IN THE NAME OF ME: The Soul's Journey in the Process of Ascension to finding your True Self

IN THE NAME OF ME: The Soul's Journey in the Process of Ascension to finding your True Self

by Keleena Malnar, Dennis Lo


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“What you choose to do every monumental step of the way while focusing on your soul’s journey, will lead you to the correct answers that open every magical door bringing you closer to the true reality of your eternal existence.” In other words, each choice you make from your heart will open you up to the next step of finding out who you are and what your purpose is in this life.

An ideal book geared towards those that are on their spiritual journey of a lifetime. We take you into the ascension process through our own enticing experiences of enlightenment. You are excitedly taken into the journey of the soul that will assist you on your own voyage to finding your authentic self with joy, love and laughter along the way.

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ISBN-13: 9781504365772
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/12/2016
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.23(d)

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In The Name Of Me

The Soul's Journey in the Process of Ascension to finding your True Self

By Keleena Malnar, Dennis Lo

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Keleena Malnar & Dennis Lo
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6577-2



Since the beginning of time, human kind has consistently asked what one has thought is inexplicably the most prevalent question to answer. Who am I? Unfortunately, the human mind cannot justify the answers that materialize in front of it and therefore searches elsewhere for the answer. Many often wonder if we had all the answers why do we not know this and the frustrating search begins. For some this becomes a non-ending phenomenon of information strewn all over the kitchen table and the mind. The search becomes a cornucopia of information that leads to nowhere.

When you ask yourself "who am I", you need to understand the depth of the question you are stepping into. You will be climbing a wall and your search will dig far deeper than a family tree. This question is the ultimate question and test to the human mind. It will reveal the understanding of not only yourself but also who we all are. This search will open you to more than you can possibly ever imagine. If you are faithfully ready to dig deep and find the answer you seek, then I ask you honestly, without hesitation, let go of everything you thought you already knew. Think thoroughly before continuing to the next paragraph. Contemplate whether you are ready to take the time to understand your true authentic being of who you really are.

If you are enthusiastic and eagerly reading this paragraph then you have courageously decided you are ready for the ultimate truth. Now we ask you to trust this process. Starting this very moment, you know nothing. Forget everything you were humanly taught. Forget your Sunday school teachings, your bibles, and your theology classes. Forget what your parents instilled into your brain as a child. Forget what you have seen on television. Absolutely everything you thought you knew is now gone. It is here in the blank open vast mind where one can begin seeking the answers to the question without the re-occurring human thoughts that will come into play saying "that cannot be" because yes it most certainly can. Everything is ultimately unquestionably without a doubt possible. This is your new way of approaching this monumental subject. Without this, you will fall back into your old ways of thinking and we guarantee you will give up.

Who am I ... who am I? When you asked this question to yourself, most likely you were in a state of the limited knowing in the human mind. This is a time in your life when you start to become aware of things that do not make sense. You are captivated by or suspicious of things that may have come forth in questioning of this insane life that we have chosen to live on earth. The wonderment begins. The sea of questions come forth. where did I come from ... what are we ... is there life on other planets ... and who am I. These questions will continuously agitate you every day until you begin your search to discover the real you. This now begins your pinnacle search to expand yourself in your own infinite knowing.

This same exact question has crossed our own filtered minds and to save you from multiple years of excruciating searching and pulling hair we now begin assisting you in understanding the brilliance of who you are.

Did you pay attention in Science class? Do you remember the smallest line in the entire book describing how you are energy? We bet the subject never went any farther than this. Leaving you as a prepubescent teenager wondering what did that mean leaving the subject unquestioned. Here we are again approaching that sixth grade subject discussing how human beings are composed of energy. In this infinite subject, one must understand that everything is energy. Every illusionary thing on the earth consists of energy in matter. We as humans however are formations of light energy. We are light ... we are energy and now you may be confused.

Let us look at this a little closer. It is undoubtedly scientifically proven that we consist of light and energy. We now must consider how one relates humanly. If a physical human consists of matter composed of light and energy how did we get here. Are we ultimately part of this big bang? Is it a theory or is it truth? The Big Bang Theory we will allow the research scientists to explain while we follow the simple route of spiritual truth.

Look at the being you are inside yourself that you emotionally feel with, artistically create with, stupendously adventure with and unconditionally love with your whole self. The person you are that portrays your individual true self. There is nobody like you ... and never will be again. You are connected continuously by soul in the human physical embodiment in many lifetimes as incarnations of one's self.

Now this is where it gets uncommonly good. Look at yourself as this tiny particle in a vast ocean. If we did not exist energetically would the ocean exist? No. We are all a part of this enormous cosmic world we live. We are the endless universe. We are the vast oceans. We are the renewable earth, the ground we walk on and we are all. We make up everything we see, feel, smell and touch. We are a part of everything because all living things are made of energy and all living things bound beautifully and energetically with soul.

