Inside Out: Final Conflict

Inside Out: Final Conflict

by James A. Gauthier


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Inside Out- Final Conflict is the third book in a trilogy that focuses on holding governments accountable. Domestic and foreign governments absorb countries to become super powers that wield nuclear weapons as tools for imperialistic motives. Jeff and Ann develop what the Department of Homeland Security describes as a super weapon of mass destruction and removes all stops to acquire Seeker for Homeland Security's' use as an offensive weapon. Ann, with her daughters, Annie and Hope, redefine Seeker and the system becomes Destiny, the 'new sheriff in town'. Destiny is selectively used to stop world aggression resulting in Homeland Security relentlessly pursuing Ann and Jeff once again to steal the Seeker weapon. Homeland Security agents drive through the Academy fences crushing Jeff and Ann under the weight of the fence and vehicle while a second vehicle drives through another fence section and kills three Academy children and two parents. The Homeland Security agents make no apologies and hold themselves to be above the law when they act in the name of national security. Jeff and Ann survive and bring an end to world aggression and imperialism by all of the superpowers. Destiny temporarily shuts down the Internet and email capabilities while she uploads herself into the Internet and every computer that accesses the Internet. The seed for further action is planted with the hope that all countries will begin to respect the rights and liberties of other countries. If not, then Destiny will be back.

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ISBN-13: 9781490738321
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 06/03/2014
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.53(d)

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Inside Out: Final Conflict

By James A. Gauthier

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 James A. Gauthier, J.D.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-3832-1


The Future Guardians

The Castleway campus was a safe haven existing inside of a world that had exploded with madness, imperialism, nation building, and bitter aggression. Inside the safety of the secured campus, we had motivated students from kindergarten through postgraduate school. The children enrolled in our various academies were destined to become the future guardians of our Constitution and individual liberties. Like our own two daughters that were born and raised on the Castleway campus, parents entrusted their children to our care on the promise of a quality education in a safe and secure campus environment. With the technologies Ann and I had developed over the years, we had the ability to remain safe from hostile aggression, and neither Ann nor I feared using our capabilities to ensure the continued security of our campus and the safety of our students.

It was Saturday, and it was a warm, sunny spring day. Ann and I held hands as we walked around the campus and marveled in all that had been created through our efforts and the financial support of the technologies that we had developed. The tree-lined campus walkways had cherry blossoms in full bloom. The gardens were exploding in vibrant colors as spring flowers and shrubs began to bloom. The small pond in the center of the campus had ducks and swans swimming while seeking treats from the many students that had taken up temporary residency around the pond. Ann and I would occasionally stop and listen to students talking. Instead of discussing the latest music video or song, our students were debating what was happening outside of the campus and discussing options needed to ensure continued viability of the US Constitution and the two Bills of Rights.

On this particular sunny afternoon, it was really special because our daughters, Annie and Hope, were joining us on our walk around campus. Both of our daughters were now teaching in the law school and molding minds to do their part when the time came to protect and preserve the Constitution and individual liberties. Annie had blessed us with one granddaughter. Annie carried on the name tradition and named her daughter "Ann" after her mother. Ann was now four years old and was as tenacious and beautiful as her mother and grandmother. Hope had two children. She named her daughter "Destiny" and her son "Jeff" in my honor. Destiny was also four years old and beautiful. Jeff was three and quite handsome. While Destiny was equally as tenacious as her sister, Jeff seemed a little like me—quiet, but decisive. Our grandchildren showed a lust for learning and a love of life. Ann and I were truly blessed walking with our daughters and grandchildren. Sadly, much of our talk centered on the ongoing decay in the world around us. Hope asked me what our plans were if the decay continued to spread throughout our country like the rest of the world. At the time, I wasn't sure what we would do. For now, I reassured my daughters that we were all safe and secure behind our secured perimeter. Of course, we also had our former navy SEALs, Jake and Ross, at our beck and call. They had become an integral part of our family and assumed some of the babysitter roles for Ann, Destiny, and Jeff while our daughters were teaching. Jake and Ross had served as babysitters for Ann and me when we first entered the academy at age fourteen. Over the years, they were present when Annie and Hope were born, and they stood hand in hand with our entire family during the second revolutionary war against the wannabe king. Jake and Ross now proudly assumed their role as babysitter for our grandchildren and as our bodyguards whenever we left the security of the campus.

