In The Mix (#2 The GEG Series)

In The Mix (#2 The GEG Series)

by Jacquelyn Ayres, Rebecca J. Cartee

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BN ID: 2940149956289
Publisher: Jacquelyn Ayres
Publication date: 11/26/2014
Series: The GEG Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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In The Mix (#2 The GEG Series) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
rockrchic923 More than 1 year ago
In the Mix is the second installment of The GEG series by Jacquelyn Ayres and let me just say that I LOVED IT! This book made me laugh with tears of joy as well as touched my heart. The characters, CiCi and Kyle, worked so hard to stay away from each other (mostly CiCi) that there was a bit of frustration with this read but it really made the read that much more. I really loved CiCi and how she had absolutely no filter and the wall she put around her heart made her the perfect partner for Kyle in this, and watching her fall really was great. I am so glad that I found these books in my TBR pile because they are great lighthearted reads that make reading fun. Jacquelyn Ayres is an author that will make you fall in love with her without even trying. This is a series that I just can’t seem to get enough of!
Bobbi Wagner More than 1 year ago
In the Mix (Standalone) (The GEG Series Book 2) by Jacquelyn Ayres is the second book in her The GEG series. This story can be read as a standalone but I highly suggest that you read the first book too as it is just as enjoyable. Plus this author does one of the things I love most about series. She brings back some of the characters from the previous books. I want to know what happens to the characters after I close a book. You will find yourself laughing out loud with this book so be prepared. This is the story of CiCi and Kyle. CiCi is a woman who has the talent of using her mouth to deter attention that she does not want. But she does have a past that has left her with a few insecurities and she has managed to build a wall around her the size of a mountain. Then one day, her life changed and she ended up grabbing some balls, in fact they were Kyle's balls. He is attracted to her right from the first grab. She keeps telling herself that she is not attracted to him. This is where the story takes on a big twist (you will have to read to find out) that will show you why CiCi feels the way she does. She really just needs to learn to trust but when her past comes hurdling into the present, what will happen? The secondary characters play a little larger role in this book. They give you a further in depth into these characters that really help make this story flow. One of my favorite things about this book is the detail the author went into when it comes to their families. You don't always find the families this way so loving and beautiful. I kept hoping that these two will find their HEA. I felt compassion for CiCi because of everything that has happened to her and kept hoping she would find a way to just trust Kyle. Will she finally admit that she has feelings for Kyle? Kyle also has determination that is strong, he is just so determined that she is the one for him if only she would see that. When things get a little rough, will he bolt or will he stay to help her through it? Will she be able to move forward with Kyle and realize that he is not her past? I highly recommend this book, I know you will want to see what happens with these two and if they ever find their HEA.
taisheena More than 1 year ago
The writing of Jacquelyn Ayres is very engrossing. I hadn’t read anything by her before but I think I will be checking out the other books in the GEG series. I like the whole bit of drama around CiCi and Kyle. The circles and twists in their “war” is at times funny, sad, happy and “real.” There is something about the characters talking to the reader that sometimes distracts but overall this is a very pleasant read.   I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review. 
Theresa-Martin More than 1 year ago
To say Kyle and CiCi are opposites is an understatement. Kyle is vice president of a company, is a bit of a control freak, work pretty much being his life. He has no shortage of women, but Kyle might be looking to settle down with the right woman. With Kyle, that can be a tall order. One day, CiCi enters Kyle’s office and immediately captures his attention. She’s a beautiful, brash, no-filter-having free spirit who runs a pet grooming shop. While Kyle has pegged her as “the one,” CiCi wants nothing to do with him. Kyle is relentless in his pursuit of CiCi, and after several weeks, she relents and agrees to go out with him. While Kyle’s plans are more long-term, CiCi just wants to have fun with no serious entanglements. She’s been there, and doesn’t want to go through another heartbreak. She’s just fine with the walls she has erected around her heart. CiCi, her sister Charlotte, and her best friends make up their sisterhood, better known as the CEG’s. They’ve been together since they were little, and they consider one another family. They are CiCi’s support system, and as long as she has them, she’s good. CiCi has serious trust issues, and she’s carrying a secret that not even her best friends know about. Kyle knows she’s apprehensive because of a past relationship, but he cannot get her to open up about it. Kyle is patient, and believes that CiCi is worth the wait. He’s determined to help her, whether she wants it or not; and she doesn’t. While Kyle has been pretty structured, he’s learning to be more spontaneous and less stiff. CiCi is also exploring outside her comfort zone with regard to men and their place in her life. They’re both learning from each other. I absolutely loved this book. The CEG’s are hilarious and very protective of one another. The men in their lives are a hoot. I really enjoyed the story being told from both CiCi and Kyle’s points of view. That way, you get to see their inner thoughts (and there are plenty) along the way. They both will have you cracking up, and somehow, they both can anticipate the reader’s thoughts, too. This was such a fun, hot, romantic, sad, silly story. Well done, Jacquelyn! I received this ARC for an honest review, and I give it 5 stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Once again Jacquelyn has outdone herself. I absolutely adored this book and all of the characters in it. Cici is warm and loving on the inside but also the type of person who will grab you by the balls (literally). She speaks her mind and I love it! Kyle is a sweetheart with a temper and let me tell you, it is soo hot! I absolutely loved Kyle's mom, actually all of the parents in this book were absolutely amazing in their own ways. I cannot wait for the next book! I NEED to know what is going on with Charley and Mitch since Jacquelyn left us hanging, still love you Jac! If you haven't read this book yet GET ON IT its fantastic, but than again I have never been disappointed by Jacquelyn's writing. Keep amazing me girl!