Our human souls bound us eternally with all that there is and all that there is, is you. Did this confuse you? Let us explain. When life is created, you come into eternal existence from our creator and source energy. Source energy is compiled of all that there is. Therefore, you matter. Let us explain further. In your beautiful existence, you receive a soul. Every living being receives a soul. You ultimately live your life feeding your soul with every humanly experience possible on your physical life's journey. When your journey has ended, your spiritual being and soul ultimately leave the physical body, returning all the information of all that you remarkably experienced back to source. Everything you learned, everything you did, everything you experienced goes to source making it the endless sea of knowledge of all that there is. Remember, you are created phenomenally for a reason. You are your own sensational being in the greatest existence of now. In this now present moment you have the opportunity to be all, see all and experience all in the real you. You have the choice to return anytime incarnating into human form for another extraordinary experience. With this brings soul attachment from your previous lives, as you are one soul of your oversoul returning each time.

Now you are astonished in wonder of what is an oversoul. The most effortless way to explain is that the oversoul is an extension of you. The true being within that you are. You can simply look at the oversoul as the mother that birthed you. You continuously and excitedly return home to share your findings, your stories and your experiences. Each one of us connects to each other as we are all created from the same energy and we are each connected to an oversoul. Therefore, if we are all light, all from energy, all part of source and all an extension of an oversoul, how can we translate these intoxicating findings?

As you contemplate all of the information you have just absorbed, do not think too hard. Remember, you know nothing; your infantile mind is blank. However, we hope you now begin to see the brilliance in this explanation. If we are all of these miraculous things and we are all the same, from the same, then we must be the same person right. Well yes, correct. However, we refer to it as the infinite being, the mighty I AM, the source, the divine feminine and masculine God. Reputedly, no question you are God and God is everything as you are everything. You are the walking, living, breathing extension of God. You are all that there is in physical form. You are a microscopic particle of God in this unlimited world constructing the whole.



You are in a state of euphoria. You finally know who you are. Do not fall back into the structured mind and begin insanely overthinking what you now know. You are all that there is, you are part of everyone and everything. You are the infinite universe. Look at every person as your brothers and sisters because ultimately they are. Your spiritual being, the real you inside of your physical earth form connects to everyone and all. You are each person your soul ever lived and all of him or her is you. It is the truth. It is energetic life force miraculously incarnating repeatedly with the same loving soul.

Repetition of the soul. You wonder why we continuously return to earth. The reasons are immeasurable and for each soul their own stupendous reason. Some come to experience polarity and duality, some to experience the beauty of the earth, some to experience infinite love in physical form. For whatever reason chosen, there is always a mission or assignment the spiritual being unselfishly chooses to fulfill. Remember however, when you do return, the memories and experiences of your previous lives are tucked away for you to have a completely different invigorating experience this time.

At some point in time, one begins to awaken their hidden memories and begins to realize many of the day-to-day actions they see do not make sense. We begin to see the lies fed into our being. The filtering of our minds, the pollutants placed in our bodies and the unjust in society. You begin your unending search of truth. Pondering daily, you begin the whys and what ifs of the world. Looking further into what you are now seeing and asking ... is this honestly, how it should be.

The dejavu begins, the cell memories begin to spring forth ... the awakening of the real you is fighting ever so vigorously and emotionally, to reach the surface with all your powerful might. Each day is a day of survival. An unsurpassed amount of emotions stream forth like a rocket ship blasting into outer space. You will wonder what is happening. Are you going crazy, having a mental breakdown or disease of the brain. Relax and know this, your true being is only beginning to break the shell of the physical body you have implanted yourself inside for this phenomenal transformation of you. Your internal being is waking and as you do, you will begin your quest of how it should be.

Now you are wondering why we as humans choose to incarnate repeatedly if we know that we must break through this vexatious shell every time. You incessantly wonder if we are as foolishly blind before we choose to come as we are manifested in physical form. No, of course not, we choose according to our calling. No two beings are alike. No two experiences are alike. Therefore, we have the option to choose to come back and vivaciously experience more. We have the perpetual option to return for the greater good of all.

Look back at history a little bit. Think about the magnificently beautiful souls that have walked the earth before us. Many came unselfishly to create this heavenly place, allowing it to be the most stupendous it could undoubtedly be. As you know, along the way, turmoil, greed, fictitious lies and wars came into play creating the illusion that this world is not heavenly. This has caused a deceptive appearance to what our world is actually. However, one does not want the darker side of man overstepping his boundaries with the innocent. This is the main calling of the return of souls upon the earth.

