Inside Flash

Inside Flash

by Jody Keating, Tom Pizer

Multimedia Set


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ISBN-13: 9780735711051
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 10/03/2001
Series: Inside Series
Pages: 971
Product dimensions: 7.38(w) x 9.08(h) x 2.06(d)

Table of Contents

Part IGetting Started with Flash 5
1Introducing Flash 55
What's New in Flash 57
The Flash 5 Interface13
A Quick Look at Drawing in Flash 517
The Timeline25
Scenes and Movie Clips27
Symbols and the Library28
The Macromedia Dashboard32
2Customizing Flash 5 to Suit Your Workflow35
Setting up Default Movie Properties36
Using Panel Sets38
Custom Panel Sets41
Setting Preferences44
Custom Keyboard Shortcuts51
3Finding Your Way with the Movie Explorer55
The Movie Explorer Interface57
Searching for Elements58
Using the Movie Explorer Options to Edit Your Flash Files65
Replacing Fonts68
4Flash and Generator71
Introduction to Generator73
The Generator Interface74
Generator Variables78
Using an External Data Source83
Applying Transformations84
Using Symbol Commands87
Using Variables for Generator Settings89
Nesting Symbol Commands90
Generator Objects91
Using Generator to Create Charts98
Publishing Generator Templates104
Online versus Offline106
Part IIBuilding Blocks/Animation and Sound
5Importing, Using, and Optimizing Graphics111
Optimizing Bitmaps for Use in Flash113
Converting Bitmaps to Vector Graphics117
Importing Vector Graphics122
Importing Art from Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia FreeHand124
Combining Bitmaps and Vector Art127
Bandwidth Profiler132
Creating a Size Report136
6Tips for Using the Library145
Using the Library Sorting Options146
Using the Use Counts147
Swapping and Updating Library Items148
Using Shared Libraries150
Creating and Using Font Symbols156
Avoiding Shared Library Headaches159
Creating Custom Permanent Libraries160
7Creating Cool Effects with Text163
Simple Text Changes164
Alpha Transparency and Brightness167
Tweening Text on Paths169
Text and Masking173
Using Third-Party Text Tools173
Building Your Own Effects178
The Liberty File185
8Making the Transition195
Simple Transitions197
Combination Transitions200
Spatial Transitions207
9Masking Effects215
A Quick Overview of Masking216
A Simple Spotlight Mask218
Softening the Mask for Simple Shapes222
Softening the Mask for Complex Shapes224
ActionScript and Masking226
10Animation Techniques241
Building the Story243
Character Animation Basics246
Adding Life to Your Character249
Animating Your Backgrounds261
11Faking Video in Flash267
Cinematography and Perspective in Flash269
Using Video Stills for Film Sequences286
12Creating 3-D Effects in Flash295
Tracing and Lighting in 3-D Planes296
Using Third-Party 3-D Software302
Using 3-D in Interfaces304
Using Scaling and Paths for 3-D Motion314
13Using Sound in Flash321
Sound Basics322
Importing and Adding Sound to Your Movie327
Streaming versus Event Sounds329
Layering Sounds in Flash330
Synchronizing Layered Sounds331
Editing Sound in Flash334
Adding Custom Effects335
Sound Compression338
Synchronizing Simple Animation and Sound341
Turn Down That Noise345
Preloading Your Sound and Animation351
Part IIIBuilding Blocks/Introducing ActionScript and Interactivity
14Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming357
Programming Fundamentals358
Creating and Using Objects361
Basic Programming363
Creating Custom Prototype Objects378
Designing Objects for Flash386
15Menu Systems389
Making a Simple Pop-up Menu390
Creating a Window-Based Menu System395
Using Generator to Create a Menu414
16Using Preloading Sequences425
Preloading in Flash 5 versus Flash 4427
Using_framesloaded and_totalframes427
Using getBytesLoaded() and getBytesTotal()428
Amusing the User While Preloading442
17Interface Techniques455
Basic Drag-and-Drop Interactivity456
Drag-and-Drop with a Drop Target459
Custom Cursors461
Slide Control468
Scrolling Text473
18Controlling Sound Using the Sound Object485
The Sound Object486
Attaching a Sound489
Starting and Stopping a Sound491
Controlling the Volume494
Controlling the Pan501
Preloading Attached Sounds508
19Emulating the Natural World: A Poet's Introduction to Physics511
Programming Simple Movement512
Throwing Objects Around the Stage523
Elastic Movement529
Detecting Collisions532
Adding Obstacles into the Equation545
20Using Flash 5's Stock Smart Clips: Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, and Drop-Down Menus555
The Basic Smart Clips556
21Working with Learning Interactions583
The Learning Interactions584
Under the Hood with Learning Interactions609
22Creating and Exchanging Your Own Smart Clips625
Creating Your Own Smart Clip626
The Macromedia Flash Exchange635
23Introduction to XML649
What Is XML?650
Loading and Sending XML653
Moving Around Through XML657
WDDX/XML and Flash671
Part IVPulling It All Together: Implementing Flash in the Real World
24Printing: What You See Is Not Always What You Get681
Printing from the Flash Player683
Using the Print Action685
25Storyboarding to Finished Project701
Tank Movement: Comparing Angles705
Clicking the Island to Move the Tank706
Swapping the Mouse Pointer706
Animating the Tank Rotation709
Animating the Tank Movement710
Turret Control715
The Bomb718
Integrating Artwork with Programming723
Second-Player Functionality731
Scoring and Multiple-Game Controls734
26Browser and Platform Idiosyncrasies753
Successful Software/Hardware Combinations754
Flash Player Detection756
Archived Flash Players for Testing Purposes773
Macintosh Idiosyncrasies775
Windows Issues776
Browser Issues777
[left angle bracket]OBJECT[right angle bracket] and [left angle bracket]EMBED[right angle bracket] Tags777
27Communicating with the Host Application785
Using Flash Actions to Communicate with the
Host Application786
JavaScript Methods for Flash Objects809
Macromedia Dreamweaver JavaScript Integration Kit812
28Working with Middleware821
Comparison of Middleware Languages823
Integrating Middleware with Flash834
A ColdFusion/Flash Application837
Part VAppendixes
AActionScript Quick Reference857
Objects and Methods858
ActionScript Operators875
BKeyboard Shortcut Quick Reference889
Standard Flash 5 Keyboard Shortcuts890
Fireworks 3 Keyboard Shortcuts896
FreeHand 9 Keyboard Shortcuts900
Illustrator 9 Keyboard Shortcuts904
Photoshop 5 Keyboard Shortcuts908
CFlash Resources913
Text Tools914
3-D Tools914
Cartoon Animation915
Video Tools915
Tools to Create Screen Savers916
Other Tools916
Royalty-Free Sound Resources918
Font Resources918
3-D Modeling Resources919
Flash Mailing Lists919
Flash at Fig Leaf920
DWhat's on the CD-ROM923
System Requirements924
Loading the CD Files924
Exercise Files924
Third-Party Programs925
Read This Before Opening the Software926

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