Inner Demons: Blazing A Path To Happiness

Inner Demons: Blazing A Path To Happiness

by Rahmaan H Mwongozi

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ISBN-13: 9781732561823
Publisher: Empyreal Empire
Publication date: 10/01/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 230
File size: 660 KB

About the Author

A motivational speaker and podcast host, as well as the author of Inner Demons, Rahmaan (Roc) Mwongozi teaches how to apply systems thinking to problems that arise in life as well as in business. He guides individuals not only on how to ask smart questions and follow the trail to solutions, but also on how to embody a "no excuses" attitude that manifests in excellence. Today an independent business analyst on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Roc cut his teeth on Fortune 500 corporations including Pfizer, Enron, and AT&T - where as an entry level employee in his early 20s, he solved systemic problems that had eluded management for years. His innovative approach to problem-solving, however, began as a young boy in East Oakland, where he was surrounded by poverty, gangs, violence, and drugs. Determined not to fall into the trappings of his environment, Roc followed the trail of possibility and opportunity, playing the long game and working hard. Now living the dream, Roc openly shares his story, as well as his thinking and strategy, with those who want something more from life.

Table of Contents

Years 6-8: Odis.....1

Years 9-11: Anger & Defiance.....9

Years 12-14: The Wonder Years.....15

Years 14-15: The Human Perspective.....21

Year 16: Part 1 - You Know Nothing.....24

Year 16: Part 2 - Friends?.....27

Year 16: Part 3 - The Dog That Caught the Car.....31

Year 16: Part 4 - What's Said in the Dark.....34

Year 17: Part 1 - Open Secrets .....39

Year 17: Part 2 - Stay in Your Shoes.....44

Year 18: Part 1 - The Dirty South.....51

Year 19: Part 1 - You Can’t Go Home Again.....55

Year 19: Part 2 - Stay on the Path; Ask for Direction.....60

Year 19: Part 3 - Pride Only Hurts.....66

Year 22: Speak Up So They Can Hear You.....71

Year 23: Houston, We Have A Problem.....78

Year 23: Part 2 – Standing On My Own.....87

Year 23: Part 3 – All Things Clearer in Time.....92

Year 23: Part 4 – True Colors.....101

Year 24: Part 1 – I Think It’s Better That I Tell You Now.....109

Year 24: Part 2 – A New Way to See Things.....114

Year 24: Part 3 – All Good Things.....122

Year 24: Part 4 - Rock Bottom.....126

Year 24: Part 5 - Left Behind.....129

Year 25: Part 1 - Adrift.....132

Year 25: Part 2 – No Time to Be Afraid.....136

Year 25: Part 3 – Complications.....142

Year 26: When Things Gets Real.....146

Year 27: Measure of a Man.....155

Year 28: Part 1 – Make Yourself at Home.....163

Year 28: Part 2 – Common Ground.....169

Year 29: Too Many Straws.....174

Year 30: That’s The Bad Guy.....188

Year 31: Part 1 – Hustle & Flow.....191

Year 31: Part 2 – Chasing.....196

Year 31: Part 3 - Recalibration.....202

Year 32: Part 1 - Unexpected.....206

Year 32: Part 2 – Closer to My Dreams.....212

Where Ever You Go, There You Are.....218

Author Bio.....221

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