If you are reading this book, you are awakening into your true self. We ask you sincerely to know this; you are here because you wanted to be. You chose to be here at this astonishing time of mass awakening, to help the earth and humanity ascend into higher consciousness collectively. You chose a specific mission to assist in creating a better world for all. To help by shining your incredibly brilliant light of honesty, truth, grace, focus, joy, faith and hope collectively with humankind, devouring the darkness, to regain the original intentions of what earth should be.

You are probably now wondering what your personal reason for coming is. We want you to know it will come to you when the time is right. Little synchronicities such as, body changes, dietary changes and much more will occur, all without you realizing you are stepping into you. The change will happen slowly each day and as it does, you will begin understanding that everything you thought you knew, you do not. That phrase again. This is truth. The concept of reality is what one perceives their reality to be. This may not make sense now but we promise it will. When you begin to understand all that there is, then you will understand the basis of reality in all forms, all functions and the existence of life.

The creation and existence of life in all forms, all beings, all creatures, all animals and everything alive as we have said, retains a soul. With a soul, all living forms are graced with the most important reason they/ we are here ... love. All souls carry the purest form of love within them. When they make the choice to step into a physical embodiment, they enter this world in love. One of the goals of many humans is to experience love in its purest form while others choose different experiences. However, every soul will always acquire loving encounters in many dissimilar ways.

Knowing that all beings that embody into human form come in love, you should be feeling at ease. Many of you often wonder about the dark or evil entities that may be lurking under your bed. Our imaginations as humans are extremely creative. One can create these monstrous beings with their own thoughts if they do it consistently, but why would you. However, there are forms of life on the earth in human bodies that are dark and do manipulative things to innocent humans. What I mean by this is that they work together collectively in public two-faced political and religious positions. The politicians preach their word to captivate you with poetic promises for all, then once elected, it is each man for themselves. The head religious figures of the world will recite a beautiful hymn of promise while taking out from right under your nose the hard wages you slaved for. If you only truly knew what hides under the Vatican, you would vomit. These are the horrendous dark powers many of us, including you, are here to collectively collapse.

Do not let this intimidate you in any way. Please understand that all of us are working diligently in raising the collective consciousness in humans for the greater good in light. The more souls that collectively fight harmoniously for the righteousness of the earth and its people, the dark will begin to release their powers and subside.

We have discussed loving souls and we have discussed the darker souls bringing us to the point of this chapter. With all the knowledge we are gaining regarding the repulsive beings that exist upon the earth and what they are doing to humankind; one must speculate how this is even allowable. In order for each soul to understand, the opposition to love and hate, light and dark etc. earth took on duality and polarity for souls to experience and have the opportunity to choose which way they wish to be. However, it was never meant for the dark to step over its boundaries into the light forming an unbalanced earth and its people.

With all of the information at hand, we hope you now understand that everything is an experience by choice. However as we stated the dark overtaking the light was not in the plan. Therefore, those of you awakened and awakening now know that each person on this planet has a beautiful role in creating this new world in divine love, light, grace, peace, joy, kindness, truth, honesty and integrity. It is time to connect the people in love to live in oneness from their hearts the way it should and is always to be.



At this point, you may be substantially overwhelmed with extensive amount of information we have given you. That is if you were not already aware of the knowledge. We ask you to do as we all must do when we receive this much input. Just let it sink in. Let the body, mind and soul absorb all you just read in a completely relaxed atmosphere. Sit in a serene place, a calm peaceful environment where one can open the mind to nothingness. Be grateful for the information you have received and allow that which resonates with your highest truth sink into all your bodies' senses. This will invigorate your entire being.

If you are reading this book, you are already aware of meditation, yoga and calming the mind to stillness. We ask that from this point you read the rest of the book after a 15-minute meditation in order to assist you in the absorbency of the information you will receive from this book and the information that will begin its flow through you, from your own inner knowledge, from source.

In our delectable highest and truest form of self, one can initiate the information in which they receive to generate the best possible way to assist for the greatest good of all. Meaning, of the subjects we have listed, you may be partial to one particular subject and your inner being will gravitate towards this area. This may be when you realize your own true calling. For example, you may feel anger towards the chemicals and pollutants laced in our foods. Your higher self, your true being that you are will know exactly what to do and when you focus in calmness the answers arrive.


Excerpted from In The Name Of Me by Keleena Malnar, Dennis Lo. Copyright © 2016 Keleena Malnar & Dennis Lo. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Who Am I?, 1,
How it Should Be, 9,
How to Handle Your Journey, 17,
You Have the Answers, 25,
Be Prepared, 31,
Power in Yourself, 41,
Work on Yourself, 49,
How to Solve Obstacles, 55,
Where Do We Go From Here, 61,
Be Clear in Expectations, 69,
A View in Clarity, 79,
The Powers in Your Divine Authentic Self, 87,

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