Ink My Heart

Ink My Heart

by Jean Haus


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ISBN-13: 9781477847084
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 11/26/2013
Series: Luminescent Juliet Series , #2
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)
Age Range: 12 - 17 Years

About the Author

When Jean Haus isn't writing, she's usually reading. Anything from young adult to historical fiction as long as there's at least a bit of romance, she'll load it on her kindle. She also loves to cook. And someday she will create the world's best potsticker.

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Ink My Heart 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Luvmyhootie More than 1 year ago
Justin the man slut meets his match! Back in 2012 I fell in love with the first book in this series In The Band and the female drummer Riley it followed. That is where I met Justin Noel. As the bands lead singer and notorious man whore Justin isn't a guy I was expecting to knock my socks off or experience a significant amount of growth in his book but luckily I was proven wrong in my assumption. I only got brief glimpses of him in the first book and he came across as a playful and flirtatious guy that didn't really have much going on below the surface. Ink My Heart is Justin's story of growing up and falling in love. There are some traits in my male characters that bother me occasionally but none more so than the over sexed man whores. I now guys will be guys but nothing is attractive about a guy who is willing to put his tender genitals into any woman with a pulse. Justin is said Man whore and while it didn't bother me as much in the first book, because I didn't really pay attention to him, in this book the spotlight was focused solely on him. He uses his status as the bands lead singer as a platform in his encounters, although he's attractive enough to reel them in on looks alone it doesn't hurt. When he stumbles into Dragonfly Ink after a show one night he meets tattoo artist Allie Landon. Justin being Justin tries his best moves on her, breaking out the dimples, his green bedroom eyes but...nothing. Allie appears to be the only female immune to his charms and right away I fell for her. He's not used to being turned down and it messes with his head. The more shenanigans he pulls to get her to bend to his will the harder she resists. Allie should be the female role model to end all role models. Resisting a delicious piece of eye candy isn't easy but she made it look like child's play. It wouldn't happen to me because I think I'm dead below the waist but I have several friends who would walk away from their families for a night with their favorite rocker. Allie appeared to me as just another college student working her way through life trying to keep her head down. I was a little surprise by the fact that she was so young and doing tattoos because most artists have to apprentice for a while before they get to ride solo but Allie had serious talent. Getting to know her character was like being Jewish during Chanukah with the eight presents a night thing. Not only is she a talented tattoo artist but she's also a talented artist, period. Her paintings are just one of many things Justin discovers about her. Although she has her reservations I was glad that she finally gave Justin a chance and the two started slowly testing the waters. I was proud of my boy with the beautiful way he treated Allie and didn't think he had sweet romance in him especially seeing how his parents raised him. A wealthy upbringing is something I will never get to experience but along with the financial stability Justin had to deal with a sterile coldness from his mother and father having been raised by a nanny. His youth was spent getting into trouble in hopes they would pay attention to him instead of throw money at him to go away. I wasn't intending to love this slutty b-stard so much but with a set of parents like that I couldn't help but want to give him a break. The girls and the constant sex although gross to me, was a way to try and fill the void. When you grow up feeling rejected by people who are supposed to love you I guess it's natural to become an unfeeling jerk so I finally got Justin on a deeper level. With Justin and Allie on track to become an item roughly half way through the book I was blown away by a few of the cards Allie kept close to her chest. Mainly a toddler sized card that calls her "Mommy". Her story went much deeper than I ever expected with an ex husband and a business under her belt and I worried that Justin wouldn't be able to handle all the things. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor I began to see that it wasn't Justin I needed to worry about because Allie was the skittish one. The relationship that grew between the two gets stronger the more time they spend together and seeing Justin adjust to Allie's son Ben was nice. Usually with books I read I'm cringing, hoping the girl isn't the one who gets hurt but I found myself rooting for Justin not to get his poor tender, newly awakened heart broken. It took so much for him to grow and I hated seeing him to upset when Allie had to figure her life out and needed space. Some of the more light moments that made me smile was watching Justin squirm as his campus harem would interrupt his dates with Allie and the frustration he felt with all the forward females he used to think was attractive. It made my heart melt to see the actual change in Justin with him seeing and acknowledging how wrong it was to use all the girls he had been with and basically how skeevy it is. Besides the ongoing drama between Justin and Allie there's a side story with the band members of Luminescent Juliet. Romeo and Riley are still going strong and adorable as ever but the new drummer Gabe and bassist Sam have some interesting issues going on in their lives. Gabe is an angry bird throughout most of the story always getting into tiffs with Justin. His home life isn't that great and a particular scene involving his