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Imperial College Press
Innovative Applications of Information Technology for the Developing World: Proceedings of the 3rd Asian Applied Computing Conference (Aacc 2005)

Innovative Applications of Information Technology for the Developing World: Proceedings of the 3rd Asian Applied Computing Conference (Aacc 2005)


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ISBN-13: 9781860948275
Publisher: Imperial College Press
Publication date: 07/28/2007
Series: Advances In Computer Science And Engineering: Reports And Monographs Series
Pages: 484
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Algorithm and Computation     1
Combinatorial Generation of Matroid Representations: Theory and Practice   P. Hlineny     3
Detection of Certain False Data Races from Runtime Traces   K. Sinha   R. Gupta     8
Representing Series-Parallel Graphs as Intersection Graphs of Line Segments in Three Directions   M. Bodirsky   C. Dangelmayr   J. Kara     32
Finding the Convex Hull of a Dense Set   P. Valtr     37
Probabilistic Load Balancing with Optimal Resources Set of Nodes in Clusters   N. P. Gopalan   K. Nagarajan     45
A New Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-Dimension Multiple-Choice Knapsack Problem in Distributed System   Md. Waselul Haque Sadid   M. Nazrul Alam   Md. Al Mamun   A. H. M. Sarwar Sattar   Mir Md. Jahangir Kabir   Md. Rabiul Islam     50
The Complexity of the P[subscript k] Partition Problem and Related Problems in Bipartite Graphs   J. Monnot   S. Toulouse     53
Accelerating Boolean SAT Engines Using Hyper-Threading Technology   T. Schubert   M. Lewis   Bernd Becker     58
A New Strategy for Solving Multiple-Choice Multiple-Dimension Knapsack Problem in Pram Model   Md. Waselul Haque Sadid   Md. RabiulIslam   S. M. Kamrul Hasan   Md. Mostafa Akbar     63
A Constant-Time Selection Algorithm on An Larpbs   M. Arock   R. Ponalagusamy     68
Reducing Crossing Number of Multi-Color Rectilinear Steiner Trees Using Monochromatic Partitioning   S. Majumber   B. B. Bhattacharya   S. M. A. Jafri     73
Minimizing Capacitated Tree Covers of Graphs   Y. Karuno   H. Nagamochi     78
Evaluation of Shortest Path Routing Algorithms in Multi Connected Distributed Loop Networks   R. Vasappanavara   M. Seetaramnath     83
Real Time Services Over the Internet   A. J. Simmonds   G. Mercankosk     86
Experimental Studies on Representation Complexity and Error Rates of Iteratively Composed Features   K. Haraguchi   H. Nagamochi   T. Ibaraki     92
An Application of Spanning Arborescence Algorithm to Scalar Multiplications   Adachi   T. Hirata     97
Computer Aided Diagnosis in Digital Mammograms: Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for Detection of Microcalcifications   K. Thangavel   M. Karnan     104
Efficient Branch-and-Bound Algorithms for Weighted Max-2-SAT   Y. Koga   M. Yagiura   M. Nonobe   T. Imamichi    H. Nagamochi   T. Ibaraki     120
Tamper Resisance via Poisson Distribution   Seetha Mahalaxmi   P. R. K. Murti     125
Case: Cellular Automata Based Symmetric Encryption   S. Tripathy   S. Nandi     127
Community Informatics     133
THINK!: Towards Handling Intuitive and Nurtured Knowledge   V. Ananthakrishnan   R. Tripathi     135
LOKVANI - An e-ffort to empower Citizen   A. Kumar   A. Singh   S. Puneet   A. Shukla     144
Content Based Image Retrieval Using Simple Features - A Survey   V. Sudhamani   P. Koulgi   C. R. Venugopal     154
Design and Development of a Data Mining System for Superstore Business   S. M. Shamimul Hasan   I. Haque     155
Trusted Domain Web Services for Delivering e-Government Services   S. Swamynathan   A. Kannan   T. V. Geetha     163
Knowledge Discovery from Web Usage Data: Survey   G. T. Raju   P. S. Sathyanarayana   L. M. Patnaik     179
Innovative Applications for the Developing World     183
Credit Rating Model for Rural Borrowers   S. S. Satchidananda   R. Panikar      185
Virtual Digital Libraries: An Advanced Methods and Technologies   R. P. Kumar   S. K. Meher     197
Role of Internet-Based GIS in Effective Natural Disaster Management   A. S. Bhalchandra   S. S. Rautmare   S. V. Waghmare   S. R. Bhalchandra     199
A Text-Free User Interface for Employment Search   Medhi   B. Pitti   K. Toyama     203
VERIFI - An Integrated System with Voice Chat, E-learning, Remote Control, Internet Access and Fraud Detection for an Intranet   Mala   N. S. Dhaneel Kumar   P. Kumar     209
Enterprise Relationship Management for Higher Education - "An Approach to Integrated System Management"   S. S. Raza Abidi   M. Nadeem     213
