In the Spirit: Conversations with the Spirit of Jerry Garcia

In the Spirit: Conversations with the Spirit of Jerry Garcia


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ISBN-13: 9780609805657
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/27/2000
Edition description: REPRINT
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.93(w) x 8.94(h) x 0.73(d)

About the Author

WENDY WEIR was fourteen years old when she first heard her brother's plan to play in the rock band that would become the Grateful Dead. Her own life took her into careers in finance and environmental education. During this time, she quietly developed her psychic abilities while staying in close contact with her brother Bob, Jerry, and the Dead. She lives in California.

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From Chapter 1


Wednesday, August 9, 1995

The phone rings. I'm in the middle of a pleasant dream and find it hard to wake up. I force my eyes open and notice that the rays of the rising sun are starting to stream through my window, filling the room with soft, pale light. Rolling over in bed, I pick up the receiver and say hello in a somewhat distant voice.

"Is it true?" It takes a moment before I realize that it's my literary agent, Sarah Lazin, calling from New York.

"Is what true?" I reply groggily, wondering why she is calling me this early in the morning.

"Jerry Garcia is dead," she says softly, with a sense of deep concern and urgency.

"What?" As I start to retrieve my senses, the first thought that comes to me is, No, this is just another rumor. He has been cleaning up, getting off drugs, never looking better. No, this is just another of those silly things that people are saying about the band.

Sarah continues, "I heard it on the news. Is it true?"

"I don't know. Let me call the Dead office and find out. I'll call you back as soon as I can." My voice has regained its clarity although my mind is lagging somewhere behind.

Thoughts run scattered through my head as I dial the Dead office. Rumors, I always seem to be checking out rumors. Oh well, one more time. The line is busy. That's strange, it's never busy. A feeling of concern starts to rise in my body. I try again and can't get through. Something is wrong. Now what? I call Grateful Dead Merchandising because I know they always answer their phone. In response to a strained voice on the other end of the line, I say, "This is Wendy Weir. Can Ispeak to Patricia?"

Silence, transfer click, silence, then the line picks up. The voice is beyond pain. Before I say, "Hi, Patricia. Is it true?" I know that it is. At the age of fifty-three, Jerry Garcia is dead.

My first response is one of being responsible and organized. Okay, let me think clearly. First I need to call Sarah back and let her know it is true. So I call her and tell her what I heard from Patricia. Then I put down the phone and sit to gather my feelings and thoughts.

My mind races, not wanting to deal with the feeling part deep inside me. Next, I think, I need to call Bob. Then I realize that I can't because he's back East on tour with his band Ratdog, and I don't know if he's on the bus or in a hotel. I'll just have to wait for him to call me. I wonder if he has heard yet.

An hour later, the phone rings. It's Bob. We talk briefly and I ask how he is doing. It's that sisterly concern coming out. Of course, I know he is okay. We have dealt with death before and we know, for ourselves, that death is a transition from the physical to the spiritual. Although the body may come and go, the spirit lives forever. And, as he has done before with the death of a dear friend or loved one, he asks, "Can you check in on Jerry for me and see what's happening?"

"Sure," I reply. "Let me see what I can do."

"I'm flying out after the show tonight and will call you when I get home," he says matter-of-factly. The rest of our exchange is brief and to the point. We have never needed lots of words to communicate. A sense of shock underlies our voices, but now is not the time to talk about it. That will have to wait for when each of us, in our own way, can find the space to deal with what has just happened.

After a few parting words, we hang up, Bob returning to a constant, unrelenting stream of phone calls; I turning off my phone and going into the living room to sit in one of my mother's straight-backed, thinly cushioned Oriental chairs to meditate before contacting Jerry.

Placing my feet flat on the ground, I straighten my back to allow the energies to flow easily up and down my spine, hold my head erect with eyes closed, and rest my hands peacefully on my thighs. I start to inhale slowly through my nose, breathing deeply into my lungs, holding my breath for a few seconds, then exhaling through my mouth. I repeat this several times until my body and mind are fully relaxed. Then I gently shift my focus to the inner space behind my sixth chakra (the energy center located on the forehead just above and between the eyes), clear my head of all thoughts, and raise the frequency of my energy. Entering into a meditative state, I silently call Jerry's name.

Almost instantly, I see Jerry's spirit. It looks like a brilliant, white-gold beam radiating out from a center of pure light. Free at last from the weight and pain of his physical body, he is in a powerful state of ecstasy. It reminds me of an excited young boy who has just run home from his last day of school and is free for summer vacation.
I have reached him on the astral level, which is the plane above the Earth's atmosphere where most spirits from here go after death, either to rest and eventually reincarnate on Earth, or to move on to other dimensions.

The spirit vibrates at its own unique energy level, which serves to identify it. Like fingerprints, no two vibrations are the same. In order to reach an individual spirit, I raise my own vibration and think of the individual I wish to contact, often saying his or her Earth name to set my "channel." Then I transmit my thought waves. The projection of my thoughts establishes the energetic or telepathic link that I need for communication. If the spirit wishes to respond, it sends its thoughts back to me and they enter my brain, where they are translated into words, often taking on a masculine or feminine feeling reflective of the spirit's life on Earth. Since all communication with the spirit world is influenced by the state of the person receiving it, it is important for me to be as clear and precise as possible, and to attain and maintain a very high frequency. Meditation enables me to do this.

Jerry, can you talk with me? I ask. There is no answer, only radiant energy.

From a great distance, I feel him making a tremendous effort to communicate. Instead of a clear response, I hear a soft rumbling, gargled tone and can barely make out his words. I listen more intently. Very slowly he mumbles: I...can'

Why? I hurriedly ask, hoping not to lose the connection. But the voice is gone, only his vision remains. I feel that something is wrong, very wrong.


From the Author

An adventure consciousness

In The Spirit is an adventure in consciousness. It is a book that speaks with humor and conviction about life and how we should live it as seen from the eyes of spirit, in this case the spirit of Jerry Garcia, lead guitarist for the Grateful Dead who died in August 1995. Intermingled with his own messages are some of my personal experiences which add insight to what he is saying. The book's message is a familiar one of love, joy, and oneness, and it is spoken with a deep understanding of how hard, yet how important, it is to live these teachings each and every day of our lives. What makes this book so unique is that this message is a continuation of the message that Jerry expressed here on Earth through his own personality and the music of the Grateful Dead. When he could no longer maintain the health of his physical body, he died so that his spirit could be free to continue his life's mission. He is still with us, only now in the spirit. In many ways, this book is like a Grateful Dead concert. You may relate to this material immediately, or not at all, or you might need to read it a few times before you understand what it's all about, or you might want to put the book down and come back to it later. This book might even push your buttons, which is good because in doing so it has, if only for a moment, expanded your awareness and opened the doors of your perception to the possibility of a new reality. Join us on this great adventure and discover the special message that lies between the words, the lines, and the spaces, waiting just for you.

—Wendy Weir (, the author, June 21, 1999

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In the Spirit: Conversations with the Spirit of Jerry Garcia 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book a year ago and it still moves me. Wendy Weir captures what we all want to know and it rings TRUE.