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India Charm Offensive: An Expat Pilot Flies The South Asia Jungle

India Charm Offensive: An Expat Pilot Flies The South Asia Jungle

by Michael Sobotta
India Charm Offensive: An Expat Pilot Flies The South Asia Jungle

India Charm Offensive: An Expat Pilot Flies The South Asia Jungle

by Michael Sobotta


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"Exuberant—and funny—without neglecting the seriousness of surviving a year of love and war." —Kirkus Reviews

Here, we enjoy a triple feature: excellent writing, fascinating stories, and learning the rich first-hand experience of an American contract helicopter pilot. Sobotta provides a humorous autobiography of his time working and flying on government missions in India, and it documents his first year there when culture shock was at its strongest.

The bureaucratic process that pervades Indian society, shooting incidents, the trials of an ancient land with thousands of gods—plus other recipes for personal and professional disaster—vie with the tastes, sounds, and colors that make up India. This book reveals to readers not just accounts of helicopter aviation or politics, but an immersion into a strange new world.

As the author traveled around different parts of India, rural and urban, interacting with its people, he slowly moved beyond colossal cultural differences to a real sense of the country and its incongruities and wonders. Readers along for the ride can expect a journey filled with the turbulence that is India's psyche—but a journey also peppered with revealing and astonishing encounters that capture India's nuances and flavors.

Sobotta has a talent for storytelling and eliciting a chuckle, the result blends high flying adventure with expat experiences in a narrative that requires little familiarity with India or aviation. All that is required is an interest in this exotic country and in a rollicking good read that candidly portrays a series of startling, often hilarious encounters with India's people, politics, and unique world.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692718711
Publisher: Michael Sobotta
Publication date: 11/30/2015
Pages: 366
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Michael's book, India Charm Offensive, was named #1 Hot New Seller in Amazon's Kindle store and the popularity of this adventure memoir continues to grow. Born in Wisconsin, U.S.A., the author has traveled the world working as a helicopter pilot and describes his time in India-winning the trust of its government, along with commendations-as life changing. He and his wife now balance their time between Thailand and the United States, writing, reading, aviating and raising a young family. Find out more about Michael at

Table of Contents

1. The High Seas
2. Waves of Discontent
3. Mutinous Pilot
4. Delhi Arrival
5. India!
6. Don‟t Take Tension
7. India Attractions
8. Welcome to the Jungle
9. Don‟t Take My Kidneys
10. Taking Flight
11. Raipur
12. Morning Black Gold
13. Jagdalpur
14. General Condition, Fair
15. Namaskar Chatterjee
16. Plasmodium Falciparum
17. Red Menace
18. Culture Clubbed
19. Paradise City
20. Security Insecurity
21. Smiley and the Reaper
22. Beereaucracy
23. Bhubaneswar
24. Lock and Load
25. Scandalous Diversion
26. Two-Wheeling
27. Cold Milk
28. Red Planet
29. Spiderman
30. Bossus Interruptus
31. Joyriding Rainman
32. Tirathgarh Falls
33. Around the Horn
34. Uneasy Rider
35. Vertical Tsunami
36. The Big Time
37. Old Wicked Ways
38. Middle of Nowhere
39. The Shining
40. Ambushed
41. Carnival of Life
42. Puri Beach
43. One Night in Bangkok
44. The Sky is Crying
45. Happy Diwali
46. Bottle Bass
47. The General
48. King of the Jungle
49. Heart of Glass
50. Chaos at Kistaram
51. Escape India
52. Anika
53. Goat Rodeo
54. Scarred for Life
55. So This Is Christmas
56. New Year
57. Mumbai
58. I.N.D.I.A.

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