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India and the Cold War

India and the Cold War

by Manu Bhagavan (Editor)
India and the Cold War

India and the Cold War

by Manu Bhagavan (Editor)


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This collection of essays inverts the way we see the Cold War by looking at the conflict from the perspective of the so-called developing world, rather than of the superpowers, through the birth and first decades of India's life as a postcolonial nation. Contributors draw on a wide array of new material, from recently opened archival sources to literature and film, and meld approaches from diplomatic history to development studies to explain the choices India made and to frame decisions by its policy makers. Together, the essays demonstrate how India became a powerful symbol of decolonization and an advocate of non-alignment, disarmament, and global governance as it stood between the United States and the Soviet Union, actively fostering dialogue and attempting to forge friendships without entering into formal alliances. Sweeping in its scope yet nuanced in its analysis, this is the authoritative account of India and the Cold War.

Contributors: Priya Chacko, Anton Harder, Syed Akbar Hyder, Raminder Kaur, Rohan Mukherjee, Swapna Kona Nayudu, Pallavi Raghavan, Srinath Raghavan, Rahul Sagar, and Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu.

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ISBN-13: 9781469651170
Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press
Publication date: 08/13/2019
Series: New Cold War History
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 280
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Manu Bhagavan is professor of history and human rights at Hunter College and the Graduate Center–The City University of New York.

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From the Publisher

This book presents a compelling and fascinating narrative of diplomacy and power politics against the backdrop of the early and middle Cold War years, of peacemaking and economic development, and of the cultural terrain that transgressed political boundaries. The formulation and deployment of India's foreign policy options against the pull and push of globally competing ideological forces are delineated in detail. The grim realities of international power politics confronting a new Republic facing formidable challenges of territorial consolidation and economic underdevelopment are vividly recalled. The play of 'virtuous purpose' and pragmatic national interest in the theater of conflict, disarmament, and competing models of economic development is probed in depth. This is a book that enlightens and explains. It is a gripping story of independent India's historic coming into the modern world.—Nirupama Rao, former foreign secretary and ambassador of India to China and to the United States

Given India's rapidly growing importance on the international stage, there is obvious need to understand the historical origins of its worldview, the goals that have driven its actions, and its sense of constraints and opportunities. This work fulfills that need, presented accessibly and with close attention to craft and detail.—Sunil Khilnani, King's India Institute, London

Featuring well-established scholars, as well as a range of younger voices who are making a significant mark, this is a path-breaking volume that brings together essays on global history, geopolitics, political economy, and culture.—Kanti Bajpai, National University of Singapore

This collection delivers even more than the title suggests. It gathers together a new generation of scholars from around the globe to explore India's place in the Cold War world, from poetry to summitry and from the optimism of the 1940s to the Emergency of the 1970s—and beyond. Full of insight and information, it is essential reading for anyone interested in Indian foreign relations.—David Engerman, author of The Price of Aid: The Economic Cold War in India

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