In the Moonlight

In the Moonlight

by Sarah Helton


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ISBN-13: 9781456766566
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/17/2011
Pages: 388
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

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In The Moonlight

By Sarah Helton


Copyright © 2011 Sarah Helton
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-6656-6

Chapter One

It has been three months since that cold January night. As I sat there and looked around the room filled with boxes, I felt like my life was over. On that January night when my husband Brandon and I moved to this little town of Hinton, West Virginia. We were moving in and unpacking when we planned on dinner. We decided to walk to the little restaurant together and finish tomorrow. We ate and talked just enjoying our time together. As the evening pressed on we needed to get back to finish unpacking our belongings. We walked hand in hand in the crisp air when out of no where a car came speeding down the road and slid on ice. It happened so quick, Brandon screamed my name "Piper!" as he pushed me out of the way. The car hit him and then the tree, I rushed to Brandon's side to help him. I sat there in the moonlight as I held Brandon while he said his last few words to me, "Piper I love you always have. I will watch over you always." he said as his life left him. Brandon and the driver died that night, now here I am trying to put my life back together. I worked at the hospital every day so that I didn't have to be home but today was my day off. I started to unpack the boxes and put things away finally. I worked until I couldn't stand to see anything else of Brandon's, the heartbreak was to hard for me. I woke to the sun coming into my bedroom not that I slept very well with the dreams of the accident coming to me every night and Brandon's last words running through my head. I hurried to get out in the fresh air so I could walk to work like most days the crisp air help me clear my head.

As I got to work it was busy like I liked it most of the time busy meant no time to think. My best friend and head nurse, Michelle who had taken me under her wing happily pointed out the new doctor who was working with us. "Piper he hasn't taken his eyes off of you all day, or for weeks for that matter well ever since he was put on this rotation." Michelle said. I just looked at her and shook my head glancing his way. As the day slowed Michelle and I walked to the drink machine for a soda. She began to fill me in on the new doctor who she said was watching me. "I barely noticed him Michelle, I'm not ready for that stuff ya know? Its been three months since well you know." I told her. "Oh I know but come on Piper he seems very interested in you." she said with a giggle. "Ok Michelle what is his name again?" I asked not wanting to hurt her feelings. "Xavier Matthews." she replied happily. As she got ready to say more about him the intercom screeched out "Doctor Danvers to the ER STAT!" Michelle and I ran to see what the emergency was only to find that it was a car accident. I choked back the tears and the visions so that I could work on this poor soul that was laying on front of me. Still I was haunted by the memories of Brandon and that night so long ago. I washed up getting ready to go to the place I dreaded to be now that my shift was over. "Hey nice work, I'm Xavier Matthews nice to finally meet you." he said offering his hand. "Piper Danvers nice to meet you too. Umm see you tomorrow?" I said as I gathered my stuff and headed for the door. I could hardly wait to get out in the crisp air to clear the day out of my head. At first all I could think about was Xavier's voice and his touch, "Ok Piper get your head together." I thought to myself. I stepped outside to find it pouring the rain and me not prepared for the weather still getting used to this town. I sighed heavily, tightened my jacket around me and started for the walk home. I was hurrying along with my head down while the cold rain beat down on me never noticing a car approaching until I heard my name, "Piper, hey Piper can I give you a ride home?" he asked. I bent down and looked in the window, "Oh no thanks Dr. Matthews I'm fine." I said. "Come on its a cold rain and I really don't mind." he insisted. "Thanks." I said as I got in. "Your very welcome and it Xavier." he said with a smile and his voice like magic to me.

