Information Systems Research: Contemporary Approaches and Emergent Trends

Information Systems Research: Contemporary Approaches and Emergent Trends


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ISBN-13: 9780444890290
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 07/28/1991
Pages: 754
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Table of Contents

A Pluralist Perspective of the Information Systems Research Arena (H.K. Klein, H.-E. Nissen, R. Hirschheim). Opening Address: Information Systems Research - Leaking Craft or Visionary Vehicle (E. Mumford). Keynote address: Relevance and Rigor in Information Systems Research (P. Keen). Rigor in Information Systems Research (B. Curtis, R.R. Cooper, J. Elam, S.L. Jarvenpaa, H. Krasner, T. Mukhopadhyay, D. Straub, D.B. Walz). Qualitative Data in Information Systems Research (C. Banville, L.J. Davies, B. O'Connor, G. Sandström, E.M. Trauth). Grounded Theory (G. Ariav, L.J.Calloway, S.E. Little, K. Toraskar). Alternative Views of Quality in Information Systems Research (J.S. Achterberg, G. van Es, M.S. Heng, S. Jablonsky, O.K. Ngwenyama, J.L. Olaisen). Combining Different Approaches (S.A. Conger, R.D. Galliers, S. Smithson, S. Visala, J.L. Wynekoop). Action Research (P. Checkland, S. Jönsson). Cooperative Design (J. Greenbaum, P. Järvinen, M. Kyng). Interpretative Approaches (R.J. Boland, J. Low, E.J. Rathswohl). A Semiotic Approach (P.B. Andersen, R. Stamper). Activity Theory (S. Bødker, K. Kuutti, D. Truex). Learning from Theoretical Frames of Reference (D.L. Clapper, N. Jayaratna, B. Kaplan, A.S. Lee, E.R. McLean). Bias in Information Systems Design (R.L. Baskerville, G. Fitzgerald, D.K. Goldstein, P.J. Guinan, S. Lee, R.W. Zmud). Panels (B.C. Glasson, J.A. Turner). Closing Thoughts (E. Mumford).

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