Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Edition 1

Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Edition 1

by John Bessant, Joe Tidd
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Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Edition 1

Developed for courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an accessible introductory text written primarily for students of business and management studies. The book is also suitable for engineering students studying courses in business and management. Contemporary issues in both innovation and entrepreneurship are used to engage and excite students, and lead them to the relevant theory, models and lessons.

The authors have created a new text which includes:

  • Fully integrated contemporary themes in innovation, such as sustainability, social entrepreneurship and creating new ventures.
  • A focus on the role of individual entrepreneurship and organizational innovation in private and public services.
  • Contemporary cases from areas including new media, computer gaming, internet services, and public and social innovation cases.

Innovation and Entrepreneurshipis positioned well for the undergraduate level and also draws in new key areas such as innovation systems and socio-technical aspects of innovation. Students can be shown that innovation is not just about technology development. The provision of integrated modern examples for illustrative and case study use is also helpful." —Dr Paul Harborne, Senior Research Fellow, Cass Business School, UK

“An excellent primer in entrepreneurial innovation. From principles to application, this book aggregates best practices for practical application; building a solid foundation from their own vast expertise, Bessant and Tidd educate the reader with action oriented, practical approaches to bringing innovation and entrepreneurship together in the real world.” —Charlie Nagelschmidt, Associate Professor, Business & Graduate Faculty, Champlain College, USA

"This book is very well balanced, with chapters on both manufacturing and service sectors. The chapters on sustainability and economic development are timely. Most books on innovation are excessively concerned with the 'how' of innovation. There is always a need to provoke thought on the 'why?' - what economic, social and environmental goals does innovation serve?" —Ken Green, Professor of Environmental Innovation Management, Manchester Business School, UK

“The inclusion of chapters on entrepreneurship and individual innovation fills an important gap in the market for undergraduate textbooks that combine theories of innovation management. It also differentiates from other textbooks by adding contemporary issues on innovation as sustainability and a greater focus on service innovation.” —Dr Dolores Anon Higon, Lecturer in Economics, Aston Business School UK

