In Walked Sin

In Walked Sin

by Amarinda Jones

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Zoe looked down at her skirt. It was slowly sliding up her thighs. She tugged it down. She knew she had put on a few extra pounds but the black, mid-thigh length skirt had been perfectly fine when she left home. Once more it started creeping up. “What the hell—” she yanked down hard on the hem. She was surprised when the skirt dropped from her hips and onto the floor in a puddle around her ankles. “Fuck, the snap at the back must have broken.” That was all she needed. Luckily she always carried safety pins in her handbag. Zoe took a deep breath. Her handbag was outside. She wasn’t calm enough to go out there yet.
Zoe bent down to pull up her skirt back up around her waist. It was then that she felt the hand on her ass. She swung around quickly, tripping on the fabric at her feet. She regained her balance and looked behind her. There was no one there yet she felt a large hand on her butt cheek. Zoe touched her ass. There was nothing but the satin and lace of her underwear. “I’m losing my mind.”
She once more bent down for her skirt. That’s when she felt the elastic in her panties snap. Pink lace joined the black skirt. Zoe scrambled away from the fabric, her eyes darting everywhere. Even though the room was empty, she suddenly felt like she wasn’t alone. And that’s when she felt the fingers pushing into the crack of her ass. Zoe jumped and shrieked at the intrusion. The fingers toyed with her flesh. She knew where they were heading. She was aghast yet excited. If I’m losing my mind, this is the way I want to go.
But playful fingers on her backside weren’t her only problem. Suddenly the buttons of her shirt were popping open one by one. She made a grab to hold the edges together but it was useless. Her blouse was pulled off her shoulders before she could stop it happening. Her bra soon followed.
It was then she felt the tongue on her thigh. Tongue? Actually, tongues plural. She staggered as her thighs were pulled apart gently but insistently. This was followed by what distinctly felt like lips being applied to her clit. Zoe moaned at the pressure on her pink, wet flesh. It competed with the feel of fingers being shoved roughly into her anus. They pushed in deep and pulled out slowly in a repetitive motion that made her knees wobble. When she felt soft, sucking kisses on the flesh of her butt cheeks, she reached out to hold onto something but there was nothing to grasp. Despite that, it felt like she was being supported by unknown, unseeing hands doing whatever they wanted with her.

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BN ID: 2940033292844
Publisher: Scarlet Harlot Publishing
Publication date: 06/21/2012
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Amarinda Jones believes anything is possible and sometimes just asking for the impossible will surprise someone enough that they will give it to you. Writing is like that. Put it out there and wait for a response. There is always the possibility you may fall on your arse, but after all, that's what cellulite is for. Amarinda believes in taking chances, speaking her mind and aging disgracefully. Twenty years from now she plans on being the neighborhood witch that all the kids are scared of. But then, everyone has to have a hobby.

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