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A gritty, angsty, friends-to-lovers standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis.

A childhood promise. An unbreakable bond. One tragic event that shatters everything.

It all started with the boys next door...

Devin and Ayden were my best friends. We were practically joined at the hip since age two. When we were kids, we thought we were invincible, inseparable, that nothing or no one could come between us.

But we were wrong.

Everything turned to crap our senior year of high school.

Devin was turning into a clone of his deadbeat lowlife father-fighting, getting wasted, and screwing his way through every girl in town. I'd been hiding a secret crush on him for years. Afraid to tell him how I felt in case I ruined everything. So, I kept quiet and slowly watched him self-destruct with a constant ache in my heart.

Where Devin was all brooding darkness, Ayden was the shining light. Our star quarterback with the bright future whom everyone loved. But something wasn't right. He was so guarded, and he wouldn't let me in.

When Devin publicly shamed me, Ayden took my side, and our awesome-threesome bond was severed. The split was devastating. The heartbreak inevitable.

Ayden and I moved on with our lives, but the pain never lessened, and Devin was never far from our thoughts.

Until it all came to a head in college, and one eventful night changed everything.

Now, I've lost the two people who matter more to me than life itself. Nothing will ever be the same again.

A standalone new adult contemporary romance with a happy ending. Only suitable for readers aged eighteen and older due to mature content and possible triggers.

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ISBN-13: 9781981192267
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/22/2017
Pages: 388
Sales rank: 886,714
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.86(d)

