Individual Investor's Guide to Computerized Investing

Individual Investor's Guide to Computerized Investing

by American Association Indivisua

Paperback(7th ed)

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Published by one of the leading financial investment associations in the world, this book is the authoritative guide to investing by computer. A complete overview of investing and investing principles, information on all the leading software and information services, and tips for selecting investments are given. Sample screens, charts & graphs. 240 pp. 15,000 print.

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ISBN-13: 9780942641226
Publisher: International Publishing Corporation
Publication date: 11/28/1989
Edition description: 7th ed
Pages: 424
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

How to Use This Guide1
Book Organization1
A Glance at the Contents2
Chapter 1An Overview of Investing5
Setting up an Investment Plan6
Fundamental Principles of Investing6
Your Investment Profile8
Your Investment Plan10
Making Investment Decisions11
Passive Investing11
Active Investing12
Timing Transactions14
Tracking Your Investments15
To Sell or Not to Sell16
Monitoring and Rebalancing Your Portfolio17
Learning More About Investing18
Investment Textbooks18
Two Classics18
AAII Publications19
Mutual Fund Publications20
Chapter 2Overview of Investment Software & Information Services23
What Is Investment Software?24
Categories of Investment Software24
What Is a Financial Information Service?28
Tips for Selecting Investment Software29
Simple Networking29
Check Your Budget30
Data Compatibility30
Do Your Research30
Chapter 3What Equipment Do You Need?33
The Year in Review34
Before You Shop35
What to Consider35
The Ins and Outs of Computers37
Processors: From Athlon to P-III37
Data Storage Media38
Monitors: Size Matters45
Sound and Video47
Modems: The Key to the Internet51
Operating Systems52
Desktops vs. Laptops53
To Upgrade or Buy a New System?54
Faster Processor55
More Memory55
Bigger Hard Drive55
Faster Video56
Larger Monitor56
Multimedia Capability56
The Results57
The Pitfalls to Upgrading57
Your Purchasing Plan57
Where to Buy58
Warranties: Hedging Your Bets60
Putting It All Together: The Final Specifications61
In Closing62
Glossary of Equipment Terms64
Chapter 4Portfolio Management75
The Program Checklist76
Securities/Assets Handled78
Transactions Handled79
Performance Reports82
Data Support86
Ease of Use86
The Standouts87
Capital Gainz 6.087
Captool Individual Investor 1.188
Financial Navigator 7.091
The Investor's Accountant 6.093
Money 200095
NAIC Personal Record Keeper 2.598
Portfolio Analyzer 6.099
Quicken 2000100
Reeally! 1.239103
MSN MoneyCentral Investor105
On-Line Portfolio Managers107
The On-Line Portfolio Manager Checklist108
Frequency of Updates109
Links to Brokerages109
Links to Newswire Services110
E-Mail Alerts110
Access to Additional Analysis Tools112
Number of Portfolios113
Number of Securities per Portfolio113
Types of Securities Handled114
The Standouts114
CBS MarketWatch115
MSN MoneyCentral Investor119
Thomson Investors Network124
Yahoo! Finance126
Comparison Grid128
Chapter 5Fundamental Stock Analysis137
Types of Analysis138
Fundamental Stock Screening139
Creating Stock Screens139
Defining a Clear Objective140
Establishing Primary Screening Criteria140
Comparing Screening Services150
Company Universe150
Depth of Company Information151
Distribution Methods157
Screening Features160
Custom Variables162
Reporting Capabilities163
Exporting Data163
Ease of Use164
Frequency of Data Updates164
Disk-Based Services165
Market Guide StockQuest165
Principia Pro for Stocks167
Research Wizard168
Stock Investor Standard170
Stock Investor Professional171
Value Line Investment Survey172
On-Line Services174
America Online Stock Screening174
TIP@Wallstreet with ProSearch176
Internet-Based Screening177
INVESTools Stock Screening177
MSN MoneyCentral Investor184
S&P Personal Wealth188
Thomson Investors Network191
Wall Street City192
Yahoo! Finance194
Zacks Advisor196
Comparison Grid198
Chapter 6Technical Analysis217
Data Collection and Management219
Manual Entry: Wasted Opportunities?221
Program Features224
Custom Indicators239
Chart Templates240
Trading Systems240
Custom Trading Systems242
Technical Screening243
Behold! 2.8246
Day Trader Internet 7.5248
Internet Trader Pro 7.5248
FastBreak 2.6252
FastGraph 2.6252
Insider TA Standard 4.0255
Insider TA Pro 4.0255
Investor/RT 3.8258
MacChart 3.0260
Personal Analyst 4.0260
Personal Hotline 8.0260
MegaTech Chart System264
MetaStock 6.5266
MetaStock Professional266
OmniTrader 4.0270
ProTA 2.11273
ProTA Gold273
SuperCharts 4.0277
TradeStation 2000i277
TC2000 4.2285
TIP@Wallstreet 1.2288
TradingExpert Pro291
VectorVest ProGraphics 5.0293
Comparison Grid297
Chapter 7Mutual Fund Analysis309
Mutual Fund Screening310
Monitoring and Performance Comparison311
Size and Depth of the Database312
Universe of Funds313
Depth of Data313
Frequency of Updates314
Fund Information to Look For314
Performance Statistics314
Risk-Related Features315
Fund Portfolio Information315
Fund Operations and Services316
Key Screening Elements318
Distribution Methods319
The Standouts319
Disk-Based Services320
Mutual Fund Expert 6.0320
Mutual Fund Survey 2.0322
Principia Pro for Mutual Funds 4.1323
Quarterly Low-Load Mutual Fund Update326
On-Line Services327
TIP@Wallstreet w/Mutual Fund Search 1.2327
Internet Services329 Service329 Service331
MSN MoneyCentral Investor--Investment Finder334
Mutual Funds Online--Fund Selection System336 Fund Finder338 Fund Center340
S&P Personal Wealth--Mutual Fund Finder341 Finder343
Stockpoint--Fundfinder Pro345
Thomson Investors Network--Mutual Funds Center346
Wall Street City--Mutual Fund Java Powersearch347
Comparison Grid350
Chapter 8Financial Information Services361
The Internet362
World Wide Web364
Usenet Newsgroups365
Message Boards368
Transferring Files369
Connection Options370
Speed and Reliability371
Monitoring Your Investment Portfolio376
Delayed Quotes377
Portfolio Values379
News Updates380
Market News381
Technical Analysis382
Fundamental Analysis384
Analyzing Your Goals384
Rating Criteria385
General Purpose On-Line Services386
America Online386
Internet Sites391
CBS MarketWatch391
Motley Fool397
MSN MoneyCentral Investor398
S&P Personal Wealth403
Thomson Investors Network407
Wall Street City409
Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition410
Yahoo! Finance411
Comparison Grid413
AppendixGuide to Investment Web Sites421
What the Guide Includes421
Reading the List422

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