I watched him take a deep breath as I began to speak, "Wow nice Charger." I said not knowing what to say. He turned to me with a shocked look on his handsome face, "Yea I cant believe you knew that." he said with a smile. "I like older cars I have a 69 Camaro." I told him. As we talked back and forth I noticed the car slowing to a stop, "Where are we?" I asked. He put a sly grin on his handsome face, "We are going to have dinner here, you like steak right?" he asked. "Oh Xavier you don't have to do that I'll be just fine, I really should go home." I said not knowing if this was a good idea or not. "I just thought since I was alone and you were alone we could have dinner, its been a long day and you should eat." he said smiling. I just looked at him not knowing what to say to that, "Come on no need to eat alone more fun if you have someone to hang out with." he insisted. "Ok." I said slowly. He got out and walked over to my side opening the door and offering me his hand with a smile. We went into Applebee's and with me being wet and cold it was warm inside, although he didn't seem as cold as I was. The waitress showed us a table and took our drink and food orders, "Dr. Pepper and ribs please." I said with him ordering the same drink and a rare steak. "Tell me about yourself Xavier." I said when she left the table. "Well lets see I moved here with my brothers and sisters about two years ago. My parents adopted them and they are good kids still in school ages 16 and 17. Now with my parents gone it is up to me to care for them but they keep up with your grades and chores while I work all the time. What about you Piper you have any siblings? How did you end up here?" he asked. "No I sure don't I'm an only child even though I wish I had a bigger family. My husband and I moved here about three months ago his job brought us here. I like it and I love my job but my parents live in Virginia." I said not really looking at him as we ate. "Your husband?? I didn't know I should have asked." he said quickly. I smiled lightly at him, "No that's ok I'm a widow, car accident." I said with a bit of sadness and a deep breath. "I'm so sorry I...." he began before I interrupted. "Wow its getting late maybe we should go." I said as I looked at my watch. He got up quietly and offered his hand to me as I got out of the chair.

On the way to my house nothing was said just the sound of the rain hitting the window. "Will you be walking in the rain in the morning?" he asked finally. I just looked at him and his sweet smile, "No I'll drive tomorrow." I said with a smile of my own. "Awe I was hoping you would need a ride I'd love to come and get you." he offered. "That's sweet of you Xavier but I'll be fine thanks again for the ride and dinner. See you tomorrow alright." I said. "Anytime, hey Piper how about tomorrow?" he asked smiling that sexy sly smile. "What's tomorrow?" I asked. "There is no need to eat alone." he said. "I don't know let me think about it okay thanks again Xavier." I said as I waved bye to him and ran inside. I could hear the Hemi engine as he pulled off while I took off my jacket. I grabbed my mail and the phone to call Michelle. It rang about two times and she answered, "Piper tell me everything!" she said excitedly. "Ok ok hello to you too. Nothing really he just gave me a ride and took me to dinner, we talked some and he asked me out again." I told her. "Are you going to go? I mean there is no need for you to be alone Piper and he's very good looking plus he seems very interested in you. He has been here for about two years and I have never seen him ask anyone out." she said. I laughed, "Its just dinner not having his children, look I might go but only if he asks again. I've gotta take a shower see you in the morning?" I asked. "Sure I have a date anyways see ya." she said as we hung up.

I showered and got into my jammies, tossed in a load of laundry, loaded the dish washer. Grabbed my mail and tossed in a movie that I halfway watched, paid some bills and checked my email. Before I knew it I was asleep with more sad dreams of Brandon, I never slept well with the dreams coming to me. The dreams were a little different each time, this time I felt like my face was being stroked, I knew that I was alone or I thought I was. I dreamt of the night Brandon died but this time he had a smile on his face, and his lips saying be happy. This time I felt my hair being moved from my face, I jumped awake to find me alone and still on the couch. I gathered my thoughts took a drink of my Dr. Pepper and took myself to bed. Morning came without much sleep to me so I got up and took a hot shower. Grabbed my keys and hospital id and went out the door to find him leaning against his front fender and smiling that sexy smile. "Xavier what are you doing here?" I asked. "Good morning Piper looking lovely today. I'm here to drive you to work so we can have dinner tonight." he said. I just smiled at him, "And what makes you think I'm having dinner with you tonight?" I asked. "Well I can be very convincing when I want something." he said as he opened the car door for me. I waited a few seconds, "I just thought you would like to meet my brothers and sisters. We could have dinner at my place if you wish, anything you want." he offered. "Alright I guess but I can drive myself." I said. "Awe come on Piper I'd love to drive you to work and after dinner I'll take you home anytime you wish." he said. "Ok nothing fancy for dinner then." I told him as I got in. "Salads from Wendy's it is." he said with a chuckle. We talked back and forth while he drove us to work.