mathphilosopher More than 1 year ago
Jacquelyn Ayres’s “In The Mix” is the second book in the Green-Eyed Girls (GEG) series. It’s hilarious and sexy. If you like “Seduction and Snacks” by Tara Sivec, you’ll love this one. CiCi, the leading lady, has no filter and she’s hysterical. Very “Sex in the City,” with lots of witty dialogue. The sex scenes are hot enough to make your lady boom boom go bang bang! You can read this book without reading the first one, but don’t – the first one is awesome too.
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
4.5 smokin hot and cleverly funny stars Favorite Quotes: “As much as I want to be in a relationship with you, I need to think of protecting myself, too.  There is an expiration date on how long you can string someone along and mine is just about met.” “You do things to me that take my breath away.  Amazing things.  Things that frighten me.” “Second of all, you’re a tax write-off because you are medicine to my soul – healing me.  Everyday my heart gets stronger, more trusting – freer.” “It’s New Year’s Day and I’ve had my Wheaties twice this morning already – know what I’m sayin’?” “Life is made up of all these events that happen.  I think of them as ingredients.  Everything we go through: joy, sadness, what have you; they’re all ingredients.  They get thrown in the mix.  That batter, with all of those ingredients, makes up who we are and who we end up being.” My Review: I adored this book!  I felt the full range of emotions while reading this delightful creation.  I laughed aloud - several times.  I frequently chuckled and smirked, yet also felt a lump in my throat and an odd stinging in my eyes.  Then it happened… an ugly cry, which is rare for me as I am an admittedly jaded and cynical shrew.  Imagine my shock and horror… but so worth it!  If you enjoy smart, wickedly funny, and cleverly sarcastic humor laced with sensual love scenes that will have you gasping and later cleaning the upholstery - then this is the book for you.  Ms. Ayers is my new favorite.  Excuse me while I go one-click her entire listing, my furniture needs new upholstery anyway.  
ckwlofton More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful book. Jacquelyn Ayres outdoes herself again! You will find yourself laughing out loud as you read it....with people looking at you like you are crazy. All part of the fun. Seriously though, this book is humorous but it has a lot of other emotions in it to. CiCi is hilarious but part of her biting wit is to protect herself from pain. She suffered a terrible experience in her past and has found a method to keep that pain at bay all the while not exposing herself to a relationship that might bring new pain with it. This is a sweet story of how she has to learn to not only deal with the past in order to move forward, but to learn how to put her heart out there again. Plus, there is a great friendship between the female characters in this series. One of my favorite parts were when the girls were all together and one started laughing, making the others laugh even though they didn't know why they were laughing. I have done this with friends before and that type of friendship is one of a kind. Great job Ms. Ayres! Keep it up---bring on book #3!
Book_worms77 More than 1 year ago
This is book two in The GEG Series.  I gave this book 5 stars.  It is a standalone BUT I really suggest that you read the first book.  Both of the main Characters in this book are in book one also.  This is CiCi's and Kyle's story.  This book would have rocked without Kyle. Just sayin'! Yes, Kyle is hot and sexy and just a wow kind of guy. BUT CiCi is a one of a kind woman. She is full of fire and just waiting to explode on anyone and everyone. She says what she feels when she feels it. It is a what you see is what you get with her.  She is strong, she is someone who can handle the world, but inside she is a beautiful soul. A soul that needs healing. A soul that needs loved.  We all have a friend like this. NO, I guess we don't I would LOVE to have a friend like this. She is so full of spunk and knows what she wants out of life. She doesn't take no for an answer, and she goes for it. The sad thing is CiCi has been hurt. She has been crushed. How? Why? When? She keeps all of that to herself. (even from her reader). She really doesn't trust anyone and doesn't believe in love at all. Her walls are just as thick as they are high. She refuses to let anyone in, but her Best friends and her sister. The GEG's are a group of girls that are the best of friends and they say anything and everything whenever they feel like it. I was busting a gut at 2% into this book. At 22% I was pledging my undying love to the author! I needed this book!! This story was phenomenal to me. I loved every part of it. CiCi made it!  Now lets get to Kyle. Kyle is gorgeous and sweet and an all around good guy. CiCi doesn't do good guys. But she can't fight this attraction that she is feeling towards him. This magnetic pull, and the fact that no matter what she says Kyle is not giving up. It is annoying her to a point. BUT it is also showing her that some people are worth giving a second chance to. CiCi has to learn that yes love sucks and sometimes people make mistakes, but not everyone is going to crush you. Sometimes two people are meant to be together. Feel the pull. Kyle feels the pull to her from the moment she says hello to him. He just knows that CiCi is THE girl. He is convinced that she is the one. Kyle doesn't take no very well, and let me tell you she says no many, many times. Kyle tries to find ways upon ways of showing CiCi that he is here to stay. Kyle loves her sassy attitude and doesn't try to change her. She can be a bit abrasive and he just takes it and shows her that that is something that he loves about her.  This story is about first love, second chances, and broken hearts. It is about life. It is about saying yes you're worth giving a chance to, and sometimes things do work out. This story made me laugh, it made me cry, made me laugh some more. It made me believe that sometimes love is beautiful ... The end of this book made me jump with joy. CiCi heals her heart, and she learns to love with all of herself again. YAY!!! BUT this is not the end of the GEG's!!! I cannot wait to read what Jacquelyn has coming up next!! I am sure it is going to be spectacular, but this one is going to be very hard to beat. I loved the first book, but this one by far was my favorite! Cici is my inner child!! LOL.. I wish. Thank you Jacquelyn for books that I will never forget. You just keep surprising me !! This is an author that you need to keep an eye on! She is headed for bigger and better things!!! <3