Infamy: How One Woman Brought an International Sex Trafficking Ring to Justice

Infamy: How One Woman Brought an International Sex Trafficking Ring to Justice

by Lydia Cacho


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In 2005, after publishing her book The Demons of Eden—where she denounced the very powerful men behind the a Mexican child pornography ring—Lydia Cacho became a target. Exactly eight months after the publication of the book, one morning as she was making her way to work, Lydia was apprehended by the police from the neighboring state of Puebla, and taken into custody during a nightmarish 24 hours during which she was tortured, intimidated and abused.

In this chilling memoir, comparable to Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Infidel, Lydia tells her story and exposes the horrific ways in which women—and young girls in particular—are abused then disposed of, while an oftentimes corrupt government simply sits and watches.

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ISBN-13: 9781593766436
Publisher: Soft Skull Press, Inc.
Publication date: 04/12/2016
Pages: 356
Sales rank: 1,273,693
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Lydia Cacho is a Mexican journalist, author and a feminist activist. She has published seven books, one of them is the award-winning Manual to Prevent, Detect and Heal Child Sexual Abuse (Con Mi Hijo No). Currently Ms. Cacho is a columnist with El Universal, the main daily newspaper in Mexico, and a workshop teacher on successful approaches to help trafficking victims and on Community Schools for Peace: a holistic approach to negotiate conflicts.

Table of Contents


1 Who is Lydia Cacho, Anyway? 7

A Strong, United, Loving Tribe

An Eden Without Demons

First Causes

Seeking Refuge From Violence

2 Brave Girls, Implacable Tormentors 39

The Meeting / Emma and the Apartment

The Demons Are Captured in Print

The Empire Strikes Back

3 Kidnapped by the State 71

Highway of Horror

Puebla and Kamel's Angels

4 The "Precious GUV" 129

"You're My Hero, Daddy"

Criminalizing Truth

5 The Nation Reacts 149

Congress Steps In

First Warning: Attempted Murder

Kamel and Succar Show Their True Colors

6 The End of the Line 183

Last Recourse: The Supreme Court of Justice and Juan Silva Meza

7 A Never-Ending Story 195

8 The Final Verdict 211

Police for Truth

Not with My Child!

Slavery, Inc.

Poetic Justice

The Slaves Speak Out

Looking at My Health and the Future

Follow the Money to Find the Crime

The Devil in Danger

Flee Toward Life

A Step Forward

By Way of Good-bye

Appendix 287

Demoniacal Timeline

Lawyers Who Have Attempted to Defend Succar Kuri and Later Stepped Down

Telephone Conversations

The Precious Forty

Press Release, June 21,2007

More Information on How to Stop Child Pornography

Index of Names 333

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