Ingram's Hill

Ingram's Hill

by Patricia Solo


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The early years of the 18 Century found European nations as well as America engaging in the centuries old debate of individual freedom verses slavery. Most landowners, tradesmen and shipping companies weighed heavily on the side of slavery. On the opposing side, for individual freedom, were many politicians, theologians and religious groups. All depended upon one's point of view. My story begins on an island in the Caribbean, where a small, forlorn, scraggly group of negro slaves are pawned off on a ship's captain who sails to America, slips into the harbor of a small seaport south of the main port of Savannah, Georgia. He sells the group at a discount price and sails away. After another auction sale, the group is dispersed and taken to the Carolinas. No longer able to rely upon one another, each had to learn how to cope in a new land among a diverse mixture of ideas from landowners, fellow slaves and persons from up north who visited the plantations on business. In the cities and towns surrounding the plantations groups of abolitionists were also found protesting slavery. From bits and pieces of conversations overheard, observations, rumors and signals known only to a few, a network of slaves wanting to break for freedom and the persons who would help them, transpired. In the years before the Civil War, during the war and following years, Ingram's Hill played a small but important part in many lives. Located in an area where almost all citizens traced their roots back to Europe, their ways of life, beliefs and love of rumors and gossip ran rampart throughout the countryside. One favorite was the hidden tunnel where slaves were hidden from the bounty hunters. Finally a different form of slavery in America looms as the stock market crashes in 1929 causing the Great Depression and a new set of characters emerge. Each person trying to survive and cope with events of which he or she had no control. Once again, some found themselves at Ingram's Hill. The reader will look into the hearts, minds and motivation of many characters plus share in the adventures. There are heroes, villains and persons caught in events happening around them. Some are from my imagination and some are real people who lived at the time. Ingram's Hill is a real place. Still standing, although in disrepair, perhaps waiting for the next catastrophe to be of service.

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