Initiation: Bonfire Academy (Bonfire Chronicles)

Initiation: Bonfire Academy (Bonfire Chronicles)

by Imogen Rose


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Welcome to Bonfire Academy!

Set in the foothills of the alpine mountains in St.Moritz, this exclusive private school caters to a special kind of student. Enter at your own risk... but if you are human, you may not want to enter at all.

WARNING: This YA story is set in a school for paranormals who are very different from normal human teens. Thus, the language and some scenes might not be appropriate for younger YA readers. Recommended for those sixteen and above.

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ISBN-13: 9780982800256
Publisher: Imogen Rose
Publication date: 11/28/2011
Pages: 412
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.84(d)

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Initiation: Bonfire Academy (Bonfire Chronicles) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Mebuffy More than 1 year ago
There’s a warning on the book that states the following: “This YA story is set in a school for paranormals who are very different from normal human teens. Thus, the language and some scenes might not be appropriate for younger YA readers. Recommended for those sixteen and above.” There’s a reason for it! The paranormal world, even for teens, is depicted a lot more violent and carnal than I’m used to. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not really a bad thing, but there is a graphic death scene, and some gnarly fights, and sex, while never “shown”, is viewed at pretty much expected, let alone natural. It’s a neat take on young paranormals and a school they might attend, as there are classes about the individual species histories, personalized learning, and the “politics” are pretty different than I’ve seen before. There’s also just about every kind of paranormal you can get thrown in. Fey, trolls, demons, shape shifters, vampires, witches, and don’t even get me started on the Wanderers. What was cool was that at one point I wanted to scream because there was a theory I had about a pair of characters and everyone seemed to be completely missing it! Within a couple pages of hanging on the edge of losing it over this, the solution is figured out and I discover I was only half right anyway. I love when a story is not totally predictable! Other than that though, I had several problems with it too. For one, punishments didn’t seem very severe…at all. While I understand why, I still felt that sex was viewed far too casually, but that’s just me I suppose. Some of the mystery in the plot and the characters’ brain storming over it just ended up confusing me. Perhaps the thing that bothered me the most, was that there was almost zero resolution to the love triangle that evolves right at the beginning of the book, and as a romance fan I focus on that so that really bugged me. I get that it’s supposed to be the start of a series, but I still would’ve appreciated a little more progress in that department. One thing to keep in mind about this book is that while it’s book 1 in The Bonfire Academy series, it’s actually a prequel/tie-in series to other works by the author. There were times I felt like I was missing something because of a casual reference made here and there I think it’s because of that prequel/tie-in aspect. Personally I was all turned around trying to figure out where this fell in the time line of all the books, but hopefully y’all will have better luck. Initiation is an exciting trip into the world of paranormal teenagers. There’s an interesting side to people, there’s fun, there’s romance, and there’s personal growth and triumphs. Delve into your baser instincts to relate to some of the things these teens deal with every day. It’s definitely worth a look!
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Cordelia starts her 3rd year at Bonfire Academy. She thinks it will be an easy year as she is planning on playing a lot of tennis and spending time with her boyfriend Quinn. Bonfire Academy isn't your normal academy. It is an academy for paranormal creatures. Cordelia is a demon and she is asked to see the student council president. When she meets him she is instantly attracted to Jagger. He is a Fairy and has a job for her. He needs her to mentor and watch over a half human half demon girl named Faustine. She takes on the job not knowing just how dangerous it may be to her life and love life. Cordelia I love this character!! She is so tough yet she does have that soft side you get to see. The only thing I didn't like about her was the triangle deal but I could see it happening in this paranormal world. Quinn seems like a great guy but I just don't see the two of them being a good match. Jagger is so yummy yet at times mysterious. I could fall in love with him myself. Faustine seems like such a sweet innocent girl she makes you wonder what she is doing there. She totally makes a turn around and i love seeing another side of her. She is one of my favorite characters. I can not wait to read more about her. As soon as I picked this book up I could not put it down. It is so fantastic. I love the world the author create. It is my first book by her but I plan on picking more up. I love her writing style. The academy sounds like one I would love to go to. The mystery surrounding Faustine keeps you en rapt and flipping pages. You get to see all kinds of paranormal creatures in this book some with a different twist I didn't see coming. If you are looking for a new series to read pick this up. You will not regret it. I wish I could say more but I don't want to give spoilers. 
