Inquiries of the Dead Son

Inquiries of the Dead Son

by Timothy David Cannon


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Inquiries of the Dead Son by Timothy David Cannon

Inquiries of the Dead Son is collection of songs and poetry that offers a glimpse into the life of the author. While he has experienced many ups and downs in his life, he wants to share his observations on his life and the people in it. The events that happen in our lives have the potential to make us feel alive and vulnerable at the same time. Inquiries of the Dead Son is an emotional journey that explores the feelings encountered along life's bumpy road.

A Path to a Kingdom

I don't know where to go
I'm just a child with no home
I have to fight this alone and my soul feels so cold
Darkness always blankets my rose
Apart and never felt a whole
Promises, they get lost in old
Opportunities are stops that are closed
I'm to be open to all roads
These helpless hands only to fold
The day I rest it will snow
Answers the ground will know
How much farther down is low
When dad's lye decomposed
Only faith guides me through this storm
I find resistance wherever I roam
One day I will find my home
She is a heaven of my own

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781426933523
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 08/24/2010
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.12(d)

About the Author

Timothy Cannon is a writer who finds beauty in ugliness and at times ugliness in beauty. He currently lives in Massachusetts. He is a renaissance man, a gentleman, and a little bit crazy. This is his first book.

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Inquiries of the Dead Son

By Timothy Cannon

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2010 Timothy David Cannon
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4269-3352-3

Chapter One

A Busy Death

Journey of uncertainty Every turn you burn me purposely Armor melts to mercury in the fires of an eternity The only thing that doesn't burn is purity You'll certainly see all mothers crying under the dying tree You'll perfectly see all thunder storms violently You'll permanently scream silently Your urgency will bleed when time wasted awakens anxiety

The Defeated

I've seen my friend In a place that's condemned If strength is what you need then strength is what I will lend Ill tell you the time is now and I'll tell you the time was then To look up into the sky and watch the rain descend It happened to you once it will happen to you again When you prayed for a god then you knew you're your god was dead Tears of blood will bleed from the love of the light I shed Break open for you life and listen to what the angel said For there's so many wounds for an angel to tend I've seen yesterday and I've seen ahead There will be a day when theirs nothing left to defend


Where is my moment I want to hold it Who will be there for my dream Will it be a god or will it be me Will it be a demon or will it be a queen In the end will they be the same thing Everyday I cry for honor to ring In the land that show's it's heartless and throws darkness upon the king There will be an apocalypse on the profit who wished a lot and always got the opposite

A Path to a Kingdom

I don't know where to go I'm just a child with no home I have to fight this alone and my soul feels so cold Darkness always blankets my rose Apart and never felt a whole Promises, they get lost in old Opportunities are stops that are closed I'm to be open to all roads These helpless hands only to fold The day I rest it will snow Answers the ground will know How much farther down is low When dad's lye decomposed Only faith guides me through this storm I find resistance wherever I roam One day I will find my home She is a heaven of my own

As the Walls Bleed

The wall feels the coldness of a glacier The wall receives hate from a stranger and when the wall breathes the wall bleeds anger Not to many needs for a neighbor To destroy the wall that took much labor About to collapse so it asks for a painter Looks good on the outside but within lye's a crater The wall will fall then be rebuilt for whats greater So the next time the wall falls The fall won't break her

Beyond the Window

Days end Watch the clouds cave in I was burned by the rays of a sightless sun I was in a war that could not be won A windows closed for the miserable souls on roads that hold secrets Rest that's peace less is next to the tree that's leafless Couldn't reach bliss Or my dreams kiss Clinch each fist in a deep ditch My sleeves itch as I sift through the circle of fire The rest of me and my entity Is eternal fertilizer

The Goddess Touch

Heavenly eyes, eyes so light they glare on mine Oh! Angel so fine Take me away in your sky Our souls will intertwine on clouds for us to lye Everything is alive and it's a world to die Die my goddess of feelings Feelings that I guide Is my touch that of he you speak so much of inside Let me please your heart Your heart that is so kind These clocks aren't meant for time for time to pass bye We shine in the dark The dark that now cries Loves a word Only because We are on its side

The Broken Hourglass

Saver each bite when follow the forever trail of crumbs Prayed in the daylight for tomorrow night to come after me The horrible suns of an everlasting agony The sad souls of yesterday's casualty What I'd give to live but my king killed his Calvary Bless the mourning and I'll awake not cowardly Let the hours bleed The crumbs you gather are to master a piece That you'll never find but the designs in you reach Tease him on a line like a leash and leave him for time to feast He's the blind man on the beach Tomorrow's paradise is there but he doesn't care to see When the groundhog dies he'll leave behind debris Today's so long you'll never be set free One day of a lifetime looking for an eves end Tomorrow is a place I could say would be then