Fully integrated with further resources that can be found on a companion website, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is also supported by a complete online course in WileyPLUS, which includes an enhanced electronic version of the text and numerous assignments and case studies with online marking and feedback.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780470032695
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 06/15/2007
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 476
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.31(h) x 0.94(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Acknowledgements     xiii
Principles     1
The Innovation Imperative     3
Innovation - Everybody's Talking About It...     4
Innovation Matters...     4
...but it isn't Easy!     7
Managing Innovation     9
What Do We Know about Managing Innovation?     10
Understanding the What     12
Creating the Conditions for Effective Innovation     17
What, Why and When - the Challenge of Innovation Strategy     21
Developing Personal Capabilities     26
Chapter Summary     27
Key Terms Defined     29
Further Reading and Resources     29
References     30
Discussion Questions     30
Team Exercises     31
Assignment and Case Study Questions     32
Organizing Innovation and Entrepreneurship     39
Linking Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation     40
Personality: Promoting Individual Creativity     41
Processes: Strategies and Stages of Creativity     46
Environment: Creating a Climate for Innovation     54
Developing Personal Capabilities     66
ChapterSummary     70
Key Terms Defined     71
Further Reading and Resources     71
References     72
Discussion Questions     73
Team Exercise: Brainstorming and Spider Diagrams     73
Assignment and Case Study Questions     74
Networks and Systems     81
No man is an Island...     82
The Spaghetti Model of Innovation     83
Types of Innovation Networks     84
Networks at the Start-up     88
Networks on the Inside     89
Networks on the Outside     89
Networks into the Unknown     92
Learning Networks     93
Making Networks Happen - Networks by Design     94
Developing Personal Capabilities     97
Chapter Summary     98
Key Terms Defined     98
Further Reading and Resources     99
References     99
Discussion Questions     100
Team Exercises     100
Assignment and Case Study Questions     100
Context     105
Innovative Manufacturing     107
Images of Manufacturing     108
From Craft to Agile     111
From Hands to High-Involvement     116
Harnessing the 'Hundred-headed Brain'     119
From Things to Knowledge     127
From Hand Tools to Intelligent Manufacturing     131
From Solo Act to Network     135
Developing Personal Capabilities     137
Chapter Summary     138
Key Terms Defined     139
Further Reading and Resources     140
References     141
Discussion Questions     141
Team Exercises     142
Assignment and Case Study Questions     142
New Product and Service Development     147
Service Versus Product Development     148
Products and Service Development Strategies: Success Factors     152
Organization for Development and Delivery of New Products and Services     159
Processes for New Product and Service Development     164
Tools and Technology to Support Service Innovation     167
Developing Personal Capabilities     172
Chapter Summary     175
Key Terms Defined     175
Further Reading and Resources     176
References     176
Discussion Questions     177
Team Exercise      177
Assignment and Case Study Questions     177
Practice     183
Creating and Sharing Knowledge and Intellectual Property     185
Generating and Acquiring Knowledge     186
Identifying and Codifying Knowledge     188
Storing and Retrieving Knowledge     192
Sharing and Distributing Knowledge     194
Translating Knowledge into Innovation     197
Exploiting Intellectual Property     202
Developing Personal Capabilities     211
Chapter Summary     214
Key Terms Defined     214
Further Reading and Resources     215
References     216
Discussion Questions     217
Team Exercise     217
Assignment and Case Study Questions     218
Exploiting Discontinuous Innovation     221
Introduction     222
The Problem and the Opportunity in Discontinuous Innovation     224
Innovation Life Cycles - from Discontinuity to Steady-state     226
Discontinuous Can Be Disruptive     229
Managing Discontinuous Innovation     234
Dealing with Discontinuity     236
Do We Need a New Model for Managing Innovation?     237
How to Search for the Unexpected?     237
Developing Alternative Strategic Frames     242
Extending Resource Allocation Approaches     242
Managing Discontinuous Innovation     245
Developing Personal Capabilities     246
Chapter Summary     246
Key Terms Defined     247
Further Reading and Resources     247
References     248
Discussion Questions     248
Team Exercises     249
Assignment and Case Study Questions     250
Entrepreneurship and New Ventures     255
Characteristics of Entrepreneurs     256
Context for Entrepreneurship     262
Process and Stages for Creating a New Venture     271
Developing Personal Capabilities     287
Chapter Summary     289
Key Terms Defined     290
Further Reading and Resources     290
References     291
Discussion Questions     293
Team Exercise     293
Assignment and Case Study Questions     293
Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation     297
Thinking about Innovation     298
Uncommon Heroes     301
Big can be Beautiful Too      303
Challenges in Managing Social Entrepreneurship and innovation     310
Developing Personal Capabilities     313
Chapter Summary     314
Key Terms Defined     314
Further Reading and Resources     315
References     315
Discussion Questions     315
Team Exercise     316
Assignment and Case Study Questions     316
Innovation for Growth and Sustainability     323
Innovation for Sustainability     324
Open Systems of Innovation     336
Diffusion and Adoption of Innovations     341
Forecasting and Influencing Future Innovation     348
Developing Personal Capabilities     351
Chapter Summary     353
Key Terms Defined     353
Further Reading and Resources     354
References     355
Discussion Questions     355
Team Exercise     356
Assignment and Case Study Questions     356
Innovation, Globalization and Development     359
Globalization of Innovation     360
National Systems of Innovation     369
Positions in International Value Chains     376
Building Capabilities and Creating Value     380
Developing Personal Capabilities     386
Chapter Summary     393
Key Terms Defined     393
Further Reading and Resources     394
References     394
Discussion Questions     395
Team Exercise: Identifying Capabilities     396
Assignment and Case Study Questions     396
Action     401
Taking the Next Steps - Making it Happen     403
Introduction     404
Making Innovation Happen     406
Generating Ideas     408
Selection     418
Implementation     422
Strategic Leadership     429
Building an Innovative Organization     432
Networking for Innovation     435
Learning to Manage Innovation     437
Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship     438
Developing Personal Capabilities     439
Chapter Summary     440
Key Terms Defined     440
Further Reading and Resources     440
References     441
Discussion Questions     441
Assignment and Case Study Questions     442
Index     447

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