twimom101 More than 1 year ago
Initiation is book one to the Bonfire Academy series...which in turn is a prequel series to the Bonfire Chronicles. Please keep in mind; although the book is considered YA… there is mention of sex and some pretty graphic fighting scenes. Initiation follows Cordelia, a demon, as she starts back to school after classes had been closed down due to a fire. Now that school is back in session Cordelia plans on focusing her attention on tennis this year and her boyfriend Quinn. But not long after being there her plans get changed as she is asked to be a mentor to Faustine, a half human, half demon. When a horrific run in with some shifters happens on the first day, a series of strange events are set into motion. One being Faustine starts disappearing, literally. Now Cordelia must help find out what is going on with Faustine and figure out why she is having some extreme feelings for Jagger who by the way is not her boyfriend. Ok I really liked this book. I wasn’t blown away by it but it was it was a good read none the less. I found the storyline interesting and had to keep reading to find out why Faustine kept disappearing. I also had to know who this Ryker character was. Mr. Mysterious had me wondering. But what the flip was up with no repercussions for people’s actions? If you try to kill someone they ship you off to another school. And apparently with that epilogue no actions are final. (Like that I added that in there? Yep that will keep you guessing.) There were a few things I wasn’t wild about though. Like Cordelia’s lack of interest in Quinn’s feelings while she was getting busy with Jagger. Sure she didn’t mind getting it on with him, but when Jagger tells her to dump Quinn…she acted all appalled. Really? I guess if you are a demon your ideas of morals and values are different than that of a regular human. And I really couldn’t figure out why she was keeping Quinn around. They hardly ever saw each other and when they did it was like a brother and sister relationship. Their whole relationship was just kind of odd to me. *shrugs* I enjoyed the characters pretty much, but felt some weren’t developed enough to get a good connection with them. Like Quinn, I actually forgot what paranormal he was half way in. There just wasn’t enough detail about him to care what happened to him or not. To me, he felt like an errand boy most of the time. I did like being in Cordelia’s head throughout the book though. She really is a strong lead character, despite her lack of judgment when it came to Jagger. But can you blame a girl? Jagger is one hot faery! I hope to be able to read Integration so I can see what comes next for these quirky kids. I also need to know who Cordelia likes as the ending was very vauge as to who she wants to be with. I am hoping Jagger. She really needs to make an honest man out of him *snickers*
Tishia More than 1 year ago
Initiation is the first book in the Bonfire Academy series by Imogen Rose. It's actually a prequel series to the Bonfire Chronicles. This book centers mostly around Cordelia, a beautiful girl who turns into a demon. She is a strong lead character whose life is in danger. She ends up being a victim to what many think is just a random act of violence. Cordelia knows that she's been targeted though, and will do anything to find out the truth. This is supposed to be a young adult series, but I wouldn't recommend it to younger teens. There is sex involved, though those parts aren't described. Cordelia ends up in a love triangle, and apparently the paranormals in this book have different values than I do. Cordelia has been with Quinn for a while, but feels instant attraction when meeting Jagger. They actually sync when they first meet. I'm not sure we are told exactly what that means in this case – probably that they are meant to be together. Instead of breaking things off with Quinn, Cordelia sneaks around behind his back. There isn't a resolution to the love triangle, and that is the main issue I had with this book. I don't really like to read about cheating (for personal reasons), and I have trouble getting past that. But moving on... There was great characterization and world building. There are many different characters and types of paranormal creatures in this book. Nobody is allowed to ask each other what they are – school policy. This leaves a lot of mystery behind some of the characters. There are some gruesome scenes and a lot of action/suspense. For romance lovers, I will admit that Cordelia and Jagger have some great chemistry. There are a lot of scenes involving Faustine, who is 12-13 year old girl that Cordelia mentors. She is an interesting character that has some very mysterious traits. Imogen Rose has also written a book titled Faustine that is the first book of the Bonfire Chronicles. In that book, Faustine is older so it was interesting for me to read about her in this book and see how it all started. The book Faustine was written before this one so it seems a little confusing. Overall though, this is a good book that will keep paranormal lovers on their toes and flipping the pages.
