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Fairmont Press, Incorporated
Indoor Air Quality Case Studies Reference Guide

Indoor Air Quality Case Studies Reference Guide

by George Benda


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The purpose of this book is to provide the benefit of both good and bad experiences in indoor air quality (IAQ) management over the past decade for use in day-to-day work in building design, construction and operation.

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ISBN-13: 9780130115676
Publisher: Fairmont Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/24/1998
Pages: 216
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Learning From Experience: The Value of IAQ Case Studies1
Practical Lessons1
Continuing Resource1
Evolving Nature of IAQ2
Organization by Building Type3
Table 1.1Matrix of Building Types and IAQ Topics4
Healthy Buildings: The Ideal5
Office Buildings: Avoiding Employee Complaints and Legal Action5
Schools: Maintenance and Remodeling and Sensitive Populations7
Hospitals: Health Concerns and Efficiency8
Hospitality: Keeping Everyone Healthy and Happy9
Lessons Learned10
Chapter 2Healthy Buildings = Commitment + Homework + Action11
Finishing and Inhabiting a Shell11
The Washington State Approach13
Table 2.1Comparison of Selected VOCs15
Audubon Building: Where Good Indoor Air Is a Mission16
Selecting Materials for Good Air Quality18
Lessons Learned20
Total Volatile Organic Compounds22
Chapter 3Cleaning Up the Mess at EPA Headquarters25
Table 3.1Timeline for EPA Headquarters26
Origin of the Problem: Complexity, Crowding, Change27
What About Carpets?28
Watershed Event: The 1987 Renovation30
Carpet Controversy31
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Is It All in the Head?32
The Lawsuit34
EPA Action Plan (Lessons Learned)34
Carpet Emissions and Their Impact on the Indoor Environment36
Chapter 4When Drain Pans Don't Drain39
The Problem40
Workers Compensation and Indoor Air40
The Walk-Through41
Reservoirs, Amplifiers, and Disseminators42
Where to Find Indoor Fungi44
Solving the Problem46
Precautions for Investigators46
What Was Done46
Figure 4.1Drain Pan Problems47
Workers Compensation48
Lessons Learned48
Chapter 5Microbial Contamination: 'Band-Aids' Can Make Things Worse51
Tenant Complaints and First Responses51
Remediation Specs for This Job52
Fan Operation During Remediation54
Finding the Unknown55
ULPA Filters55
HVAC Systems in Older Buildings56
The HVAC Prescription57
The Biological Contamination57
The Role of Doctors in Indoor Air Investigations58
Table 5.1An Overview of Indoor Environment Contaminants60
Red-Flag Microorganisms61
The Aftermath61
Lessons Learned62
Chapter 6Florida Courthouse Gets a Multimillion-Dollar Lesson in Moisture Control65
Table 6.1Timeline for Martin County Courthouse Drama66
The Martin County Courthouse Complex68
The Problems69
What Fungi Need69
Understanding Moisture in Buildings: A Primer70
One Commissioner's Story72
Microbial Contamination73
Investigations in the Building73
Interior Moisture Control in Various Climates74
How Bad Is Bad in Microbial Contamination?76
Taking Action77
Troublesome Fungi77
What Is a Building Envelope?78
De-enveloping and Rebuilding79
Lessons Learned81
Chapter 7Getting the Bugs Out of Andrew Jackson83
Pest-Free Without Poison? Try Integrated Pest Management84
The Roots of the Problem86
Chlordane in the Courts86
Chlordane and Termites87
Pesticide Information Available 7 Days a Week88
Frozen Termites89
NIOSH Arrives90
A Free NIOSH Investigation? Don't Count on It90
Table 7.1Current Termiticides92
You Have the Right to Know More About Chemicals93
The Cure94
A Healthier School95
Keeping the Bugs Out of the System (Lessons Learned)95
Chapter 8A Million Reasons to Hate Bioaerosols97
An Ounce of Prevention98
Ventilation and Building Woes99
Medical Problems100
Allergies, Asthma, and Air Pollution100
Finding the Sources of the Health Problems101
Does Your Building Have a Bioaerosol Problem?102
Comfort, Health, and Energy Problems Common to Elementary Schools104
Taking Action105
Sensitivity Overload?106
What Constitutes Microbial Contamination?107
Lessons Learned109
Chapter 9Cancer Scare at School Prompts Quick Response111
Plum Grove Basics111
Table 9.1Timeline for Plum Grove Junior High School112
Asbestos Tile Removal113
Communications and the Press114
Cancer and Respiratory Illness116
Plum Grove Takes Action116
Expected and Observed Cancers Among Plum Grove Staff117
How to Get in Front of the Snowball118
Cancer Clusters Are Tough to Prove120
The Long Summer121
Environmental Testing at Plum Grove122
Summer Renovations123
Results Are Announced124
Designing a Different Investigation124
Lessons Learned126
Chapter 10Tiny 'Bugs' Take Big Toll on Building Occupants127
Patients and Bioaerosols Don't Mix128
Controlling a Fungus128
Microbial Investigations and Hiring a Consultant129
Legionnaires Disease130
ASHRAE Developing Guideline on Legionnaires Disease133
Avoiding Legionnaires Disease134
If You Can Smell It, Get Rid of It134
Lessons Learned135
Chapter 11Hospital Renovation Challenges HVAC Systems137
Renovations and System Concerns137
What About Lined Ducts?138
Testing and Balancing139
Duct Cleaning Certification and Standards140
Cleaning the Ducts142
Table 11.1Air Duct Cleaning Effects In the Case Study Hospital144
Getting Results145
A More Efficient System145
Lessons Learned146
Chapter 12Follow 'ABCs' to Avoid the Greasy Spoon147
Avoiding the Greasy Spoon Syndrome148
The McDonald's ABCs of Ventilation148
The ABCs of Ventilation at McDonald's148
Table 12.1Typical Airflows in Restaurants149
Energy Conservation at McDonald's: The T.E.E.M. Approach150
HVAC Systems Designed for the Basics152
Renovation Opportunities: HVAC System Capacity and Balance153
Does the Standard Kitchen Exist?154
Special Equipment156
Filtration Options157
Maintenance: The Heart of Consistent Quality157
Lessons in Prevention158
Chapter 13Clearing the Air: Filtration at O'Hare Airport159
The O'Hare Challenge159
The Role of Filtration160
What is Activated Carbon?161
A Closer Look at Specifics161
How to Optimize Your Air Cleaning System162
Lessons in Prevention164
Table 13.1Uses and Benefits of Filtration165
Understanding Filtration166
Figure 13.1Typical Minimum Filter Efficiencies169
Chapter 14Don't Gamble With Chemicals171
The Condition and the Legal Consequences171
Table 14.1Timeline for Nevada Casino172
Getting the Bugs Out and Keeping Them Out173
The MCS Experience174
MCS: From Casino to Courthouse176
Questions About MCS178
Construction Creates HVAC Problems181
MCS Generates Compensable Claims181
Research Under Way on MCS182
Lessons Learned184
Questions & Answers186
Chapter 15Cleaning Up After the Flood189
Flooded Basements189
Floods: Clean and Dirty190
Designing Cleanup Procedures191
The Great Chicago Flood192
Biocides: Handle With Care194
Passing the Test196
Insurance and Indoor Air Quality196
Lessons Learned197
What's in a Duct199
Appendix AInformation Sources From Selected Chapters201
Appendix BAcronyms and Abbreviations213

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