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Infidelity Sleuth: A Female Private Eye Tells Women how to Uncover the Truth
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Infidelity Sleuth: A Female Private Eye Tells Women how to Uncover the Truth

2.4 11
by Julia Hartley Moore

A man will go to any length to hide an affair. But no matter how careful he is, there will always be telltale signs. Infidelity Sleuth tells women what to watch for and how to investigate suspicious behavior. It offers specific strategies for unraveling the clues, finding the proof, and dealing with the consequences of an affair.

A complete introduction to


A man will go to any length to hide an affair. But no matter how careful he is, there will always be telltale signs. Infidelity Sleuth tells women what to watch for and how to investigate suspicious behavior. It offers specific strategies for unraveling the clues, finding the proof, and dealing with the consequences of an affair.

A complete introduction to all aspects of infidelity from a female private eye who has seen it all and caught them all, this book dispels the myths and misconceptions about cheating. The author explains in straightforward terms how affairs work, how to catch someone, and how to move on. She teaches readers to spot a cheat "at 1000 paces" by stopping the cycle of denial and self-blame and probing into the truth. If he is not having an affair, then the reader's mind will be put to rest; but for those who discover that he is cheating, Infidelity Sleuth offers compassion, understanding, and clear advice for coping with an unfaithful partner.

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Meet the Author

Julia Hartley Moore has, in her own words, lived a full life — a mother at 15, she had three children by the time she was 17, and has been married and divorced several times. She knows the cost of infidelity on a personal level. She lives in Auckland, NZ.

