Incognito: A Standalone New Adult Romance

Incognito: A Standalone New Adult Romance


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ISBN-13: 9781721036868
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/04/2018
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.67(d)

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Incognito: A Standalone New Adult Romance 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
MAustinreviewer 8 months ago
Incognito was a great 5 star read. This was my first read from Siobhan Davis and I loved it, I was pulled right in from the beginning and didn’t want to put it down. Dakota has a tragedy that she is trying to move forward from but her mom’s illness doesn’t help the situation. Dakota has enrolled in a local university that allows her to come home on the weekends to help her mother. Her father is another story, very frustrating man. Shawn is a famous singer and his life has been threatened. In order to investigate and find out who is behind the threats Shawn is put undercover at the same university that Dakota is attending to keep him safe. Shawn isn’t looking for a relationship but when he meets Dakota there is something about her that draws him in. He also finds a muse that helps him write, his “Midnite dancer”. Dakota is also trying to keep her distance but keeps finding herself running into Shawn at unusual times, almost like fate has put him in her path. Shawn finally gives into his attraction and these two have some steamy moments. Can they get a HEA? Will they find out who is stalking Shawn? There is so much more to this great read. I had some LOL moments and some teary eyed moments. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was coming next. The secondary characters were great. If your looking for a great romance with suspense and mystery then this is the book for you. 1-click and get started today. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.
Jolie 8 months ago
I am going to admit, I decided to read this book because of the cover. Yup. I went there. I didn’t bother to read the blurb until after the book was sent to me. So if I didn’t like the book, it was on me. Thankfully, I liked the book. Incognito is the story of Dakota and Shawn. Dakota was supposed to attend Julliard when she received news that her sister was murdered. That was the night that her life fell apart. Forced to attend a local university by her father, Dakota is trying to move on with her life. But that is easier said than done. She is under incredible pressure. Her only release is dancing on the rooftop of an abandoned building. Shawn is a famous musician who is being stalked. When the stalker ups the ante, Shawn is forced into hiding until the stalker is caught. He relocated to the same university that Dakota attends. Sparks fly when they meet. Neither wants a relationship but somehow, they end up in one. Only thing…Shawn hasn’t told Dakota who he is. When Dakota finds out, can she forgive him? Can Shawn keep her safe or will she end up a pawn in the stalkers end game? Dakota was pretty awesome in the book. She didn’t take crap from anyone. She used that attitude a lot in the book and I loved it. The only time I didn’t love it was when she was having a conflict with her father. That situation (which I will go into) was horrible. I also liked how she handled her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend. Talk about putting them in their place. Loved it. Shawn came off as very immature at the beginning of the book. I don’t know why he felt the need to hit on his security head’s wife. But, the more time he spent with Dakota, the more he started to grow up. I did get stalkerish vibes from him about Dakota. He didn’t full out follow her but he also didn’t miss her midnight dances. My only fault with him, besides him being immature at the beginning of the book, was that he didn’t tell Dakota who he was. I can understand why he didn’t. He didn’t want his stalker to find out about her. But with her trust issues, I thought he should have told her sooner. It would have caused a lot less heartbreak. The stalker storyline was interesting. I did think that it was one person in the entire book, only to find out it was someone else. Talk about a twist that I didn’t see coming!! The chemistry between Shawn and Dakota was insane. Sparks flew. I liked how the author had them become friends before anything happened between them. It made the connection between them deeper. When Shawn and Dakota had sex, it was hot. I had to have a cool sip of water and fan myself afterwards. Every single sex scene was like that. Burning hot. I do want to mention the situation with Dakota’s father. He was scum. He didn’t care about his wife and it showed. Dakota was the only one with sense. I am glad she did what she did in the middle of the book because her father was going to screw her mother over big time. Then to spring what he sprung on Dakota. I wanted to smack him. Selfish, selfish man. Dakota’s friends need a mention here. I died laughing whenever she was with them. Tabitha reminded me of a few friends I had in college. Boy crazy….lol. Dakota’s ex and his girlfriend drove me nuts. He couldn’t take a hint and she, well, she was a witch with a b. I loved how Dakota put them in their place every single time she saw them. **I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**
Molly Neubauer 8 months ago
I’m a huge fan of Siobhan Davis and all her sci-fi series so I knew Incognito was going to be good. I flew through it so quick and as usual, I couldn’t get enough!
