In the President's Service: Episodes 4-6

In the President's Service: Episodes 4-6

by Ace Collins


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In these three episodes from the series In The President's Service, Helen Meeker finds herself gazing into the eyes of Hitler and meeting what she swears is the devil in the flesh. Surrounded by evil in a world gone crazy, trying to track down a scientist who believes he can turn ordinary people into supermen, and racing from Washington, DC to Mexico to New Orleans to London and even Berlin, the woman who has the confidence of the greatest leaders in the free world has to fake her death in order to accomplish a task too frightening to believe. Tracked by assassins while trying to sort out a myriad of clues, Meeker's team is constantly on the move chasing a force that could change the outcome of World War II. And the key to solving a mystery in this breathtaking adventure-trying to figure out which twin is good and which is evil. Only one woman and one team could hope to measure up to the enormity of this challenging mission, but beware, in war, the price of victory is often death, and sadly not all the heroes live to come home.

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ISBN-13: 9781946638731
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing Inc
Publication date: 03/08/2018
Pages: 374
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