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Infidelity Sleuth: A Female Private Eye Tells Women how to Uncover the Truth 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There are enough books that have intentionally, or not, been produced about marriage that tend to cause more problems than they solve. This does not focus on the reason for cheating , but says if men change their ways they must be cheating. It also points out that if women cheat they are more likely to get away with it. Not only is this true,(as stated by the author) but I believe it leads to more problems in a marriage than the author is willing to admit. When a woman is checking into 'INFEDELITY' by her spouse, it is probably because she has already comitted it and does not expect to get caught. Which in turn leads to problems in the marraige and inevitably to the partners 'INFIDELITY?' .All of which leads to larger problems .In my oppinion this raises more problems in either side of the relationship, and when you need to start checking on your spouse the problems have already begun.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i found that this book is sexist. she says that men are just plain dumber than women. i don't know any men that have cheated on their girlfriend or wife. i know plenty of women that have cheated on the husbands. because i am the guy they cheated on their husbands with. the fact that the author only takes on women as clients says alot too. author doesn't know what she talking about, women do care if they get caught. i have gotten caught by a few husbands. this author is a sexist. i will never waste my money on another one of her books.thank you
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was originally published in 1994 in New Zealand & Australia under the title 'Infidelity Exploding the Myths' and has received great reviews from all sections of the Media. When I read the first reviews on your website it was interesting to note that they were all from men, the very same ones who then wrote to a number of other book sellers in an effort to put potential readers off with a poor review of the book. It was not until the last few weeks that the balance of reviews has switched to the type of review seen in Australasia and I'm not surprised that these came from women and yet it is women who get the hard time from the writer for not respecting themselves. I personally have read this book at least five times and know that it is has been great source of help to me and thousands of women and men in New Zealand & Australia. For guys who write with such venom and ferocity are doing so because of their narrow minded and pathetic set views, not from actually having read the book. The Author has written a book based on thousands of actual cases so guys they are not generalisations but sound facts and backed up in many other books on the subject. So the next time you read on a web site an excerpt or interview from an Author buy the book first, read it all, and if possible try to understand it and then give a balanced review. By the way, do you all live in the same street?
Guest More than 1 year ago
Although I found this book 'after' experiencing the devastation of finding out the truth... I would have to say this author definitely hit the nail on the head. Women tend to want to make their relationships work, whether it's for the children or in most cases 'denial' that their man would ever choose to cheat on them. Unfortunately... some are quite capable of playing the loyal game so well... normally the only unusual feeling the woman experiences is that 'gut' feeling that emerges every time she realizes that things just aren't right... and she chooses not to face the truth - that's just too final. Seems a woman has to come to a point of acceptance to really focus on their own 'exit' and that's usually when they've had enough. This book is for those that have had enough... the rest of you should buy it and be prepared for what you instinctively know is coming. Don't think for one minute that if he's sending flowers, cooking dinner, or calling to compliment you... that you're safe, usually those are ways to relieve his guilt considering he's living a dual life and he knows that it will distract you back into thinking that your relationship with him is still secure, because he needs that. Those phone calls home to you definitely relieve that guilt process going on inside his head as he's planning to meet Ms Whoever for a romantic lunch! In fact when he's laying it on like that ... it's about time to bust some moves! Take it from someone who's experienced that special treatment ... I remember getting 4-5 calls a day... advising me of how beautiful I was, the special little roses that came to my door, the sweet little notes that said..'I want you... or I miss you' (While they pick out that shirt to wear on their date for the late night meeting - at work, it's almost humorous to me now! I remember discovering the truth... and I didn't even tell this man that I knew for three days... and I watched him perform some of his most tender moments... while playing behind the scenes. So don't kid yourself ladies... this type has a roleplay like no other, and I'm not saying that all men are like that... but the 'player' definitely gives you that gut feeling, and most of you know it! You are bound to be confused. Do yourself a favor and give 'yourself' the benefit of the doubt! Seriously... you aren't imagining those strange hunches that you keep getting. Remember... people know what they are doing... and when they say they miss you and make another plan, it's high time you check out that other plan. When words and actions aren't matching up... there's an underlying message ... Obviously the author has discovered & experienced these scenarios enough to know the behavioral patterns. Being true to yourself is a heck of a lot more important then being faithful to someone who isn't being true to you!
Guest More than 1 year ago
It sounds as if most of you are in serious denial!! I have been cheated on and this book reads as if it were taken from notes that I made afterwards on the little things that shoud've told me what was happening!! Yes, Men can just decide to lose weight all of a sudden, but when it is paired with the other things mentioned, you better get ready to bend over, because you are about to be screwed!! And please, don't think 'if you just keep your husband happy and believe in yourself' that it will never happen to you! You can all but kiss your hubby's tail and all that will do is tell them 'yeah! I could get away with it if she found out!' if he is the cheating type.And no, You don't need to be suspect of everything (or act like the Gestapo)but you don't need to be a blind fool either! How many people who have had spouses be unfaithful, EVER thought that it would happen to them, or that if it did, THEY would be smart enough to see it right away!? The woman wrote the book from personal experiences after ten years of being hired to help others find out for sure what their spouses were doing and with whom and after seeing the same things over and over happen to them. She didn't just pull this stuff out of the air! Come on people!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The intuition part is soooooooo true! Women listen to your senses, your body talks to you. Never second guess yourself, normally those lies he's telling you are just a small portion of the deception that you're about to discover. Once you find the truth... it sets you free! Great Book... don't let the cheaters discourage you from finding out the truth. After all...the ones that don't want to know the truth... keep believing the lies, and the cheaters certainly won't like the thought of someone else giving you the clues to realize the facts. You will live without a cheat and a liar...and you will enjoy your life after you get rid of the cheater. Enjoy! Fantastic Info... be sure to let someone else do the snoopin for you... don't waste another minute of your precious time on someone who isn't even concerned about your own wellbeing... let the author show you the EASY way to expose the truth. When you do.. you will definitely feel proud that you aren't questioning your own value as a person any longer. Women need to wake up! You deserve the best that's out there... The end of one deceptive relationship is really the beginning of your life, and a chance to have what you deserve. Let the other woman have him! She won't end up with much! ~wink~
Guest More than 1 year ago
Some of the concepts used in this book are OK, if (and only if) you are certain that you have had the poor judgement to marry a loser who is cheating on you. Beyond that, the ideas are silly at best, and could (at worst) lead to disaster. Sure! I'm going to accuse my spouse of cheating because he/she is wearing a new shirt!!! Or God help me if he/she has suddenly decided to lose some weight! Could it be, perhaps, that they suddenly realize that they need to lose weight for medical purposes? Oh no! I think they should remain overweight, so that I can be certain they're not cheating on me. The author of this book needs to get a life. Period. Beyond that, she can play the role of Gestapo Lady until the cows come home.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book is designed to sell books. little relevant or effective information here. no one can catch everyone. and no set of signs is a true indicator. keep your spouse happy, and yield to happiness for yourself. don't turn your relationship into a gestapo-like quest for a liar. it's not genteel and its not a good way to find anything our. marriage shouldn't be like guantanamo.
Guest More than 1 year ago
horrifying what can come out today...
Guest More than 1 year ago
I only read an interview with you but I think you are way off the mark. I have many years experience in cheating, both from the cheated-on and the cheating-on perspective, and your 'findings' do not nearly match the reality of what happened over my 24 years of marriage to two women. In truth I find some of your quotes in the interview to be absolutely wrong. I almost think you're a sexist who was wronged one time and now hates men. Sorry for you! Some of us are not guilty by association.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Let me save you some money. In short, this book was awful. It reads like it was written by a first grader on crack. The advice is so basic that it could have been condensed into a half page handout. B&N doesn't allow reviewers to post comments about the author otherwise I would have a field day. One word describes this book, 'Horrible'