Indelible Gifts: The Story of a Washington Family

Indelible Gifts: The Story of a Washington Family


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Indelible Gifts is a true story of Sigvard Hansen and Beverley Means, a Washington Couple whose lives spanned most of the twentieth century. Their early years were marred by calamities. His Danish immigrant parents were ruined by the collapse of wheat prices in 1914. She was left fatherless by the flu epidemic of 1918. Before their lives were over, they would know the modern calamities of Alzheimer's disease and AIDS.

Married near the start of the Great Depression, they began their life together with nothing but optimism, intelligence, and the habit of hard work. Both became teachers; he was propelled by his interest in American history, government and sports; she, by her love of languages and music. They seemed an unlikely couple; she didn't care about sports; he couldn't carry a tune. Still, they were unified by their faith in young people, their service to others, and their great capacity to enjoy life together.

After four decades of work - for which they never earned more than $12,000 a year - they'd built a sizable estate. But they had already left far more indelible gifts, not only to their children and grandchildren but to scores of friends and thousands of students who were lucky enough to know them.

This is a story of humor and sadness, anguish and contentment, tragedy and success. But above all it is an inspiring love story, a hymn to marriage and the raising of children, and a satisfying illustration of life lived according to principle.

In the story of Sig and Bey Hansen, the reader will find indelible gifts of his own.

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ISBN-13: 9780965302807
Publisher: PCC, Inc.
Publication date: 07/15/1996
Pages: 166
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