Inside MicroStation 5.X

Inside MicroStation 5.X

by Frank Conforti

Paperback(3rd ed)

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ISBN-13: 9780934605915
Publisher: Cengage Delmar Learning
Publication date: 10/01/1994
Edition description: 3rd ed
Pages: 648

Table of Contents

Part IGetting Started1
Chapter 1Welcome to the MicroStation Community3
A Bit of MicroStation History3
Hardware and Operating System Considerations13
Installing MicroStation18
MicroStation Manager22
Touring the MicroStation Design Environment30
MicroStation and the Mouse44
Key-in Window48
MicroStation's Help, Including Tool Tracking50
Exiting MicroStation51
Chapter 2A Sample Design Session53
Prairie-style Art Glass Layout53
Creating a New Design File58
Chapter 3Working with Working Units: How MicroStation Models the Real World87
Accuracy of Design Information87
Getting Started with MicroStation93
Chapter 42D Basics: Part 1. Learning the "Tools of the Trade"111
Design File Elements111
Controlling Element Placement153
Chapter 52D Basics: Part 2. Mastering Precision Input, Screen Control, and Element Manipulation175
AccuDraw Revisited175
Screen Control at Your Fingertips186
Basic Element Manipulation Tools209
Much Ado About Undo226
Manipulating Multiple Elements227
Chapter 62D basics, Part 3. More about MicroStation's Elements and Tools239
Element Attributes239
More Element Types254
Element Modification Tools278
Does Your Drawing Measure Up?296
Compressing Your Design301
Line Construction Tools303
Chapter 7Construction Techniques and Tools. Using MicroStation to Solve Real Design Problems309
A Flower Vase309
Creating a Mechanical Part314
Chapter 8Complex Elements. Working with Cells, Complex Shapes, Chains, and Other Sophisticated Elements325
What Is a Complex Element?325
The Relationship of Cells and Their Libraries328
Working with the Cell Library332
The Cells Dialog Box in Detail340
Working with Cells342
Reversing the Cell Creation Process346
More Text Features349
An Exercise in Cells and Text357
More Complex Elements360
Exercise: Using the Create Region Tool367
Grouping Elements372
The Select Element Tool Revisited376
Part IICreating a Finished Design379
Chapter 9Reference Files. Bringing the Work Group Together381
Using Reference Files381
The Capabilities of Reference Files386
The Reference File Tools390
Exercises: A Site Plan403
Chapter 10Detailing Tools. Finishing a Design with Meaningful Details413
Dimensioning Your Drawings414
Dimensioning Tools439
Area Patterning463
Chapter 11"Publishing" Your Work. Producing Plotted, Printed, and Electronic Deliverables475
Overview of the Plotting Process476
Plotting Your Drawing489
Part IIIBeyond Basic Design497
Chapter 123D Design. Modeling the Real World499
Getting Started in 3D499
Views in 3D505
Dealing with Depths518
Working in 3D525
Other 3D Work Environment Considerations562
Chapter 13Introduction to Image Rendering. Getting Those Photorealistic Images565
What Is Rendering?565
MicroStation's QuickVisionGL Rendering Technology571
Introduction to MicroStation's Advanced Rendering Features575
Defining and Assigning Materials to Your Design585
Saving Rendered Images590
Exporting Visible Edges594
Chapter 14Customizing MicroStation. Becoming a Power User597
Sorry, But I Don't Program599
MicroStation's Record Macro Feature621
J/MDL: MicroStation's Java Implementation628

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