Inside My Heart, Mind & Soul

Inside My Heart, Mind & Soul

by Anne Shiever


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Anne Shiever, a well-known Artist & Author throughout Kansas, has put together a unique collection of poetry and vignettes which touch upon her early childhood to present. Let Anne touch your heart with her versatile writing style and insightful revelations which reflect a myriad of emotions & experiences. You will walk away knowing the existence of God, and understanding the depth of love in all its diverse forms.

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ISBN-13: 9781411626928
Publication date: 02/28/2005
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

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From the moment that she is born, the uncontrollable aging process begins. She must eat right to maintain good health, and the wonderful condition of her skin. While growing up, she soon learns from other women that "real beauty" comes from within. It comes from the warmth felt in her heart, mind, & soul; not just in the beautiful appearance of her skin.

By living her life to the fullest, greeting each day with the cheerfulness of a tender smile; her amazing strength comes from deep inside of her, not just from "running a country mile"!

To know her, is to love her dearly; from her head down to her toes. She's an incredible "WOMAN OF STRENGTH", a magnificent woman in charge of her own destiny and goals. She meets each challenge that is bestowed upon her as a new opportunity to capitalize all it's great knowledge and vast wisdom, too. As she matures with that glow of radiant beauty, she shares her spiritual awareness, life's personal experiences, and the inspirations she has learned from many others that she once knew!

She's a child, a student, a teacher, a lover, a mother, and a friend! As she continues to grow older gracefully, her task on earth isn't over until the day's at end! But she doesn't ever stop!!! She continues her life moving steadily forward every day with magnificent self-confidence to gain even more knowledge and experience, because she truly is, "A WOMAN OF STRENGTH!

Table of Contents

18. A And Z
19. A Basket Full Of Angels
20. A Beauty Consultant
21. A Blessed Vintage Day
22. A Children's Playground
22. A Guardian Angels Tears
25. A Heart Felt Tribute To Ray
27. A Mother's Wish
28. A Special Blessing Sent To Me
30. A Tribute To Mother
32. A Tropical Paradise In My Mind
32. A Wish For The New Year
33. A Woman Of Strength
34. Ambition
35. An Angel Was With Him
36. Anne's Angel Prayer For You
37. Anne's Angel Prayer
37. Anne's Prayer Of Thanks
38. Anne's Special Quote (Rose Blossom)
38. Anne's Special Recipe
39. Are You Hell Bound
41. Are You Slippin Away
44. As Seasons Change
45. Aunt Jane
46. Backstabbers
47. Be My Little Teddy Bear
48. Betrayal
49. Big Fat Gray Mouse
51. Cause Life's Too Short
55. Celebrating 20 Years
56. Change
57. Congratulations
58. Dandelion Flower
59. Dear Santa Claus
60. Dearest Easter Bunny
61. Did You Ever Care
62. Dreaming Of You
63. Dreamland
64. Dreams
65. Fairy Tales From The Past
66. For My Dad On His Day
67. For My Mom
68. For Our Salvation
68. Friendship Flowers
69. From A Mother's Eyes
71. God Grant Us Peace
72. Graduation Day
72. Happy 4Th Of July
73. Happy 40Th Anniversary To Mom & Dad
74. Happy Easter Day
74. He Thought He Had Wings
77. Heart, Mind, And Soul
79. Hope's Song
87. I Can't Make Him Love Me
87. I Love To Cook
88. I Pray For America
89. I Remember Momma
90. If I Could Bring You Back
91. If I Didn't Have A Dime
93. If These Walls Could Talk
95. If You Are My Friend
96. I'm Ready To Go Home
97. It Was Only A Dream
98. It's A Shoe Thang
98. It's What I Am & What I'll Be
101. June Ends The Spring
101. Just For The Thrill
103. Kansas Heartland Memories
104. Kansas Sunflower
105. Lady Bug
105. Life With My Allergies
107. Life's Too Short
109. Love'em & Leave'em
110. Loving Grandma
111. Manipulation
111. March Rolls In The Spring
112. May Everlasting Love Bind You
113. May God Bless
113. Memory Of My Dear Daddy
115. Mother I Love You
116. Mother's Love
117. My Dad
118. My Four Dachshunds
119. My Friends
120. My Friends On Line
121. My Loving Grandmaw
121. My Memories Of Kansas
122. My Special One Of A Kind
123. My Thoughts
125. Oh Baby Take Me Please
134. Oh Mystical Lady
139. On This Day Of Thanksgiving
140. On This Special May Day
141. Only God Knows
143. Our Fishing Trip
145. Paper Roses
146. Please Be My Valentine
147. Remember September
148. Reminiscing
150. Riding On An Angel's Wings
151. Road Kill
152. S.C.A.R.S.
154. Saying Farewell To Special Family
155. School Days
155. School Memories
156. Silverina Patches & Silverina Patches Memorial
162. Sisters Are We
163. Slippin' Away
164. Soulmate
165. Special Mom
166. The Angel You Call Mother
168. The Baby Wish
169. The Bible As Your Guide
171. The Book
173. The Camping Trip
174. The Cancer Victim
175. The Cat
177. The Celebration
178. The Chance
179. The Change
179. The Children's Playground
180. The Clown
181. The Comfort Zone
182. The Crush
183. The Easter Basket
183. The Easter Bunny
184. The Emotional Guest List
187. The Family Tree
190. The Five Artist Angels
196. The Five Rules Of Life
197. The Friendship Flowers
197. The Goldfish & Koei Pond
199. The Intrenational Friendship Angel
200. The Judgement Day Of The Corrections Officer
203. The Kansas Tornado
204. The Land Of Green
205. The Miracle Child
209. The Myth Of The Special Christmas Spiders
211. The New Career
212. The Penguin
213. The Quilt
217. The Ragdoll
218. The Revolving Door
219. The Secret Of Friendship
219. The Snow Flake
220. The Special Nurse
221. The Storm
221. The Trees
222. The Victim
229. The Woman In Blue
230. Then God Sent Me You
234. Though You Are Gone
235. Together Forever
236. Together We Will Make It
238. Troubled Sister
239. Truck Driver's Prayer
240. Twelve Days Of Christmas
241. Ugly Girl
242. Valentine's Day Gift
244. Violated Child
246. Violence, It's Out There
247. Water Is What I Will Be
249. What Are We Fighting For
253. What I Feel
254. Will You Marry Me
255. Yearning To Forget
257. Yesterday's Gone
259. You Have My Heart
260. You're Almost There
261. You've No Right To Judge Me

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