by Andria Buchanan
4.3 7

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Infinity 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Arys More than 1 year ago
Infinity (The Chronicles of Nerissette) by Andria Buchanan is book three and the thrilling conclusion to her YA fantasy series that follows Allie Munroe, Queen of Nerissette, and the foreboding prophecy of the end that we were left with at the end of book two. Nerissette has been at war with Bavasama's army and when it seems like peace it at hand, the fight between Bavasama and Allie escalates and explodes. Leading to a story filled with action, drama, and suspense. Iliked Infinity. It was fast-paced and had me eager to find out how the whole story ended. Though I will admit that Allie's personality and how she behaved in the beginning half of the novel annoyed me. True, part of the story, and emotions were running high especially after everything that's happened, but kind of wanted to shake her and tell her to get over herself. My favorite parts were the moments between Allie and Winston. I love their romance. Just wish there was more of it! I also liked another heart to heart scene that Allie has with another character (Read to find out with who...). Also, the ending is pretty good. Just wish there was more! Would love to find out what happens in the future. Overall, Infinity is a solid conclusion to what is a great magical fantasy series. Very much recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read all three stories back to back. Fantastic and riviting. The stories flow perfectly!
Weiser_Jenn More than 1 year ago
I have to tell you, out off all three books, this was my favorite! I loved every minute of it. From page one, I was sucked right in and really screaming &quot;Yeah, get em'!&quot; Allie is faced with a tough decision right from the start. Does she risk starting another war and breaking a peace treaty that has taken a year to finally be signed, or does she sit back and allow those she loves and cares for be taken by the enemy? *Sigh* I love books with tense situations, magical properties, and book boyfriends that capture your attention. I think I made that pretty clear with my list, but it bears repeating! I love everything about this series, it holds you completely captive and mesmerized with it's fast paced, action packed, kick you in the jaw twist and turns!  Book three could not have come out fast enough for me! When my hands finally got a hold of it, I did a little dance and a shout of glee! (Nerd? Yes!)  Since book one Allie has been trying to get her friends home. Knowing her duty to those in the Nerissette, Allie is crowned Queen vowing to right the wrongs that have been in place while the Fate Marker reigned in her place. After beating the Fate Maker at his own game, Allie is finally ready to step into a brighter future with the people of Nerissette.  Agreeing to a peace treaty between her aunt Bavasama, Queen of Bathune, Allie hopes that this will regain peace amongst their borders, as well with the people of Nerissette. With the hopes of peace on the horizon, Allie still clings to some hope that she may be able to return her friends back to the World That Is.  Allie had once wished to return home with them, but now that she has finally found the father she desperately wished for and a love for a kingdom she never believed existed, Allie isn't sure if leaving is really what she should do.  As the book unfolds, Allie learns some bitter truths from her aunt that leave her wishing that the treaty they just forged, wasn't actually in place. When her aunt oversteps the treaty and attacks the dryads, setting the forest on fire, almost killing her best friend Mercedes, Allie's blood boils. Queen  Alicia Wilhemina Munroe the First, the Golden Rose of Nerissette is declaring war, all bets are off, and if she has to march into her aunt's palace and rip the crown from her head, that's just what she is going to's time to stop hiding behind fear and really fight for those who own her heart.  :)....I could give you the rest, but where's the fun in actually reading the book?? By now you all know I dislike spoilers, so I'm not going to give them, but I will tell you this rates higher then five stars in my book!! I love this series unconditionally. It has instantly become a favorite and if I was to ever meet Andria, I would squeal like a boy band fan girl and beg for her autograph! The Chronicles of Nerissette will truly sweep you away into a world filled with fear, greed, devotion, love, magic and undying friendship!