Paradiseofpages 9 months ago
I started this book while in a reading slump, I was hoping it would help me out of it and boy did it! I was sucked in from page one and found myself staying up late just to finish it. I couldn't stop reading. I'm usually iffy with books that deal with rock stars, but the premise of this one sounded good and I had to give it a shot. I loved the intensity in the characters and all they overcome as you flip through the pages. I loved Dakota. She was such a refreshing character and I know what it's like to go through what she did. it's not easy and it gave me courage to keep going just like her. Shawn/Levi. swoon. I couldn't help but make him one of my book boyfriends. he had so many different sides to him until he was able to find himself and he sure did turn into a wonderful person. I hope they both pop up in any other books Siobhan writes so I can know more of how they end up. This book is packed full of loss, emotion, turmoil, pain, love, happiness, and in typical Siobhan fashion a healthy dose of suspense. I loved each and every page and know I've found another book I will cherish for life.
MyndiL 9 months ago
Davis is one of my FAVORITE authors, so it's no surprise that I adored this book. It's very entertaining, the whole rock star in hiding and hijinks that follow...but to make it even more interesting to me, it takes place in Iowa! (Where I was born and raised and live still today!) Shawn and Dakota are very lovable characters, even when Shawn isn't acting his best, you can tell that underneath there is a good man trying to rediscover himself. Dakota has seen such tragedy and is still pursuing what she feels she needs to do and trying to hold on to what she WANTS to do. It's admirable how well she holds up through everything that she's going through. Talk about a strong female character! I love the suspense and anticipation in this book as well. It's amazing when a book can keep you guessing, while still keeping you invested in the story and rooting for the main characters all the while. There was also some steamy scenes between our main characters that readers will love! *I was given an advanced copy of this book, which I voluntarily reviewed.*
bevharro 10 months ago
This story is all about Dakota, a dancer who has suffered a terrible tragedy. And Levi, or is it Shawn, the bad boy rock star. This book contains tragedy, lust, kidnapping, death threats and a great love. This book has it all and the love scenes are hottttt!. I will read anything this author writes. She is fabulous. If you haven't read her Kenned Boys series, you are missing out on a fabulous series. I loved them all. I highly recommend this book and a very definite five-star read for me.
Si0bhanC 11 months ago
I’m a big lover of rock star romances. Mix a rock star romance with one of my favourite authors and I had extremely high expectations for this one. Fortunately, it more than delivered. Whether you’re a Siobhan Davis fan or a rock star romance fan, I’m positive this story will grab you tight and refuse to let go. You see, although I adore rock star romances, I sometimes feel as though we’re not given anything new. With Incognito, we take a step back from the norm in the genre. Sure, we see some of the usual rock star romance tropes, but Siobhan Davis brings her own spin to the story. We have the usual abundance of emotion that you find in a Siobhan Davis read, we have scenes that are more in line with your typical college romance rather than your typical rock star romance, and we have an overall refreshing story. Things are a little bit on the insta-love side of things, if I’m honest, and it did take me a few chapters to fall completely in love with the romance building between our leads, but once the story was going I was addicted. I feel in love with our characters and the drama that surrounded their lives, I feel in love with all the different emotions that came to light as we learned more about the different situations, and I feel in love with all the different events that played out. There was plenty of everything to keep you hooked – drama, some humour, emotion, action, and plenty of the wonderful romance Siobhan Davis is known for. In fact, I’m willing to put this down as one of my favourite rock star romances. It really stood out as something different, ensuring it will remain with me for quite some time. Having read so many rock star romances and having some long-term favourites it is hard for any new book in the genre to knock my number one spot down to second place, but Incognito certainly earns a spot in my top ten. Actually, it earns a spot in my top five. Without a doubt, Siobhan Davis has done it again. I could wax lyrical all day long about how wonderful this story is (or, at the very least, I could try, but I’m dubious about my ability to sound like anything other than a mess of a fangirl), but whatever I say will pale in comparison to the feels you will get throughout Incognito.
