that is protrayed and will touch the heartstrings of the reader. The investigation route takes us on a roller coaster of ride through a page turning twister of a thriller. You get a real feeling of what it is like to work and live in a close community like the police force, where everyone knows each others families and the tragedy runs deep. A riveting read and if you like a thriller you need to read this book.
IrishDaisy More than 1 year ago
This was my first read of Carolyn Arnolds and I enjoyed it so much. As a massive fan of "Blue Bloods" and "Chicago P.D" I figured this would be a great read! And I was right!! I loved Detective Madison Knight's character, she was totally badass and goes in guns blazing!. There is so much packed into this read with chasing leads that ended up getting us nowhere and I found myself getting just as frustrated as the characters. Just when I though YES they got him, something else was thrown into the works and it was back to square one all over again and the drawing board. I'll tell you one thing though this book definitely kept me on my toes, it wasn't boring at all. Packed full of action and suspense you will get into this just as much as Carolyn Arnolds characters and that just goes to show what an amazing writer she is. The drama and tension will keep you turning the pages until the very end. It is an emotional read at times as they each deal with the loss of their "Fallen Brother", but its especially hard for Madison as the officer shot was her partner, Troy's, childhood best friend. Madison and Troy's relationship takes it's toll as he pushes her away and that leads Madison to do everything and anything to catch the killer, so they better watch out...... I would definitely recommend reading this book even though it says book #7 that is OK as this was my first read in the series and the author makes it really easy to follow
JessicaCali More than 1 year ago
You're constantly hearing stuff in the news these days about cops - whether it be good or bad - it seems like there is always something. This book was such a good book. I started it Thursday night, and finished it Friday evening. It was fantastic! To go back to my starting sentence, yeah, sure there are some bad cops, but there are so many more of them that are good cops who are just trying to help and protect the general public. Police Officer Barry Weir is shot and killed while he is filling up his police car with fuel around 5am one morning, and this leaves 3 girls with out their dad & 1 woman with out her husband. This also leaves some very angry co-workers, who are Barry's brothers and sisters in blue, and who vow to find out who did this. No one vows to find out faster than Detective Madison Knight and her boyfriend, Troy Matthews. Troy and Barry were childhood friends, who went to college together, and eventually went through the Police Academy together. Troy withdrawls from almost everyone, but most importantly, he withdrawls from Madison, and puts their relationship in jeopardy. This book absolutely kept me guessing until the killer was revealed. I felt that the story was very well written. The twists and turns will leave your head spinning, in a good way. I had my guesses throughout the book who could have done such a hateful crime, and I was wrong every time. I'll be honest, and say that when the book was almost over and they were going through the funeral for a cop, I teared up. I have been to one funeral for someone killed that was on duty with the fire department, but that has been close to, if not a little over 20 years ago. It was sad. It was also sad when they had a 21 gun salute at my Papa Frank's funeral because he was in the military when he was younger. I imagined those funerals, and that brought Officer Barry Weir's funeral all too real. Prior to reading this book, I had no ideas that it was a part of a series. Once I finished it, and finished my review, that's when I found out that it was a part of a series, because I was reading reviews from other readers. I don't think I would have ever guessed it was a part of a series, because I felt like the author clued us in on everything we needed to know, and didn't leave anything out.
lindamoffitt02 More than 1 year ago
'In The Line Of Duty' A Madison Knight Series Book, #7 of 7 Without any spoilers, I have to say this story was very well written. What a great detective/police book with a lot of exciting and interesting events happening. Even with this being the 7th book in a series and the first Madison Knight book that I have read, it was a complete story. I did not feel I was missing out on any parts of the story. Carolyn does a great job of letting us know who everyone is and the parts that they play in the story. This story kept my attention the whole time and had me experiencing almost every emotion I can think of. There was intrigue, heartbreak, happiness, sadness, anger and excitement going on, throughout the whole book. If you enjoy reading books with murder mysteries, police procedures, while you are trying to figure out the ending and who did it, with a slew of twists and turns along the way, then this is the book for you. Great Job Carolyn and still NO SPOILERS BUT Chapter 56 made me UGLY CRY! So Heartbreaking and Sad! I received an early copy of this book from Beck Valley Books in return for my Honest Review.
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
Police officers are taking a lot of heat now a days--yes there are bad cops--but many more of them are good and really do want to help and protect the general public. Personally I have a grudge against the Meter Maids--but that is a story for another day! Even when it is one of their own that has been shot down they attempt to keep a cool head--but they will track who ever did it down and as quickly as possible as this novel portrays. When Police Officer Barry Weir is shot down while pumping gas-he leaves behind a wife and children--and shocked and very angry co workers. They vowed to get the person(s) who did it--and none more then Detective Madison Knight and her boyfriend Troy Mathews who is part of the SWAT team. Barry Weir and Tony were childhood friends. Tony withdraws from everything in his profound grief and concentrates only on finding out who did this. It appeared to be a random drive through killing by one of the local gangs possibly----but was it? The twists and turns will have your head spinning. When the entire truth is found out--you will find yourself gasping and possibly like me shaking your head.
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
When Detective Madison Knight received the call that a fellow officer was shot, she had no idea just how much it would impact her emotionally. Her boyfriend Troy Matthews, the Swat Team Leader seemed to be taking it harder than normal, putting a strain on their relationship. As Madison works feverishly following leads and suspects, she has to keep her emotions in check personally, as well as emotionally. I liked the characters of Madison and her fellow co-workers. It took some time to warm up to Troy, and I didn’t really feel his and Madison’s bonding, but I assume that was because of what they were mutually going through. Eventually, I felt their connection. This was a fast paced story, with a roller coaster of emotions.
Barb-TRC More than 1 year ago
In The Line of Duty by Carolyn Arnold is the 7th book of her Madison Knight series. One thing you can be certain when reading this series; Carolyn Arnold will give us an intense exciting murder mystery, as well as provide us with accurate details pertaining to police procedurals. When it comes to police investigations & procedurals no one does it better than Arnold. Madison Knight is a tough detective, who will let nothing stand in her way to find the guilty. A policemen is murdered in what is suspected to be a gang killing, and the entire Stiles PD are working together to find the murderers. There were a number of twists that continued to change the game, as to who was truly behind the killing; with some surprises all the way through. In the Line of Duty was also a complete turnaround for Madison; something I have been asking for quite some time. Madison has finally found love in her boyfriend Troy, who is the leader of the Swat team. Her friend Cynthia has also stepped up to be a good friend, not to mention a great medical examiner. The Stiles PD Sergeant has finally opened his eyes as to the value of Madison as a top notch detective. Things changed in this book that I absolutely loved, and Madison finally has a team surrounding her, and the respect she so deserves. Thank you, Carolyn. Rather than give spoilers, In the Line of Duty was a great story, with lots of action, precise investigations, many suspects, and a team atmosphere to solve the crime. I loved seeing Madison falling in love with Troy, and finding time to care about and enjoy her friends. I enjoyed this story so much; I could not put the book down; especially with new developments changing constantly. This story was very exciting and well written. If you enjoy mysteries, murder cops, police procedurals and a tough as nails cop, then you need to be reading this series.