It was slow and I liked slow sometimes that way I could take more time with my patients. Time seemed to tick by and I was a little nervous about dinner. Michelle told me about her date with some guy named Jerry, "He's nice and all but I don't think I'm going out with him again." she said as we sat at the desk. "Why not?" I asked half way listening. "Sloppy kisses. Hey what's up you look distracted? YOUR GOING OUT WITH HIM AGAIN ARENT YOU?" she accused. "Well yea he showed up at the house this morning and offered me a ride. He wants me to meet his brothers and sisters tonight. Michelle do you think I should go I mean I'm not rushing am I?" I asked her. "Piper you need this there is more to life than work and DVDs." she said. "Your right, all I do is work and watch movies. I don't even know why I pay for cable. I'm going and I'm gonna have fun." I told her. "Good girl." she said with a smile. Before I knew it he was up behind me with his hand around me, "Are you ready Piper?" he asked with velvet words. "Sure I guess lets go." I said with a smile feeling nervous. The sun was bright and warm on the drive to his house. He pulls up and hurries around to help me out of the car. He pulled me to my feet to meet my face with his. His eyes were the most beautiful blue I have ever seen, and his hair was black with blonde slits running through it. "What, something wrong?" he asked. "Oh no, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, absolutely breath taking." I said a bit embarrassed. "Thank you Piper. Piper are you?" was all I heard him say before everything went black.

I opened my eyes and at first everything was blurry, then things started to clear up. There he was bent over me, "Piper can you hear me?" he asked with worry in his voice. I shook my head, "What happened?" I whispered as I tried to sit up. "You told me that my eyes were breath taking, I didn't think you meant it literally." he said with a laugh. "I'm so sorry if you take me home I'll make dinner up to you I promise." I said. "No way I'm taking you home you need to have something to eat and then I'll take you." he said. "Thank you Xavier sorry again for messing up dinner." I told him feeling bad. "Regina will you bring Piper something to eat and drink please?" he called to her. "Sure thing Brother." she said and quickly exited the room. Within a flash she was back with a salad and a Dr. Pepper for me, "Here ya go Piper my brother cant cook unless its on a grill so he set us out for you." she said with a smile. He narrowed his blue eyes at her and she giggled, "I'll leave you two alone but the others want to meet her." she said. "They can meet her some other time." he told her. "That's ok Xavier Id like to meet them." I told him. "As you wish." he said handing me my drink. They all came into the room looking as beautiful as Xavier, "Hi I'm Jonathan nice to meet you Piper." he said. He had sandy blonde hair and very blue eyes standing tall and slim. "This is my older brother Michael, my two sisters Cyndi and Regina." he added. Michael had red hair, Cyndi had long blonde hair past her waist, Regina had satin black hair. All of them were tall and beautiful with blue eyes. "Very nice to meet you all. Sorry about dinner guys I haven't eaten all day I guess I need to stop that." I said. "That's ok Piper maybe next time I have homework so if you will excuse me." Michael said.

I started to eat my salad as they left us, "Would you like to watch a movie or something?" Xavier asked. "What you got?" I asked. "I've got all kinds." he said showing me his collection. "Just pick out anything I don't mind." I said with a smile. "Vampires it is." he said with a sly smile. "Ooooh I love vampire movies, I have a bunch of them." I told him with a laugh. "You like the scary, bloody, gutsy stuff?" he asked. "The more the blood and guts the better the movie." I told him. He just smiled at me while we watched Underworld although he watched me more than the movie. "Can I get you anything else?" he asked. "No thanks by the way why were you watching me instead of the movie?" I asked. "I've seen this movie a dozen times besides I'd rather watch you. You move your lips with the words, how many times have you seen this one?" he asked. "I don't know twenty times I think. I love vampires, zombies, witches all kinds of movies." I told him. He just smiled at me when I looked at him, "You are very beautiful, your eyes are the most green I have ever seen and your burgundy hair is so soft around your shoulders." he said softly. I felt my cheeks blush, "Thank you, no one has ever said anything like that to me except my husband and well he never put it like that." I said a little bit embarrassed. "I'm sorry if I have embarrassed you but you are quit stunning." he said. "I think maybe I'm ready to go home, would you mind?" I asked. "Sure thing let me grab our coats." he said as he got up. I threw my trash away, folded my blanket and put on my shoes. I sat there trying to figure out why I was more comfortable with him than with anyone else in my whole life. "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable you don't have to leave." he said as he came back in. "Oh I don't feel like that I just gotta go, maybe you can come over and we can raid my fridge one night. I've gotta go to the store to get some Dr. Pepper so let me know what you like and I will pick it up." I told him. "Ok then the next day we are off I'll come over Friday right?' he asked. "Yes Friday is good for me." I said getting on my jacket. "I'll wear my shades so you wont pass out again." he said with the most convincing smile I had ever seen. "Very funny." I said as he led the way to the car.


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