father or the guy who raised him already has my heart squeezing for him. Apparently his mother ran off and left him with the abusive a-hole so I' curious to know more about him after that. Sam, the bands bass player is a bit of a partier which surprised me. I guess I didn't really get to know him much in the first book but his constant cocaine habit poses a problem and with Romeo being the perfectionist he is I foresee a problem between them in the future. I don't know why but Ink My Heart sat on my shelf for over a year and for some reason or another I kept pushing it back. Maybe it was because I was reluctant to get into Justin's head which is something I should be kicking myself for because Ink My Heart was just as good as In the Band and that was my favorite. Justin and Allie have something special and I loved every minute, (even the difficult ones) of their journey. I was very pleased that Justin grew more than I knew he was capable of and getting to know Alie was a treat. To be young college students with a lot on their plates they handled everything better than most adults I have known in my life. Haus knows how to write some great stories with flawed characters who grow and adapt to their surroundings in such a beautiful way. She makes you believe in them, cheer for them and fall in love with them every step you take together. I'm looking forward to the next book and seeing my favorites band members again.
Lauren2LC More than 1 year ago
I adore Jean Haus and I couldn't wait for this book. After In The Band I was so curious about Justin with his quirks and shallow ways. All Justin seems to care about is having a good time with no responsibilities. For Allie she has too many responsibilities and no time for fun. One fateful day Justin walks into Allie's world and his life is shifted on its' axis. For the first time Justin wants more than a good time but getting through Allie and her baggage is going to be tough. For the first time Allie wants to be careless and just go with it but Justin has other plans. Once Justin and Allie meet each other half way the fun and trying times begins. Good things don't always come easy but are worth fighting for. Jean Haus has such a gift at capturing your emotions into the story with a nice balance of spice and drama. This is such a great story and series. I can't wait to find out more with the Luminescent Juliets.
WorldsCollide More than 1 year ago
Hot, sweet, and emotionally charged, Ink My Heart was a fantastic New Adult romance. I really enjoyed reading this wonderful book. From the romance, to the very many secrets, this book was great. Allie was a strong heroine. She had been through a lot and her life was not like the usual college student. I really liked her. She was independent, tough, and intensely loyal and protective of her loved ones. My one complaint is that she insisted on dealing with her ex alone when it came to the important things, rather than trusting Justin to help her out. That became frustrating because it led to a lot of heartache. But, since I did understand why she acted that way, it wasn't a huge bother. Other than that minor complaint, I thought she was lovely. Justin was also wonderful. He started off as a careless playboy that had no intention of actually growing up and being an adult. He liked his carefree life, hooking up with any girl and spending his parents' money. But, even then, he was a charming heartbreaker. Over the course of the book, though, he grew up. He knew that being with Allie came with more responsibility than dating any other girl, so he grew up to be what she needed. I thought that was really sweet. He was wonderful, sweet, charming, and devoted to those he loved. I absolutely loved him. The romance was lovely. Allie and Justin were adorable together. They had very different lives, but they still found a way to be together. It was very sweet. The heat factor was mostly present in the intense attraction between them, though there was a scene that really turned up the heat. The chemistry between them was constant. I thought they were a great couple. The plot was fast paced. I was hooked the entire way through. There were a few secrets in Allie's past that took me by surprise. I really enjoyed the story and I thought the ending was perfect. Though I did wonder how things went for Allie's douchebag of an ex and if he managed to get his act together.  Ink My Heart was a fantastic New Adult read. It had romance, secrets, and tons of emotional charge. I really enjoyed reading it. Lovers of New Adult romance, especially that rock star variety, this is a book you'll want to check out. *I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review
Hazel_G More than 1 year ago
Bad Boy Gets A Taste of the Good Life and Responsible Girl Gets a Taste of Letting Go! Ink My Heart is book two in the Luminescent Juliet series and is a New Adult Contemporary Romance written by Jean Haus. 4 Rock My Heart Stars! The Review: Luminescent Juliet... You Rock My Soul!! A friend recommended In the Band (Luminescent Juliet #1), to me a while back and I absolutely loved it! So when Ink My Heart came up for review, I was all over it!! Trust me when I say I was not disappointed. This book was real! It was angsty! It was filled with life and love and had a powerful story. I loved this read! Story... Justin Noel doesn't have much direction in life. He's a twenty year old guy who loves to party, hook up with a different girl at every show and have fun. He sings in an indie band called Luminescent Juliet but doesn't take it too seriously. He goes to college but never does his own homework or laundry as he has groupies do it for him. He lives off the allowance his absentee, affluent parents send him but who needs them anyhow? He doesn't like emotions nor does he want any emotional attachments. His life is carefree if a bit empty, but he prefers it that way. Emotions only get in the way and make him think too much. Right? One night after playing a gig, he walks into a new tattoo parlor to check out the scene and after