BookDragonGirl 11 months ago
I love books with really complex characters and very emotional storylines. In fact, I am extremely character driven when I read. That being said, this was the book for me. In fact, this is Siobhan’s second standalone and they’ve both been my kind of books!! The first one being one of my very favorite books, Inseparable. In fact, as a quick side note, some of the characters from Inseparable make a showing in this book. That was very exciting for me! As for these two MCs, Shawn and Dakota, they are both very complex characters. Dakota growing up in a normal, happy family life until tragedy strikes and changes her life forever. Shawn entering the entertainment business as a young teenager and living on the edge as one of LA’s biggest Rock Stars. They both had baggage. When Shawn gets his life threatened he goes into hiding at Tippie College of Business, where he meets Dakota. Of course he has changed his look and his name, so no one knows who he is. He goes there with the intention of staying away from girls. And Dakota wants nothing to do with dating, because of a bad breakup. So I wouldn’t call this any kind of Insta love, I feel it really was more of a slow buildup. They were so sweet together, so romantic, and very sexy! They were so good for each other, they were like puzzle pieces that fit together. Even though they were different in many ways, those differences are what made them good for each other. At the same time, Shawn had hired a detective agency to find the people who were threatening his life. So it was a suspense and little bit of a mystery too. That really added to the story. The main part was the romance, but it all tied together. It got very suspenseful too!! I have to mention too that I loved some of the side characters!! Especially Dakota’s friends, they were so great and the best of friends!! Tabs (Or Tabitha) cracked me up!! Daisy was so sweet and kind of looked out for Dakota. She just had really great friends. As a whole this was definitely a brilliant read. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it!
Goldi_Dix 11 months ago
Incognito A standalone new adult romance. Suspense, drama, dual POV is lust filled angst and hidden identities... rolled together with pain, heartbreak and memories we would all try to forget. My first read of Siobhan Davis and it grabbed me quick and took me on a fabulous ride introducing me to new friends, a different world and a wonderous trip through their lives as they jumped out from the pages and held me tight, so together we all took the roller coaster of their stories as they blended their separate lives into one. The character development was steady and strong making it more believable, the interactions of the satellite (minor) characters added a well rounded view of the central characters lives, making for a very good and consistent read. Over all a great story line, strong character growth and well executed. I will look forward to more work from this writer.
Fee96 11 months ago
This is my first read of Siobhan and she knocked my socks off! Where has this author been all my life? Incognito is not just a rock star romance but a suspenseful journey where two seemingly unlikely people find that one person that completes them so thoroughly and effortlessly. That heals their soul and helps them find their wings again. Gah just utterly brilliant! I always try to pay homage to my favorite aspects of a book. I loved everything about this talented authors work. If I am going to pick one - which seems unfair like picking a favorite kid - I'm going with these amazing characters. What stood out to me first was how relatable, complex, witty and endearing ALL these characters were. Our hero and heroine were magnificent. Shawn has pretty much lost himself to the industry, to the temptations of stardom. Dakota is still raw from losing her sister and having to change up the role she plays to her own family. So unique - absolutely loved them. The supporting cast was spot on - although not all likeable individuals they still had a crucial role in how the story played out. Shows how creative this author is! We were given the perfect mix of humor, loyalty and the feels which gave this story intensity. Angst so beautifully written I felt it down to my toes. I knew from the 'sniff' we were in for a treat with these two. The push and pull that created the perfect amount of uncertainty. The build up of suspense was the absolute perfect touch. The complex story was just so surprising and intelligently written. This is no flimsy novel made up of sexual tension and hormones. This is a brilliantly planned out story that grabs you from page 1 and kept me on the edge of my seat. As you can tell I am completely amazed and hooked on this author's work now. It's not every day you pick up a book by a new author and fall in love - today was my lucky day for sure!
Shanrock19 11 months ago
This is a cute story! Shawn is a pop star that let the fame get to him. He did the typical musician thing with the girls and the partying. He's in a place now where he realizes that kind of life isn't what he wants, but he does still have a problem with not sounding like an entitled douche. I thought of Justin Bieber when I was reading about Shawn, which I don't care too much for Justin Bieber, so Shawn had a long way to go for me. Don't let that deter you from reading Incognito because luckily Shawn learns a lot faster than Justin Bieber! Shawn is receiving threats, and his safety is at risk, so he decides to hide out. He disguises himself, and attends a college. Dakota has had a traumatic experience happen to her family, and the family is taking it really hard, but she's learning to cope with the grief. Dakota and Shawn don't have the best first meeting because Shawn is still having problems with that mouth of his, but these 2 feel an attraction that won't be denied. I loved the suspense and mystery with the dangerous situation surrounding Shawn. I also was anticipating when the reveal of who Shawn truly was would happen, so that kept me reading. The romance is really sweet, and Dakota and Shawn have quite the spark! They have great chemistry and are just adorable! These 2 create drama where there didn't need to be any, but it was great to see both of these characters grow. I started this pretty late, but couldn't put it down till I finished it. I was entertained from the beginning! Really enjoyed it!
