In the Middle: The adolescent brain, behaviour and learning

In the Middle: The adolescent brain, behaviour and learning

by Michael C. Nagel


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In the Middle: The adolescent brain, behaviour and learning by Michael C. Nagel

In the Middle explores the current research into adolescent brain development and the changes in the brain as children move into adulthood. The book uses neuroscience to help parents, teachers, and adults better understand the changes that occur in young people's brains. By understanding the science, readers will gain an opportunity to not only contribute positively to adolescent behavior and learning, but also enhance the day-to-day interactions and relationships that are vital to adolescent wellbeing. Following on from the earlier companion volume In the Beginning: The Brain, Early Development and Learning [ISBN 978 1 74286 032 9 (2012) ], this book provides a wealth of information for a diverse readership - including health professionals, teachers, and parents - with a shared interest in understanding the needs of young people and helping them realize their potential. Drawing on latest international research linking adolescent development and neuroscience, the highly accessible and engaging style covers the chronological development from pubescence to early adulthood. *** "Teachers, parents, and researchers will value this book. Recommended." — Choice, August 2015, Vol. 52, No. 12

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ISBN-13: 9781742861487
Publisher: Australian Council for Educational Research
Publication date: 10/31/2014
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

About the author x

Acknowledgements xi

Introduction xiii

Chapter 1 Neuroscience and education 1

Chapter 2 Understanding the developing brain: Imagining the unimaginable 9

Brain development: An overview 11

Inside the brain: Structures and systems 20

Chapter 3 Adolescence and the developing brain 38

Myelin and developmental trajectories 40

The trimming of neurons: Synaptic pruning 43

Chemicals in the adolescent brain: Not just raging hormones 45

Chapter 4 What could they be thinking? Adolescence and the frontal lobes 52

The brain and the mind 53

Executive function 55

Impulse control 58

Environmental stimulation 60

Chapter 5 Emotions and the adolescent brain Part 1: Born to survive and thrive 64

The limbic system 67

Fight or flight 70

Emotion and reason 73

The reward circuit 76

Chapter 6 Emotions and the adolescent brain Part 2: Risky business 80

Novelty and danger 82

Emotional regulation 84

Motivation and consequences 87

Hot and cold cognition 90

Chapter 7 Social aspects of the adolescent brain 96

Self-concept: Sense of self 101

Theory of mind 102

Perspective taking 103

Social assessment 104

Peer resistance and peer pressure 105

Adolescent relationships 106

Chapter 8 The adolescent brain at school 119

21st-century schooling 120

Learning and the adolescent brain 123

Memory and learning 127

Understanding memory 128

Temporal categories or stages of memory 130

Qualitative categories of memory 135

Chapter 9 The adolescent brain outside school 147

Adolescent experimentation: The young and the reckless 151

Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs 152

Sex, thugs and naïve souls 161

Chapter 10 Failure to connect: When things go wrong in the brain 176

Life sucks: Moodiness and the adolescent brain 178

Don't worry: Try to help them be happy 183

Depression and anxiety disorders 186

Eating disorders 187

Sleep disorders 190

Adults matter 192

Epilogue: Adolescence is beautiful 196

Glossary 200

References 207

Index 244

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