CaptivatedRding More than 1 year ago
Imogen Rose is an absolute genius when it comes to writing in the supernatural genre. I'm sure of it. So far, I've not been disappointed by her. Ever. Having read the Portal Chronicles (well, most of them, anyway) I fell in love with Ms. Rose's writing. I never expected that these two series would somehow be connected. And by connected, I should add that you don't have to have read one, to get the other. But, the connections are so subtle that only a really big fan of Ms. Rose's would be able to pick up on it and be so excited about it. (Yeah, that's me) So, I totally and completely fell in love with Cordelia. She is probably now one of my favorite heroines. She's smart, feisty, loyal, but she's also so different from most of the other main characters out there. As a Daemon, she's obviously got a set of morals that are...Um...Questionable. But, it makes sense for her character and I feel like as with so many other characters, we're not getting a view of the author's personality. We're getting a bona fide, original character. The story is mainly just a prequel to Faustine. It's a way for the readers to get a peak at Faustine and how her life as a supernatural being began. Poor Faustine has SO much to learn, when she first starts Bonfire Academy. And she has Cordelia there to guide her through it. I'm absolutely anxious to read the next book, Integration. So, check back here soon, for my stop on the Integration blog tour!
shyd More than 1 year ago
At first glance at the new cover for this book I was drawn in. The cover is just delightful.Initiation is a book about Bonfire Academy a school for aparanormals to learn about their abilities and hope to cope with them. The descritptions used to describe the school are so vivid they paint such a lovely visual for readers. The school sounds so enchanting and like such a beautiful place. We start off by meeting Cordelia who is a demon princess.Cordelia sucked me in right away because she is fearless and kick butt. She jumps right into the action headfirst to help a girl she is mentoring named Faustine. Faustine is apparently a demon/human hybrid princess who is there to learn about her powers. I liked her from the beginning too. She had such a cool personality and wasn't easily intimidatedby others eventhough she was in way over her head. She was able to hold her own. We also meet Jagger and Quinn who are both helping keep Faustine safe. Jagger strikes me as the more brooding strong silent type and Quinn is more like the boy next door type. I loved both boys for different reasons and will be waiting to see how it all plays out. This book had it all with the paranormal aspects, suspense, romance, and friendships. Its a great read and it was nice seeing the kids learning to deal with their abilities along with normal teenage hormones. This book has the potential to become a really good series and I have to say Imogen Rose has done it again. This book was captivating and kept me hooked from beginning to end.
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
If you’re looking for a book that has a little bit of everything in the supernatural world, then Initiation is the book for you. This book is jam packed with most of the supernatural beings we’ve come to grow and love in our novels…vampires, trolls, faeries, shapeshifters…you get the idea. What’s interesting is that ALL of these creatures are found under one roof, in a boarding school! Author, Imogen Rose, does a great job in creating this world where these creatures co-exist, but not all of them get along. That’s where the fun begins. The reader is pretty much treated to multiple stories found within one story. Trying to figure out who is trying to harm main character, Cordelia, trying to determine what kind of hybrid Faustine is, what the relationship of some characters are to each other…you get the idea. What would I consider my favorite part of this book is? One word…Jagger! *sigh* Imogen has created one sexy Faery. What I did have a little trouble with was the fact that both Cordelia and Jagger were cheating on their significant other, but it wasn’t so major that it took away from the story. It was more like a quiet nagging going on in the back of my head. The interactions the characters had with each other were really great to read, and I really enjoyed the way Imogen introduced the characters into the story. There was always something happening throughout the pages of the book. I didn’t really find any lull. There was pretty much some major incident happening most of the time. The descriptions provided by the author were done magnificently. I was able to picture what was happening in the book pretty vividly, especially with how the fights were described…and the carnage! Fans of anything supernatural will surely enjoy reading Initiation, and will be fully immersed into this wonderfully depicted supernatural world.