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Inseparable 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
BookDragonGirl More than 1 year ago
I’m still feeling "all the feels" from this book. This is the BEST DA*N BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!!! I’m not exaggerating!! This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!! IM YELLING....I CAN’T HELP IT!!!! I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO YELL IT FROM MY ROOFTOP SO EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT A GREAT BOOK THIS IS!!!!!!! that I got that out, for now. Inseparable is a book of such depth, such emotion, that there is absolutely NO WAY I could have read this in 24 hrs. I mean, give me a RomCom or ChicLit and no problem, but a book like this NO WAY. I needed emotional breaks, breathers. This book is packed full of so much that goes on in the lives of the three main characters. The depth of emotion, it was so beautiful. The subjects this book touched on (and there were a few of them) were so emotional and touching. I want to talk about how well she touched on these subjects, but I can’t without giving anything away. But, Siobhan Davis has shown what a truly skilled writer she is. Touching on some pretty difficult emotions and experiences, and making us feel as if we were experiencing them ourselves. I felt as if I had to stop and catch my breath at times. But the beauty of it is, we are not just being entertained by a beautiful story, but we are learning a little more what people go through and therefore developing empathy for them. Pure magic, that’s what Ms. Davis has performed with her writing...pure magic. Do yourself a favor and read the story of the Inseparable friendship of three friends, Ayden, Devin and Angelina. You may be like me and yelling out how it’s the best da*n book you ever read!! I have no doubt, I am absolutely sure you’ll love it!!
MyndiL More than 1 year ago
Davis always has the ability to get me so emotionally invested in a book that I can't seem to put it down. Her writing is so beautiful and eloquent that when I read the first paragraph, I had to stop and read it to my 15 year old daughter, an aspiring writer. It will probably go down as one of my all time favorite book openings. Angelina, Devin and Ayden are such complex and interesting characters. As we read about their friendship, their lives, the tragedies and the joys, it's so easy to get pulled in and feel for these characters as if they were your friends, your relatives. I found myself in tears several times throughout the reading of this book, both happy and sad. You will find immense grief in this book, but also understanding and happiness. You will struggle to make sense of things that happen and feel loss as if it was your own. There are parts in the story that broke my heart, but also parts where you can see the characters learning from their lives and learning to move on. A big theme in this book, moving on. Not that we forget the things that brought us to where we are, we "Always Remember," and it shapes who we are. There are very difficult situations in this story that the author has written about with compassion, understanding, and finesse. These things are not easy to deal with, but are common in our world, and unfortunately a lot of times glossed over. I appreciate, very much, the author's inclusion of some help lines at the end of the book for anyone who might be struggling with similar issues. If you're a fan of Siobhan Davis' work, if you love an angsty NA contemporary romance, if you enjoy reading about second chances in life, you're going to want to pick up this book. *I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book.*
Shanrock19 More than 1 year ago
This is so hard for me to rate! Siobhan Davis' writing is still super great, and there were parts of this story that I loved. The romance is really sweet, and the depth of feeling between the characters is really wonderful. I guessed early on the twists in the story, but I don't think they were obvious. The whole Becky thing and what is up with Ayden were clear to me, and I really felt like the characters should've been more aware. There's lots of angst and emotional overload going on in Inseparable, so be prepared for the drama! What I couldn't stand was I just ended up being so disappointed in Angelina, she makes some decisions that just ruined the rest of the book for me. Her actions were just too much for me, and I just wanted to finish the book; any of the deep connection between the characters felt tainted to me, and I couldn't appreciate it any more. Angelina has 2 guy best friends, and when they were kids they were really close, but as they age things start getting in the way of their friendship. Angelina loves Devin, but he's a manwhore and doesn't think he's good enough for Angelina, so he continues to push her away. Ayden is the golden boy athlete, and tries to be there for Angelina when Devin seems to be going off the rails. All of these characters made horrible decisions about things, and all were naïve about so many things, but they are teenagers, so it's to be expected. There's also a time jump. which I'm never a fan of. There's lots of disturbing actions in this book, and this characters are quite damaged. I just don't think I like reading about people degrading themselves so much. This book left me feeling unsatisfied. I so wanted to love it, and I love the premise, but it just took a turn that left me unfulfilled. I think there's plenty of readers who would enjoy this book, and for most of the book I did enjoy it. As I said, the writing is amazing. I'll definitely continue to read Siobhan Davis' books, she's one of my favorite authors. The book is entertaining and I read it in one sitting, so that proves it's engrossing. That's why this was so hard for me to rate!
Si0bhanC More than 1 year ago
The prologue of this one instantly grabbed my attention. It demonstrates how wonderful Siobhan is as a writer. The writing was beautiful, the information enough to leave me wanting more, and I was instantly pulled into the story. Without a doubt, it was one of my favourite introductions to a book in a long time. It was such a beautifully written piece, making it impossible to drag me away from the book. Then the book is split into three parts. In part one we face one of the things I’m not overly crazy about, having already mentioned it – the high school drama. It was interesting, it was a great set up for the story, but I wasn’t crazy about it. I accepted it in the Kyler arc of the Kennedy Boys because there was a lot of other stuff going on, yet I feel as though it was even stronger in this one. Those who love high school drama will really enjoy part one of this story, but it wasn’t quite for me. Therefore, whilst I was intrigued, I wasn’t won over. Such a thing really saddened me. As I’ve said, I’m a big fan of Siobhan’s work. I wanted to love this one, and part one left me with the fear I would not be enjoying this book as much as I would have liked. It would be a nice solid three-star rating, but it would not be the high I have experienced with her other books. Along came part two. This is where my feelings towards the story started to change. It moved from being a story I was interested in but not really loving, to being a book I was addicted to. Things started to build up a lot more in the second part of the story, and by the end of it my view had changed from it being a three-star rating to a three-point-five or possibly four-star rating. The latter half of this part of the book really won me over. I was lost to the story, needing more. I could not wait to dive into part three to see how everything came together. Fortunately, I was happy to devour this book in a single sitting. I dove straight into part three to see how all the elements came together. Without a doubt, the third part of the book was my favourite. Everything came together so well. There were big reveals for all the characters, and even though I had worked every one of them out, I loved the way in which they came out and played together. The third part of the book was so emotionally charged, completely winning me over. Thus, the book became a solid four-star rating. I may have tentative at first, I may have been worried in the early parts of the book, but it won me over in the end. I honestly feared we had reached a literary device Siobhan Davis would not be able to win me over with, and yet she managed it. I know for a fact that many people will enjoy this book even more than I did. My prejudice against love triangles is to blame for the initial difficulty I had with this story. In fact, I fear my dislike of love triangles clouded my view more than it should have – to the point where I was making parallels with other Siobhan Davis books and thinking it was too close to what has been written before, even though this book stands strong on its own. It is due to this that I did not fall in love with the characters in the way I usually do in a Siobhan Davis read, but I know many people will fangirl like crazy over this one. In fact, I have a feeling there will be many broken hearts and damp eyes by the time some people finish this story.
