Inner Voice Sixed: Exit: AMERICAN SNIPER and a BUDDY

Inner Voice Sixed: Exit: AMERICAN SNIPER and a BUDDY

by Mr Bruce R Miller


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Inner Voice Sixed: Exit: AMERICAN SNIPER and a BUDDY by Mr Bruce R Miller

INNER VOICE SIX-ED will take you from where the movie American Sniper left off to the tragic end less than two hours later of the life of American Sniper Chris Kyle. It covers territory that was never written about before and rarely discussed. Now you will know what once could never to be known. This destined to be a cult classic book is a fictional trip wholly imaginal of being inside the mind of a true life murderer. You will ride along with Chris and Chad his buddy and Eddie the sick and self-ordained killer who sits in the back seat. You will step out into freedom with them at the shooting range. You'll get inside Eddie to partake in it all. Trying to make some sense of what is and will happen you will be wanting to know why Chris is taking this sick and dangerous man to an outdoor gun gallery where humans become targets and the guns are the finest. Going from seeing two men riding in the front seat of an awesome truck with those military guns and the ammo piled in the back on the floor and seat you will come to hear the inner voice of Eddie as if it's your very own because for a brief while you are inside Eddie's mind. Later you'll find yourself with Eddie's own eyes watching a drop of blood land on his cowboy boot like a Texan El Paso raindrop hitting earth on a hot sunny day. To shoot or not to shoot at highway speeds the inner voice had asked Eddie and you heard it as you and Eddie know the pistols on the seat are loaded. Sadly, that is the only question the dysfunctional mind of Eddie correctly and safely answered because you survive along with him. See how Eddie and his hallucinatory inner voice perversely worked. Go figure... go declivity contemplate the true piddling facts Eddie had at his disposal against his sick medicated reality. Were the two men taking him to a killing? ...his? Would he survive a crash if he took action now? Proactive self defense or insanity driven behavior this is for you to decide. Out right murder you might think? Find out about the lurking omens of Texas, a bloody lizard and warlords. Find out about floating bodies that ill soldiers sometimes see. Realize how Chris missed the signs of salvation. Learn for yourself what we may never really know about the last footsteps of two murdered men. Find out what Eddie calmly ate after he leveled the playing field. You won't be let down "cuz" in the text-ed words of reposing Chris Kyle, the murdered American Sniper, who God willing is getting ready for his next assignment over there on the other side, the transition zone outside the wire... Eddie's "STRAIGHT UP NUTS".

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780996471800
Publisher: brucebruce
Publication date: 06/30/2015
Pages: 92
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.19(d)

About the Author

Mr Bruce R Miller was born on Flag Day June 14 1954. He has one "Inner Voice". He currently is living in Hawaii. He has had many exciting travels which have taken him nearly all the way around this world. He currently writes fact-fictional adventure fiction. Loves good Karma. Loves a good read and hopes you do too...please look at what he's done created inside the INNER VOICE SIX-ED storybook. "SEE YA" there inside with Eddie!

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