Infinite Scale: The ultimate guide to growth for Managed Service Providers

Infinite Scale: The ultimate guide to growth for Managed Service Providers

by James Vickery


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ISBN-13: 9780648402404
Publisher: I Know IT
Publication date: 10/19/2018
Pages: 138
Sales rank: 1,100,109
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

James Vickery has spent his entire 20-year career building MSPs. He is a leading thinker, commentator and much sought-after adviser to MSPs. James has founded two successful MSP enterprises: Benchmark 365 and I Know IT. His experience has taught him that the key to infinite scale for MSPs is changing from a tech to a sales mindset and not being afraid to throw out everything you thought you knew. It's his mission to help make your MSP big and profitable.

Table of Contents

Preface 1

The numbers in perspective 4

Gratitude 5

1. Welcome to the whole planet 7

The Information Technology sector 7

More than just IT 9

The four phases of IT 10

A false sense of security 11

A generational threat 12

Global threats 14

Do you want to be the cheapest or the best? 16

‘Do you want to catch up for a drink?’ 18

2. The magic box 21

My Eureka moment 22

A typical player in the MSP space 26

3. Filling your leaky bucket 35

The 80/20 rule 36

Outsourcing 38

Ramping it up 39

The leaky bucket syndrome 40

Only paying for what you use 44

4. How scaling up helps you land the big deals 49

Why scaling is important 49

Landing the big deals 52

Scale up but maintain the relationships 54

Embracing the change 58

5. Getting rhythm in your business 61

The difficulties of part-time staff 61

When you should insource 63

Workers are being exploited … in Western

countries 65

Small business heroics 67

Outsourcing options 69

6. Outsourcing the noise and the repeatable stuff 77

So what can you outsource? 78

International outsourcing has come a long way 80

Customers now want an instant fix 81

Tracking your progress 84

7. Taking total control of your day 87

Imagine that 87

Giving your customers something to talk about 89

You’re a leader, not a tech 90

Getting help 94

8. The Benchmark 365 Way 97

Fix the inconsistencies 99

Get a mirror that works 99

Fill those delivery gaps 101

No borders 102

The Benchmark 365 Way in action 103

How can you find out more about

Benchmark 365? 110

‘Go to Europe – we will run your business.’ 111

You got this! 113

Case study: Infinite Edge gets infinite scale 115

The challenges 115

A turning point 116

Partnering with experience 117

A turnkey approach 117

Better customer experiences 118

Sustainable, healthy profit 119

A Cloud service for people 120

Case study: Evisent MSP amps up 123

A fresh approach 124

The challenges 124

A unique solution 125

Going live 126

Better customer experiences 126

On-demand MSP expertise 127

Amped up for growth 128

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