Insect Populations: in Theory and in Practice

Insect Populations: in Theory and in Practice



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ISBN-13: 9780412832604
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 01/31/1999
Pages: 506
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Preface. Contributors. Introduction. Definition of terms. Part 1: 1. Spatial structure and dynamics of insect populations; I. Hanski. 2. The regulation of populations by density-dependent processes; M.P. Hassell. 3. The role of density-independent processes in the stabilization of insect populations; P.J. den Boer. 4. Resource limitation of populations and ceiling models; J.P. Dempster. 5. The problems associated with the identification of density dependence in population data; P. Rothery. 6. Host-parasitoid dynamics; H.C.J. Godfray, C.B. Müller. 7. Biological control of insects: implications for theory in population ecology; W.W. Murdoch, C.J. Briggs, T.R. Collier. 8. The effects of qualitative changes of individuals in the population dynamics of insects; S.R. Leather, C.S. Awmack. Part 2: 9. Population dynamics of aphids; A.F.G. Dixon, P. Kindlmann. 10. The population dynamics of Tephritidae that inhabit flower-heads; N.A. Straw. 11. Population dynamics of the genus Maculinea (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae); J.A. Thomas, R.T. Clarke, G.W. Elmes, M.E. Hochberg. 12. The dynamics of a herbivore-plant interaction, the cinnabar moth and ragwort; E. van der Meijden, R.M. Nisbet, M.J. Crawley. 13. The population dynamics of Operophthera brumata (Lepidoptera: Geometridae); J. Roland. 14. Population ecology of a gall-inducing sawfly, Euura lasiolepis, and relatives; P.W. Price, T.P. Craig, M.D. Hunter. 15. The population ecology of Trichochermes walkeri; I.F.G. McLean. 16. Bottom-up population regulation of a herbivorous lady beetle: an evolutionary perspective; T. Ohgushi. 17. The population ecology of Megaloprepus coerulatus and its effect on species assemblages in water-filled tree holes; O.M. Fincke. Concluding remarks. References. Species Index. Subject Index.

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