UberLisa713 11 months ago
I really enjoyed reading this book. This is a sweet and sexy rocker meets 'small town' college girl story with just a bit of steam. Both parties have been exposed to similar negative past experiences, and still manage to discover their love for one another, despite that fact. If you are a fan of rock romances with a bit of looming danger and overcoming the odds, you'll enjoy reading this story.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Incognito is just plain amazing. Siobhan manages to make you feel for the character and makes you grow to love them. Within the first page of Incognito, I was sucked in to Dakota's and Shawn's story. Dakota I have got to say is one of my favorite NA heroines. She's so strong. I love how she doesn't take any BS and really grows up in the novel. There are so many demons she has to fight. I love how she is courageous in growing and really achieving her dreams. Shawn I have to go say really took a while to grow on me. Shawn was one of those heroes who I really wanted to bang in the head and then hug him at the same time. However, Shawn's heart of gold really made me fall for him. I can see what Dakota saw in him. The romance and suspense in this book really added a lot to this book. I really love the forbidden element in this book. Shawn and Dakota are so wrong for each other yet they are so right. Their qualities really make them perfect for each other. They are stronger together. Another thing I love about their love story is the steaminess. I like how there is real emotion to the sex scenes. There was great chemistry in the pages, but it didn't feel forced. The suspense in this book really threw in some nice unexpected twists. I really like how there are lies and deception. Siobhan does a great job resolving the conflict. The secondary characters in this book really added a lot. I really loved seeing Devin and Angelina from Inseparable. But, man the best friends and some of the people Dakota and Shawn encounter are truly really cruel. However, the good thing was there wasn't any OTT drama. In summary, another amazing book from the diva Siobhan Davis. I really enjoyed this book and I hope she continues to write more new adult contemporary romance.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I really enjoyed Dakota and Shawn's story. The suspense and mystery is amazing. Their love for each other is eternal. And as for Dakota's dad, for shame!
Sandialys 11 months ago
I really loved this book. I really felt for these characters. I was so hooked , I hated to put this book down. Dakota and Levi/Shawn had great chemistry. I also loved the secondary characters, Dakota’s friends and Devin and Ange. I voluntarily reviewed an advance complimentary copy of this book.
shibby 11 months ago
This was such a good read. I really liked Shawn. I was rooting for him, even when he made some not so smart decisions. My heart broke for Dakota. She'd been through the unimaginable and was still dealing with the aftermath. And her father... I have anger. Dakota and Shawn were so great together. I wanted to shake them when their communication broke down and they were at risk of ruining everything. Thankfully there was Tabitha to tell it like it was and set everyone straight. Every scene with her had me laughing--someone please give this girl her own book. It was also really great to have some of the characters from Inseparable as part of this story. It was so good to see where they were at and how their family had grown. Happy feels for all. ***I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary ARC of this book.***
Dalitza 11 months ago
Sex, secrets and rock and roll. With Incognito, Siobhan Davis puts a new adult twist in one of romance’s most attractive genres, because who doesn’t like a rock god bad boy with a heart of gold? Her dreams of going to Julliard were within her grasp until a tragic event shattered not only Dakota’s ambitions but her family as well. Moving forward seems impossible, especially when she’s living someone else’s live by enrolling at a local university. But an accidental meeting with the school’s new grumpy hottie is proving to be a welcome change of pace. Shawn needs a change of scenery. Having found fame and fortune at the young age of fourteen has made him weary, untrusting and uninspired. He needs to work on his new album, but it’s impossible with the constant threats and lack of a muse. So when his team proposes he hide in plain sight on a college campus, he readily accepts. He never expected to fall rooftop ballerina who light his soul and fueled his creativity. He shouldn’t bring trouble to her doorstep, but can he stay away? A will she forgive him for the secrets he’s kept? Davis is a master at writing characters with tormented pasts that drive her drama filled romances. Incognito is one such story that kept me turning pages desperately wanting to see how the plot would unfold. I was saddened by Dakota’s loss and troubled family life which seeped into her brelationship and enjoyed Shawn’s transformation from immature bad boy to adoring and protective boyfriend. Shawn and Dakota’s relationship toed the insta-love line. It was intense and went through a series of ups and downs as they got to know one another. Overall though it was sweet, swoony and sexy. And as an added bonus, Siobhan did a wonderful crossover with the main characters from Inseparable, another emotional and touching standalone by Davis. I enjoyed catching up with Devin and Ange and liked how Devin served as an older brother type figure for Shawn. Incognito is a rock star standalone new adult romance by Siobhan Davis. It is and engaging read, told from both points of view with a happy ending.