FictionalCandy More than 1 year ago
This book had me hooked from the very first page, and I barely put it down until I was finished. Less than 24 hours later (which includes work, some sleep, and a bit of time with my daughter) and I was done. So lets start, eh? This is a super power / paranormal private school type book. But that’s about where the similarities to any other private school book end. Perhaps this book is YA, but it’s definitely on the higher end. There is violence and swearing, and there is some steam, but not outright steam. Got it? Cordelia is a third year student at Bonfire Academy, which is an ultra posh paranormal prep school in Switzerland (interesting note – that’s where the author is from!). She isn’t required to attend this year, but she does so that she can focus on tennis a bit more. Because demons have interests outside of being well, demonic. That’s when Jagger, uber hot Student Council President fae, assigns her to a new student as a mentor. It should be easy, since both girls are demonic princesses. Yep, I told you it was an ultra posh school! The new student is Faustine, and she’s only 12. But she is rare in the fact that she is half human. The paranormal beings often procreate outside their own race, but hardly ever with us humans. “My words were supposed to come out in a firm demonic growl, but instead, they slithered out in an unfortunate raspy whisper” Then something happens between Jagger and Cordelia that is 1) totally unexpected, and 2) totally life changing. And I loved every minute of it!! If there is one thing I could wish for this book, or this series, is more Jagger and Cordelia!! Of course, Cordelia has a boyfriend, Quinn, but who cares?? He is clearly not the one for her. She needs to drop him like a hot demon potato and get with some hunky fae Student Council President action! This book has a lot going on. You’ve got vampires, weres, shifters, demons, fae and even more. And here’s something great – they don’t all get along! And this creates a ton of drama and mystery at school. You expect that you can go to school and feel safe walking down the hallway, but at Bonfire, things are more than a little different! Something else that I absolutely loved – when demons or shifters shift into their paranormal form, it doesn’t mean that they turn into some 7 foot beautiful demigod of a being. Nope. Some of them are downright ugly and repulsive. Perfect!! It was surprise after surprise in this book, and I love how Imogen Rose has not only bent the rules, she’s downright broken and rewrote them. Cordelia, that poor girl haha. She really takes a beating in this book. I hope the rest of her life doesn’t go on like her third year at Bonfire, because she’s spent so much time in the infirmary she should get a personal room there! Anyhow, she is a wonderful character. She has heart and a conscience, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a demon. And there is a myriad of colorful characters to choose from. Mysterious Jagger, helpful Quinn, naïve Faustine, mile a minute Martha, and Ryker – another mystery. You will definitely not get bored reading this book, and I couldn’t recommend it any more than this! Read it! Love it! Come back here and tell me what you thought, cause I love to dish about my favorite books. And that’s where this book is going, my favorites list!
TanaT More than 1 year ago
First I have to say I absolutely loved this book, Imogen Rose is a fantastic author, the storyline and character descriptions were well written and she gave you enough information to get to know each of them, and fall in love with a few. Initiation was one of those novels you don’t put down and I definitely will be following this series. Welcome to Bonfire Academy a school for supernatural’s...we first meet Cordelia who has decided to stay for a third year at Bonfire Academy so she could build up her skills and play tennis. Her first day back she is asked to go to the student president’s office for a meeting which is very unusual as the student president is normally kept a secret throughout the year, curiosity gets the better of her and she heads to the meeting. Here we meet Jagger; he asks Cordelia if she would be interested in becoming a mentor for a new initiate, Faustine who is half human and half demon. Cordelia wants to refuse but because of the unique situation she agrees. Cordelia and Faustine are both demon princesses and Cordelia realizes that because Faustine is half human this may put her in some difficult situations with so many other supernatural’s around the school. This story is full of mystery, suspense and a fantastic love triangle. Quinn who is Cordelia long time boyfriend is kind, caring and you fall in love with his character. Jaggar also has great qualities and knows that Cordelia and he somehow ended up synced together. The feelings that occur when they are together are intense and it appears like they have mated. So besides Cordelai dealing or should I say not dealing with all that going on in her life she still has to mentor Faustine. When Faustine and Cordelia are attacked and strange things happen, one Cordelia dies and Faustine disappears into thin air, thank god Jaggar saves Cordelia and they find Faustine fast asleep in bed. Unsure of what happened and who attacked them Cordelia knows she needs to protect Faustine and figure out what is going on. This story is fantastic and all I can say is it’s a must read, great beginning to what I think is going to be a superb series. The story does not focus on a lot of romance it is more action, suspense and mystery mixed with some romance. The author did an amazing job giving us a wonderful story, great characters and I cannot wait to read book two. I would recommend Initiation to all my friends and anyone who loves paranormal novels.
