Indulge Me

Indulge Me

by Kaenar Langford

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ISBN-13: 9780857150561
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 03/22/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 51
Sales rank: 948,039
File size: 521 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Although born in Ireland, Kaenar Langford lives north of Toronto in rural Ontario, but that doesn't stop her from travelling the world in her mind and in her books. The love of romance and the exotic, as well as a decidedly off-beat sense of humour, are all entwined to produce stories that will not only seduce you, but also make you laugh. Her husband and two sons have grown used to seeing the back of her head as she sits at the computer, transported to wherever the story takes her. She has become immune to the teasing of friends and colleagues who are secretly delighted with this new adventure into writing erotic romance. Kaenar enjoys playing music and reading and has taken up the Scottish small pipes in the last few years. Of course, Irish music is what she loves to play.

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Meet me at Indulgence. Noon today. I want you naked in the Wet Area.

Keane’s heartbeat speeded up as he clutched the note in his hand. No need to look at it again. He knew the contents by heart. Too keyed up to sit, he strode to the door of his office and yanked it open.

“Who brought this note, Mrs. Sellers?”

Obviously startled by the unusually sharp tone of voice, his middle-aged secretary looked up from her keyboard. “I hope I didn’t do anything wrong, Mr. Daniels. It was one of those bike messengers. I signed for it and he left. Wasn’t that all right?”

Keane shook his head and forced a smile. “That’s fine. I just wondered who’d delivered it, that’s all.”

“Of course.” Mrs. Sellers acknowledged his acceptance with a nod of relief and got back to work.

Keane shut the door and crossed to his desk. He dropped into his chair and smoothed out the paper, wondering who had issued the invitation. No, not an invitation—a command. Who had demanded his presence at Indulgence? He’d only been to the place—one of the largest gay spas in Toronto—a few times, but somebody knew him well enough to be able to pinpoint his favourite spot in the luxurious bathhouse.

Could it be someone here at work? he wondered. Although he’d never hidden the fact he was gay, Keane had also never gone out of his way to advertise it. Marquette and Associates was a very well-respected architectural firm that had designed some of the more famous buildings that graced the city. The group had a world-wide reputation, their designs having won various prestigious competitions and awards. Keane enjoyed working for them, especially for Rayche Marquette, the head of the company.

Just the thought of his boss made his cock stir. The first time he’d seen him, he’d almost lifted out of his chair. He’d been afraid his erection would elevate the table, he’d been so aroused. Mr. Marquette had been nothing but professional during the interview, never giving any hint he was aware of Keane’s interest or that he returned the sentiment.

So Keane continued to secretly lust after his boss. And what gay man in his right mind wouldn’t hunger for him? he thought.

Before he had a chance to pursue his wayward contemplation of Mr. Rayche Marquette, a couple of sharp raps at the door had him quickly shoving the note into the nearest drawer and flipping open the top folder from a haphazard pile on his desk.

As usual, Rayche walked in without waiting. Keane was never sure if that was his custom with everyone or whether the man just liked to catch him continually off guard. He sometimes imagined what might happen if Rayche dropped in one day to find him stretched out, naked, on the long couch in his office. And who could blame him for thinking like that?

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