Industrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Realm

Industrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Realm



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Industrial Light and Magic: Into the Digital Realm by Patricia Rose Duignan, Patricia Rose Duignan

Includes a foreword by Steven Spielberg!

The supernatural wonders of Ghostbusters.  The lively three-dimensional toons from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  The unstoppable liquid-metal T-1000 cyborg of Terminator 2.  The incredibly life-like digital dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.  The thunderous African stampede in Jumanji. These award-winning special effects have one thing in common: Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

For more than twenty years, George Lucas and the technical wizards at ILM have literally changed the face of movie-making with their stunning, often unbelievable, visual effects.  Industrial Light + Magic: Into the Digital Realm chronicles ILM's second monumental decade—from 1986 through the mid-nineties—and includes a special discussion on the latest groundbreaking visual effects in the soon-to-be released Special Edition of Star Wars: A New Hope.

During this seminal period, ILM virtually redefined visual effects and blazed a trail into the digital realm.  With more than six hundred lavish full-color photographs, this fascinating book takes you behind the camera and into the rarely seen workshops, offering an amazing look at the men and women who create movie magic.  We follow the intricate crafts of matte painting, model making, and optical compositing as they are transformed into digitally driven systems, and we track the contributions of model and creature makers, animation specialists and optical technicians, and the unsung stage hands and pyrotechnic experts.

Packed with astounding information about ILM's technical innovations and remarkably clear explanations—including a revealing look at ILM's work with TV commercials and theme park attractions, a comprehensive glossary of essential terms, and detailed screen credits for all the company's film projects—this volume will enchant and enlighten all of us who have ever marveled at what we've seen on the screen and wondered: how did they do that?

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ISBN-13: 9780345381521
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/28/1996
Pages: 328
Product dimensions: 10.50(w) x 12.40(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Mark Cotta Vaz is a senior writer for Cinefex, a leading magazine on special effects, for which he has documented the making of such films as Batman Returns, Hook, Die Hard 2, and The Hunt for Red October.  Vaz is the author of Tales of the Dark Knight: Batman's First Fifty Years, From Star Wars to Indiana Jones: The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives, and Spirit in the Land: Beyond Time and Space with America's Channelers.  Vaz lives in San Francisco where he has been active in local political and community activities.  He is also a student of Choy-Li-Fut and Tai-Chi kung-fu forms.

Patricia Rose Duignan served for two decades in production and senior management positions at ILM including Production Supervisor, Operations Manager, and Director of Marketing.  She is executive producer of ABC's stop-motion animated series, Bump in the Night, as well as a visual effects consultant to the feature film and interactive multimedia industries.

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