Locating Cell Phone Towers in a Rural Environment   H.A. Eiselt   V. Marianov     218
E-Governance of Land Records   G. Kondekar     221
Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing     223
MAC Layer Fairness Issues in Multi-Hop Wireless Ad Hoc Networks   V. S. Deeshitulu   S. Nandi   A. R. Chowdhury     225
A Framework for Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networkds   A. Goel   A. K. Sharma     230
Efficient Channel Allocation Based on Priority of the Video in VoD Systems   N. Sujatha   K. V. Rajesh   K. Girish   K. R. Venugopal   L. M. Patnaik     233
Real Time Video and Audio Transmition Across the Network   M. Manjurul Islam   Mir Md. Jahangir Kabir   Md. Robiur Rahman   B. Ahmed     238
Mobile Payments: Partner or Perish?   E. Lawrence   A. Zmijewska   S. Pradhan     240
Combadge: A Voice Messaging Device for the Masses   J. L. Frankel   D. Bromberg     248
Mobile Agents Aided Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks   H. M. P. Shekhar   K. S. Ramanatha     257
Service Discovery in A Grid or Ubiquitous Computing Environment   K. Sinha     263
Genetic Algorithm Based Routing for Multicast Communication in Mobile Networks   Mala   R. Shriram   S. Agarwal   S. Selvakumar     268
Reception-Aware Power Control in Ad Hoc Mobile Networks   N. Shrestha   B. Mans     273
Uniform Mobility Model for Ad Hoc Networks   S. K. Bodhe   Amrita A. Agashe   Anil A. Agashe     278
Secure Cluster Head Election Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks   Chennakesavulu   B. Dey   S. Nandi      287
Maximizing Life-Time of Wireless Sensor Networks   B. K. Meena   V. Vallieswaran     292
An Efficient Mobile Controlled and Network Assisted Handoff Proposal for IEEE 802.11 Networks   Thirumala Reddy   S. Nandi     297
Effect of Network Policies on Internet Traffic Engineering   R. Nanda   A. J. Simmonds     300
Modified Cluster Based Broadcasting in Ad Hoc Wireless Network   A. Puranik   S. K. Pandey     308
Natural Language Processing     319
An Implementation Level Formal Model for Javabeans   B. P. Upadhyaya   B. Keshari     321
Handling Honorification in Dobhase: Online English-To-Nepali Machine Translation System   B. Keshari   J. Bhatta   S. K. Bista     330
Speech Synthesis Through Waveform Concatenation for Sanskrit   E. Waghmare   A. S. Bhalchandra     340
Soft Computing     347
Performance Measurement of Real Time Object Detection and Recognition   Mir Md. Jahangir Kabir   S. Halder   Md. Robiur Rahman   Md. W. H. Sadid   M. M. Manjurul Islam   Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal     349
A Symmetric Encryption Technique through Recursive Modulo-2 Operation of Paired Bits of Streams (RMOPB)    P. K. Jha   J. K. Mandal     353
Mathematical Model and Analysis of the Simplest Fuzzy Two-Term (PI/PD) Controller   B. M. Mohan   A. Sinha     360
A Framework for Topic Categorization of XML Documents Using Support Vector Machines   K. G. Srinivaza   S. Sharath   K. R. Venugopal   L. M. Patnaik     367
Analysis of Medical Image Compression Using Statistical Coding Methods   R. Ponalagusamy   C. Saravanan     372
Fuzzy Based Selection of Paths in a Decision Tree with Imprecision and Partial Specification   R. Vasappanavara   D. Ravi   V. Gustam   V. Anand     377
A Graph Algorithm for Finding the Minimum Test Set of a BDD-Based Circuit   G. Paul   B. B. Bhattacharya   A. Pal   A. Das     382
Particle Swarm Optimization Based PI Controller Tuning for Fermentation Processing   K. Valarmathi   D. Devaraj   T. K. Radhakrishnan     387
Software Reliability Growth Modeling for Exponentiated Weibull Function with Actual Software Failures Data   U. Bokhari   N. Ahmad     390
Speech Recognition     397
Recognition of Facial Pattern by Modified Kohonen's Self Organizing Map (MKSOM) and Analyze the Performance   S. M. Kamrul Hasan   Md. Nazrul Islam Mondal   N. Tarannum   Md. Tanvir Ahmed Chowdhury     399
Others     407
Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Using Network Processor   P. G. Shete   R. A. Patil     409
Development of Remotely Sensed Spatial Data Analysis and Management Software System (RSSDAMSS)   N. Badal   G. K. Sharma   K. Kant     412
Detection and Correction of Vertical Skew in Characters   T. Vasudev   G. Hemanthkumar   P. Nagabhushan     423
Evolutionary Metaheuristic Approaches for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows   S. Tripathi   B. Minocha     435
Transparent Remote Execution of Processes in Cluster of Heterogeneous UNIX Systems   Aryal   A. Khadka     446
Distributed Dynamic Scheduling - An Experiment with PVM   S. Ramachandram   J. Aurangabadkar     458

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