Industry, Architecture and Engineering: American Ingenuity, 1750-1950

Industry, Architecture and Engineering: American Ingenuity, 1750-1950



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ISBN-13: 9780810934733
Publisher: Abrams, Harry N., Inc.
Publication date: 11/28/2000
Pages: 290
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Table of Contents

Foreword: American Industrial Archaeology9
Introduction: The Industrial Heritage: A Living Memory and an Instrument of Knowledge21
Part 1The Two Phases of Industrialization in the United States27
1.A "European-style" Industrialization: New England from Independence to the Civil War29
Metallurgy, the Pioneers' Heritage
Water Mills, the Infrastructure for the First Phase of Industrialization
The Alliance of Textiles and Hydraulic Power
The Rise in the Scale of Power
Paterson and Lowell: The Birth of a Technological Model
The Success of the Model in New England
The Spread of the Lowell System
The American Industrial Landscape Takes Shape
2.The Rise of Industrial Giants: From the Civil War to World War II57
In the Textile Industry, the Era of Giant Factories
The Arrival of the Coke-Fueled Iron and Steel Industry
Naval Yards and Arsenals
The Twentieth-Century Factory: Mass Consumption and the Rationalization of Work
Part 2Major Themes in the Industrial Heritage of the United States109
3.Civil Engineering Takes Command111
Bridges by the Thousands
Port Facilities
4.Harnessing Natural Resources163
Upper Michigan: Copper and Iron
The Western Mining States: Silver and Copper
The Industrial Exploitation of Quarries
Energy Choices
Steam Power
The Introduction of Oil
A New Episode in Water Power
5.The Architecture of Industry185
The Genealogy of Traditional Factories
A Brilliant Interlude: Cast Iron in Nineteenth-Century Architecture
A Technical, Functional, and Standardized Architecture
Turn-of-the-Century Eclecticism
Factory Architecture: Between Death and Rebirth
Part 3Understanding Our Industrial Heritage215
6.Industrial Landscapes, Industrial Wastelands217
Industry along the Water
Creating the Urban Environment
Company Towns
From Landscape to Wasteland
Industrial Wastelands: A Subject of Debate and an Object of Fascination
7.Rehabilitation, Preservation, Reuse245
A Movement Takes Form: From Technical Collections to Engineers' Associations
The Early Rehabilitation of Industrial Monuments
Early Urban Industrial Districts
The Concept of the Heritage Corridor
Setbacks in Preservation
Grain Elevators: A Burdensome Heritage
The Problem of Large Iron and Steel Sites
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