The true beauty of our campus life was the mutual respect shared by students of all ages. It was quite common to see college students assisting younger students in academics or reprimanding a student for littering or similarwrongs.Ourschoolshadalwaystaughtthatyourespectyoureldersand environment and you carry yourself with honor and distinction. In the high school office were lists of students offering tutoring services for any student in need. Finding help was never an issue within our school system. The students lived on campus and became an extended family that cared for each other.

On campus, academic life at the high school hadn't changed that much since Ann and I began our studies as freshman. Our entire family, meaning Ann, me, our daughters, and grandchildren, ran with the student body every morning for the one-mile fun run. Usually Annie and Hope had to drop back since our grandchildren had great difficulty keeping pace with much older runners. However, our grandchildren always completed their one-mile fun run daily, albeit sometimes in two or three sessions. Fortunately, our campus had separate tracks for each academy, relieving some of the congestion at running time. Ultimately, Ann and I restructured the fun runs into three shifts: 05:30, 06:00, and 06:30. Ann and I needed to rotate our running time because our students wanted to run with us.

I continued to serve as the senior headmaster over the lower academy, middle school academy, and high school academy. Ann was my associate senior headmaster, and Kelly continued to serve as headmaster over the high school programs. At the college level, both Ann and I sat on the board of regents. No one ever questioned our educational backgrounds as academy high school graduates only. Our student body included one thousand elementary students, one thousand middle school students, and twelve hundred high school students. At the college level, we stretched the occupancy load and had approximately 450 matriculated students from college freshman through the senior year of the law school. The philosophy never changed. We had a mission to educate leaders and eliminate followers. We wanted thinkers and doers that weren't afraid to take action when needed. We wanted freedom-loving guardians of our cherished Constitution. Our student body always stepped up and met the challenge.

The video programs that Ann and I created about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution continued to be taught regularly in the academies, and no child graduated from high school without demonstrating proficiency in understanding the Constitution and the history of our great nation. Our students learned about how apathy led to the elimination of our individual rights and permitted the self-proclaimed king and his liberal minions to seize control over much of America while disregarding the Constitution. Students were taught to observe the small things. Eating an elephant one bite at a time might go unnoticed. The same holds true about the denigration of individual liberties. Slippery slopes are for skiing, and nothing should be tolerated that seeks to reduce our rights as citizens of this country.

One evening after work, Annie and Hope stopped by our apartment to say "Hi" and to discuss the changes in the world around us. Annie and Hope left their husbands at their apartments to babysit. As much as our daughters loved their husbands, they retained a small amount of separation between themselves and their spouses when it came to discussing current proprietary software and developing future technology. Annie and Hope asked to discuss "Seeker" and if Seeker was still viable and able to be used in the event of a defensive emergency. Ann explained that Seeker had been put to bed a little more than six years ago, and as far as the government knew, Seeker no longer existed. Homeland Security had destroyed the program when it unlawfully seized Ann's computer and back-up drive. Ann then smiled and said, "As you both know, Seeker is alive and well and would be available should a real emergency arise." Ann cautioned that once we disclose the existence of Seeker to the government, it would most definitely be seized and no sleight of hand trick would work next time. My family had no trust in our government and the unlawful means that it would use to achieve an end result.

Ann asked the girls why they wanted to know about Seeker. Hope said that she had been thinking about Seeker and how to adapt Seeker to the current happenings around the world. Hope explained that she had been studying the latest in communication technology and had realized that an increased amount of communications originated or passed through satellites instead of land-based operations. Annie jumped in and explained that we should consider modifying Seeker to address the new communication technology and how to access variable wave communications coming from the orbiting satellites. Ann acknowledged that things were going from bad to worse around the globe, but she just wasn't sure that the time was right to redesign Seeker. Ann feared that the government would acquire Seeker and that would increase the global corruption and greed around the world. Ann wanted to stop illegal acts, not aid in the creation of such acts. Ann promised to give it some serious thought. Both Annie and Hope expressed their confidence in their mother and indicated that they would like to use some of their combined knowledge to better secure ourselves and our academy homes.