shibby More than 1 year ago
I was not emotionally prepared to read this book. For a plot that does not mirror any aspect of my life, parts of it really felt like they were pulled from my story. I am emotionally drained, but it was so worth it. This book was amazing. It would build up my hope just to break my heart over and over again. The blurb said it had a happy ending, but I just did not see how they would get there. The sheer destructive magnitude of each thing that happened just felt too devastating to overcome. I totally thought I knew how this story would play out, but it turned out to be so much more. I started out as a fan of this author's YA series, but her NA books are turning out to be just as great. All the stars. ***I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book.***
Dalitza More than 1 year ago
Siobhan Davis fires on all the feels in her latest novel in which three childhood best friends promise to be Inseparable forever until a heartbreaking choice destroys their bond beyond repair. Siobhan writes an emotionally naked story about a girl and her two neighbors, Devin and Ayden. The three grew together and thought nothing could separate them until their senior year in high school when they started keeping secrets from each other and teenage drama ensues. Angelina was harboring a crush on Devin, who in turn had started drinking, getting into trouble and sleeping around, simultaneously crushing Angelina’s heart while Ayden, star quarterback with NFL possibilities, began to slowly pull away. But a line is drawn when Devin humiliates Angelina forcing Ayden to side with her until their choices irrevocably tear them apart. On that tragic night, Angelina not only lost her two best friends, she also lost herself to guilt and despair, a self torment without hope of getting out of. Even as the plot falls into torment and tragedy, the lovers’ plight will hold you in thrall. Of course, this begin a Siobhán Davis romance novel, all is not lost as she infuses her story with her own mix of drama and swoony love. The hero and heroine’s journey will haunt your dreams as book hangover overtakes you. Inseparable is standalone contemporary romance by Siobhán Davis. It’s an emotional and touching new adult, friends to lovers, love triangle. Told from two points of view and has a happy ending.
Paradiseofpages More than 1 year ago
I have sat around for a couple hours trying to find words to express this book. I don't think I will get it right, but I'll try. This book had me in tears at many times for many reasons. Happy and sad tears galore. there is so much that happens in this one book that makes you not able to stop turning the pages. the book is sectioned into 3 parts. at first i didnt know why, but as i read through it, it made complete sense and i loved the way it was laid out. there was times i wanted to give up on this book, not because the writing was bad, i dont think siobhan can ever write anything bad. but because the emotional turmoil from the characters was so much to handle at a time. The meaning in the book is very heavy yet i wouldn't change a thing. I loved Devin, so much. i was sucked into him from the beginning and was definitely on his team from the start. with that said i loved Ayden too as well as all the characters, well minus a couple but no spoilers from me! this book needs to be read by anyone. it will make anyone who reads it sit and think about their life and make sure they are following their dreams. there is some sexual content in this book but it makes sense with the story and is written extremely well. dont let that shy you away from the book, you need to read this! this book is definitely in my top 3 books read this year and i have a feeling i will be rereading it again very soon!
borntoreadbooks More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Angelina, Davis and Ayden have been friends since they were kids. This is their story. The story is divided into three parts. I don't want to include spoilers. This is one of those books that need to be read without any clue about what is going to happen. But I will just say that by the time I reached part three, my heart was shattered. The story is heartbreaking, yes. But it is fascinating. Wonderful. With an unimaginable twist that will change everything completely. Because this is the centre of the story. How others' actions can change your life. I loved every single line. And the characters are amazing. Their evolution throughout the book is perfectly done. Nothing feels odd. And that's what really got me. This happens every everyday, everywhere. This is the first book I have read this new year. And I can already say that I won't read a better book. Or at least, it won't be easy. This one has everything. And I mean EVERYTHING to be a perfect book. Thank you, Siobhan Davis, for this little wonder. THE BOND OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP OUTLASTS TIME
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You can see this review at Soaring Up High I was a lucky person to receive an ARC on this book! This book is such an emotional roller coaster ride. And despite hating roller coasters, I throughly enjoyed reading every single minute of it. This book is one that I would never ever go for. However, I just couldn’t resist the blurb and was a lucky fish to get an ARC and Davis did her magic. I loved the characters, the emotions, and became fully involved. Angelina, Devin, and Ayden for an amazing trio. I love that they had a close bond together. They were platonic, lovers, and then a completely unique bond. Sometimes they reminded me of Harry, Ron, and Hermoine in terms of the close friendship. Also, is it a coindeicence that Hermoine, Harry, and Ron have HRH and the Inseparable gang have ADA? The entire friendship concept was amazing. I really loved how the book and plot line was set. Yes, it was set over the course several years but Davis did it justice. I like that we get to see the realism of the consequences of the trio’s actions. Also, the pacing was well done. There was tons and drama, push and pull, however, all of it added more to the plot and really made me enjoy it. Plus, there are some pretty fabulous plot twists. The entire romance in novel was the roller coaster ride. Angelina was like between who to choose and who not to choose. Sometimes it did get frustrating. But I could see what Angelina saw in both boys. I felt that Devin and Ayden put Edward and Jacob to shambles (that’s a praise). I also did not hail some of Angelina’s secrets and lies. I felt that her response was way too reckless, but if I were her I probably would have done what she did. But the plus side was that Davis showed that falling in love ain’t easy. Angelina’s (whoever she chooses) choice won’t be easy and this book demonstrates that relationships aren’t all roses and flowers. There are thorns and nails, but it is through preserving that the happy end is received. I felt that after all that Angelina went through the boy she chooses deserves his HEA. Overall, this was a really good book. I would have given it five had there been a wee bit less drama. I felt that some parts were just a bit dragged out, however, it was perfectly fine because I overall enjoyed this book. I highly recommend people read it. But not without a box of tissues.