Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for Accidental Diversity Experts

Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for Accidental Diversity Experts

by Jen O'Ryan


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This book is designed for anyone thinking about Inclusion and Diversity in their business or organization. It provides practical advice on safely and effectively leading culture change. Whether you are one person working with zero budget, or have funding and an enthusiastic team supporting the effort, there is something in here for you.

In Inclusive AF: A Field Guide for Accidental Diversity Experts, Dr. Jen O'Ryan offers a three-part roadmap for anyone implementing inclusion and diversity initiatives in the workplace: how to launch projects from the initial concept to post-delivery activities, lead people through cultural change, and design inclusive programs for LGBTQ+ individuals (and everyone else).

This heartfelt guide teaches through personable anecdotes, emphasizing human connection, and practical application when developing inclusive practices. Jen's tactics are designed move your I&D projects from 'good intentions' and ideation, to implementation and managing humans through change.

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ISBN-13: 9781951591311
Publisher: Double Tall Consulting
Publication date: 09/10/2020
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.36(d)

About the Author

Dr. Jen O'Ryan is the founder and principal of Double Tall Consulting, specializing in the design of Inclusion and Diversity strategies. Leveraging two decades of experience in change management, Jen has guided organizations across a variety of industries through her process.

Jen holds a PhD in Human Behavior, focused on gender identity and sexual orientation, as well as an MBA in Technology Management and B.A. in Ethics and Human Behavior.

A data geek at heart, Jen brings an extensive understanding of how people interact with technology, with each other, and with change. She frequently speaks on panels, conferences, and podcasts related to gender identity, sexual orientation, and influencing change across organizations.

Table of Contents




Overview and Introduction

· Practical Application

· My Origin Story

Narrative - What Happens When You Give Your Audience a Red Pen?

Chapter 1 The Business Problem Being Solved

· Why the Focus on Inclusion and Diversity?

· It Depends on Who, and How, You Ask

· Reality in the Workplace

Chapter 2 Start Here...

· Why Inclusion and Diversity Initiatives Fail

· Defining New Projects and Early Prioritization

· Building the Framework

Narrative - An Architect's Confession

Chapter 3 Lived Experience

· What's Behind "The Letters"?

· Why This is Different

Chapter 4 Humaning (What You're Up Against)

· Managing the Brain During Change

· Your Brain is Lazy. Like, "Sweatpants" Lazy

· Cognitive Bias

Narrative - Would You Like Some Discrimination with Your Coffee?

Chapter 5 Seriously, What's Wrong with People?

· More Rationalizing Than Rational

· Early Messages

Chapter 6 Managing Humans Through Change

· Scary Movies: The Science of Fear and Change

· Ambivalents, Enthusiasts, and Resisters

· Practical Application

Narrative - Bringing My Full Self to Work, in High Heels or Comfortable Shoes

Chapter 7 Designing Inclusion

· The "Big Three"

· Avoiding Exclusionary Goals

· Policy

· Disrupt the Industry-C'mon, It'll Be Fun!

Narrative - The Kids Are Alright

Chapter 8 Implementation Doesn't Have to Be Scary

· Understand the System

· Working Across Teams

· Avoiding Dumpster Fires

· Communicating the Change

Narrative - Dichotomous: Two Very Different Environments

Chapter 9 Inclusion as a Daily Practice

· The Power of Language

· Who's Down with OPP? (Other People's Pronouns)

· Policy Does Not Equal Practice

Chapter 10 Let's Wrap Things Up and Get to Work

· Congrats!

· Crawl, Walk, and Run Projects

Narrative - Bruce (West Hollywood, 1985)

Chapter 11 Until We Meet Again...

· Close and Call to Action

· Staying Connected


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