In the Open

In the Open

by Stanton Davis Kirkham


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Nature is in herself a perpetual invitation: the birds call, the trees beckon and the winds whisper to us. After the unfeeling pavements, the yielding springy turf of the fields has a sympathy with the feet and invites us to walk. It is good to hear again the fine long-drawn note of the meadow-lark-voice of the early year,-the first bluebird's warble, the field-sparrow's trill, the untamed melody of the kinglet-a magic flute in the wilderness-and to see the ruby crown of the beloved sprite. It is good to inhale the mint crushed underfoot and to roll between the fingers the new leaves of the sweetbrier; to see again the first anemones-the wind-children,-the mandrake's canopies, the nestling erythronium and the spring beauty, like a delicate carpet; or to seek the clintonia in its secluded haunts, and to feel the old childlike joy at sight of lady's-slippers.

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Publication date: 04/02/2014
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