Your skies are gone She's whose wise is wrong A soul with no bond She wondered into weathers harm To the North Pole of pleasures arm The corpse cold of leathers charm For go your deserts pond For she who severs hearts Dies as slow as the feathers drop Lies are told through tremendous thought A kings eyes see beyond your efforts plot When a queen dies I let her rot

Heavens Daughter

The only hands I kneel to honor are the hands of heavens daughter For my touch is empty so is the glass of water Ill give it my all and all I have to offer The author of my own dream Oh! Queen of all queens It seems Everything breathes except the lonely The heavens hold me Only when I close my eyes Luminous tries kiss the skies heart Where is she The lady with my compassions key The doors open to enter Be the center of my universe Orbit my intimacy around her perfect features Shes the art and I'm the teacher I try to reach her through her father She needs a man to work hard I'll work harder Does your man try or does he bother My heaven is real but someone will always be there to mock her My boat needs a doctor from hope I once had and lost her My life didn't land in affection harbor Loves with the cob web lings in the corner For loving is for the husband of heavens daughter

A pharaoh of his Future

He's a young son of old stone traveling through the cold shame He sees no one on his lonesome time he spends peddling in the rain The wars will come and he knows the strength to pass inevitable pain There's not a soul to stroll in the cemetery of identical graves He hears himself when he's all alone in the darkness that's afraid Obstacles on premonition road pathologically will not break He's a king with no throne there's a home for he must wait He takes his time the time to face to not look behind for time is straight

Dream Bird

There is no way to make a nest Out of the twigs you twist from the limbs you left It is what it is and it is what's best That you flock alone because your home is a mess Leave behind your love and grub on the worms you catch Now all the dirt from the worms is on your back With nothing to find her a match She is waiting for the bird's egg to hatch The door was open an she felt the draft Thought everything was safe it was and always has The birds eye with a blind view a face in a mask Wings to fly and she resides in the same path The dream that lied lye's in loves ash Her dignity died, its dead So is what's inside her egg Waiting to hatch

Black Sky

Tired pride Let your lions cry

Darkness inside Pain where a promise lied

Coffins occupy The godless gauntlets where the creature that is me crosses bye

Harness my fondest high Through the harshest arches to defy

Torments of an honest try Farthest from beauty under black sky

Could it be for nothing This suffering that is shy

Storms show no mercy But I ashore me I'll dry

Is their anything here for me In this earthly tomb to pry

Pry open for the hope of this Un-worthy world not made for you or I

In shame is how expectations die For where there's life there's death Under the black sky

Finding Nazereth

I've yet been found on the holy ground Why is my soul not to be bound For is it because I daydream inside this mushroom cloud I can only reach what I'm allowed How can I be so proud when failure rings so loud Ill change to be a part of the world and it's good, but every time I look There's something in my way and I have prayed Ever since then I've always felt betrayed

Mourning's, Mourning

Forever night Close the door on mourning's misery Times just sorting history We are pawns in dawn's mystery Soundless sleeps are dreaming Awoken with beams screaming Peace is leaving until the day dies Felt the helpless tries of reviving the dusk Stars strangled in the sky Held by the hands of time so times not to trust There's something in the chest and gold's not the treasure Only to fulfill the nights pleasure I get high under a December Moon I need something to heal this tender wound That's why I want to wake up and never see noon

Night Owl

Children of the moon Groom of the graveyard I'm a slave to a day job I'm the clay of the caves decayed wall I bathed in the blades of fates fall Had to be raised in the reigns of pains crawl After I aged in the maze of a mates call Shaved in the shame for the blames bald Got saved by a saint and the strain was solved I surf and hit the waves when my wounds crave salt Names aim to the claims fault I see your fire but the flames false Every grain to gain is lost Paved a lane for a train of thought Whatever is left will remain a rot Ill ring out the hate from the maids mop Then lay in the shade with a bloodstained cross

Nothing Man

You had a dream that flew and you thought you knew What you saw is so convincing its true There's missing details and the wind shields to foggy to see through a winters night The odds of you being right is as often as you being right Let's say it's in your inner sight Maybe its pride and with pride comes humiliation Judged it like a jury and gave it an interrogation Objects are closer then they appear and then their ancient Questions are for patients who don't understand The only thing left to sea was the summer sand Just a numbers plan A victim of a nothing man


Excerpted from Inquiries of the Dead Son by Timothy Cannon Copyright © 2010 by Timothy David Cannon. Excerpted by permission.
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