hearing the sexy voice of the gorgeous owner, his life slowly gets turned upside down. Little by little, the boy who used to care about nothing suddenly turns into a man who cares a lot. Quote Spotlight... Until I met her, I'd been a shallow, immature self-centered boy. She's unknowingly made me a man. Allie Landon is twenty-two and has too much responsibility for her age. She has heartbreak in her past and obligation in her present. Its complicated and tough but she pulls through by being the best she can, taking on the responsibilities given to her and working hard. She goes to college, taking business classes as a backup plan incase her inking parlor doesn't succeed. The last thing she needs is a relationship, especially with someone who knows nothing about hardships and responsibilities. So when carefree Justin walks into her parlor, though he may be exceptionally hot, he's not for her. But as he inserts himself into her life, she realizes maybe its time to open her heart again. Quote Spotlight... I realize he had caught me. And despite all the responsibilities on my shoulders and reservations in my heart, it feels right. More than I ever thought possible, I want to be caught. Thoughts... I enjoyed this read so much! The story was fantastic and I just loved the characters. Justin might have been carefree but he was avoiding all those responsibilities because with that comes emotions which is something he steers clear of. He doesn't like to sit still because it gives him to much time to think... and see how lonely he really is. He's never been showered with feelings, love or hugs so encountering those things or seeing someone else experiencing those things confuses him. When Allie presents a challenge and a willingness to walk away, which is something he's never experience from a girl in the past, he can't help but want to go after her. She's not like the other girls. She doesn't party, she has goals and she has shadowed eyes that haunt him. Justin has to learn to deal with emotions he's never experienced before. Love, concern for another, jealousy, wanting a girl to trust him, wanting a girl past a one night stand. This is all new to him. Justin knows that being fake with Allie won't work, so when he starts to be real with her, she can see past that partying guy to the inner Justin who's beautiful and caring and worth the risk. But she's had so much heartbreak in the past, she has a hard time letting go of all that pain. She has some pretty big life responsibilities too and with all that responsibility comes stress that needs an outlet. Allie has to learn to trust again after betrayal and heartbreak which she struggles with as her past and future collide. I find a fierce female lead to be the best kind of reads and Allie being independent, beautiful and responsible just endeared her to me more. She put her responsibilities first even though it made her a bit uptight. She spoke to me on a personal level because I've been in her position. I had similar things going on in my life at her age and the fact she wasn't out partying and she put her family first made her a class act! Lyrical Spotlight... Fell into her a million miles an hour Again But the needle dropped Inked my heart and scarred my skin Watching these two come together, slowly, really made me love them more. So many times a romance will have their characters hook up right from the start, but with these two, they took their time, reluctantly getting to know one another a little and finding more than just lust in common. Dont get me wrong, they were still hot together. Their chemistry was perfect. They were perfect. And the ending... oh wow! I actually got a little teary eyed there for a minute. I really loved the ending! Wish List... We get to see a little of Riley and Romeo from book one in this book. Riley gets some one on one time with Justin to dish out some sage advice, which I loved. That girl went through a lot in book one and its was good to see her and Romeo "after the story". My only wish is I wanted to see more! Yes, I'm stingy. But I REALLY loved book one and their story was so freaking sweet! Romeo was a bit of an uptight in book one, but this book, wow, dude needed to take a chill pill. He was "scolding children" but thats how they were acting. No one was really getting along. I hope by the end of the last book in this series, the band has become stable. They bicker a lot and I'm hoping its just because they aren't living their HEA's yet. They do seem to have each others backs when things get tough though, which was hot! ;) The Wrap Up: I fell in love with the men in this group while reading In the Band, which was so much fun with its angsty characters and beautiful story. This book is a fantastic second book in the series and I can't wait for book three. I'm not sure who its going to be about, Sam or Gage, I'm thinking Gage, but either way, I can't wait! Note: I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review through AToMR Tours.
dsubsits More than 1 year ago
Ink My Heart (Luminescent Juliet, #2) by Jean Haus  Justin Noel  is the hot lead singer for the college band, Luminescent Juliet.  His blond hair and green-eyed  good looks have women falling all over him; a fact he takes advantage of. Allie Landon is the artist/owner of the local tattoo parlor, Dragonfly Ink.  She hasn’t dated in years due to having been hurt in a past relationship. Justin is intrigued the moment he hears Allie’s voice upon entering Dragonfly Ink.  Allie panics when her ex decides to make an unexpected appearance and introduces Justin as her boyfriend.  Justin is more than happy to play along.  Intrigued by Allie, Justin shockingly pursues her despite her protest. Ink My Heart is a wonderful novel.  The flow of the book is easy to follow and full of emotion.  You will not want to put it down.  Justin’s and Allie’s characters are complex making the story exciting and believable.   I do have one thing to say about the ending: WOW!  That’s it – no spoiler.  ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.