Amber-AwesomeSauce More than 1 year ago
This is another book that I simply could not put down. Oh and there is even a sort of love triangle, but I totally did not care!lol. That is unusual for me. If you love the sort of boarding school paranormal books you are in for a treat. When we first met Cordelia I just was not sure if I was going to like her. But after a few pages I decided I really did. Once she has to mentor the young half demon half human girl she showed me a totally different person. She took her mentor duty seriously and even almost was killed for it. This is one of those books there is just so much going on. Cordelia has a boyfriend but she also "synched" with another guy. This is where the love triangle came in, but it was nicely done that it never truly bothered me. Then there is also the fact that shifters tried to kill her the very first day back, the girl she is mentoring is a blood magnet to the vamps, and this was suppose to be her relaxing year. We also have a story within the story Faustine (the girl Claudia is mentoring) well she is a half demon but anytime her demon side wants to take over she magically disappears and reappears with no knowledge how she got there. Then in comes Jaggers brother who is also just a huge bag of mystery. So we have all these things going on and I was just hooked to the pages. I needed to see what was going to happen. I liked how this book was a YA book but with adult twists. I loved almost every second of it. The only thing I did not like was the ending. It seemed to end out of nowhere and it wasn't so much of a cliffhanger ending but it ended without getting to know a lot of things I wanted to know. It was still a fun ride and will be looking forward (or hoping) to see more of these characters!
adm912 More than 1 year ago
When I purchased my e-reader back in 2010, my first purchases were some self-pub titles from various recommended author. Imogen Rose's Portal was one of those titles, a series I've followed since then. I knew I had to read Initiation. Usually I end my reviews with any "warnings" that might be necessary, but for Initiation I'd like to start out that the paranormal world and beings that Rose has created are very sexual-beings. That's not to say there is tons of sex in the book, but there are some pretty intense moments. There is also some language that might be found offensive. This book may not be appropriate for all readers. (The author is saying 16 or above, but I say use your best judgement.) I have to say, I was completely fascinated with Bonfire Academy. In Initiation, all of your typical "creatures" walk the halls - from demons to weres to fey. Yes, there are many of books set in boarding schools that cater to supernatural beings, but there is something different about the world Rose has created. Not everyone gets along, by school rules they have to, but this isn't your peaceful `let's all co-habilitate' book. Each creature-type has prejudices against one another. Cordelia is our main character, she's at school with the intention to play tennis as much as possible. She gets roped into being mentor to new student half-demon/half-human, Faustine. This is the first time a human has ever been admitted to Bonfire Academy. Without spoiling the plot, as you can imagine it'snot exactly easy. Initiation follows Faustine and the school's initiation process, as Cordelia and her friends try to fend off and identify threats. There were a few references about the world that I would love to have expanded on. Especially about their "sychronizing". I would like to make note that Initiation is a prequel series to a book series about Faustine. I have not read it yet, so I'm not sure if this was discussed in Faustine or if we are just meant to know it. Either way I think most readers will be able to read Initiation without reading Faustine first. I received my copy of Initiation from the author/book tour in exchange for my honest opinion.
imogenobsessed More than 1 year ago
This was my second Imogen Rose book and I was not let down! Her writing continues to keep me guessing, laughing, and totally wrapped into the book. I don't find myself wandering off (pun intended for those who have read her books) thinking of other things, which happens to me with a lot of books. A must MUST read!