Imperialism and Nation Building

To say that over the past six years that the world had "gone to hell in a handbasket" would be an inaccurate assessment of the reality facing the world community. The aggression began with Iran taking control of Iraq and Afghanistan while threatening nuclear annihilation of numerous Middle Eastern countries like Israel, Egypt, and the UAE, to name a few. In the East, North Korea had begun a campaign to seize control of South Korea. When that didn't happen, China began consolidating its empire by taking control of North Korea, Taiwan, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. None of the nuclear countries dared use nuclear weapons for fear of a world apocalypse. In response to China's imperialism, the European Union reaffirmed their solidarity and included Japan and Australia in the new union. Russia had begun taking control of pieces of the former Soviet Union and had previously taken control of the Ukraine. Russia, which was now emboldened by the lack of response by the United States, began systematically taking over Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, and Georgia to become a part of the New Russian empire. Russia threatened armed conflict in order to acquire Alaska's vast untapped oil reserves from the United States. Our government surrendered Alaska to the Russians to avoid a nuclear war. America's problem was that the US military had been reduced to pre-Second World War status and lacked resources to defend the mainland and Alaska. Iran continued to control Iraq and Afghanistan and began to acquire other countries like Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar all under nuclear threats of annihilation. To secure the United States, all countries existing above the Panama Canal were annexed into the United States, as was Canada over the objection of most of its citizens. The newly formed country was called the "United Northern States of America."

The net result of the global imperialism was the creation of several superpowers, namely the Russian empire, the European Union of Countries, Nationalist China, Iranian Republic, and the United Northern States of America. Areas such as South America and Africa were left to their own vices once select countries had been annexed by the nation-building activities. Sadly, each superpower had nuclear weapons and became a threat to the stability of other nations. The concept of "mutually assured destruction" or MAD was again in the forefront as countries sought to defend their assets as they continued to exercise aggression and nation building against other nations.

Mutual aggression and mistrust was the shared understanding between the superpowers. The United Northern States of America began using its space resources to establish a series of mobile satellites that carried six nuclear weapons on each satellite platform. Nuclear-tipped missiles could be fired from the satellite with little obstruction by adverse countries. Once the nuclear missile platforms were placed into service, the military got out the missile defense plan of the eighties and began redesigning a nuclear missile shield that would have the potential of using laser weapon technology to eliminate enemy missiles. The United Northern States of America continued to align with the European Union. The representatives of each country communicated through encrypted satellite communications in order to develop a mutual defense plan. The North Americans began sending defense shield plans to the European Union, as well as the plans for the satellite missile platforms. Unfortunately, neither government recognized that their communications through the satellite system were vulnerable to hacking, unlike their secured communications available through the Phantom programs that Ann and I had created and licensed to all countries. It didn't take long before Russia and China had acquired our satellite system and laser weapon missile defense shield. Within six months of the initial encrypted communications between the two aligned countries, Russia and China were placing their own nuclear-tipped missiles and satellite platforms into space along with their own version of the missile laser weapon defense shield. The superpowers most assuredly had achieved the status of MAD.

Once the superpowers were armed and nuclear, they began the next step in a plan to control the economies of the world. China began buying up as much gold and silver as could be found for sale or theft from annexed countries. Iran acquired the vast gold, silver, and platinum reserves previously owned by Iraq. The United Northern States of America acquired gold and silver from citizens, declaring that the ownership of gold and silver was now unlawful and the precious metals were to be surrendered to the government. Citizens were given paper money in exchange for their gold and silver holdings. The same practice was implemented throughout the European Union and Russia. The result of the world governments seizing gold and silver was the devaluing of paper money; stocks were tanked, and bonds no longer received favorable ratings. International trade fell off, and on the local front, businesses began to fail; small stores were required to consolidate with larger stores or go under. Small business became a memory of the past.

Citizens began to protest the government's action in seizing private property, such as gold and silver. Congress announced that certain actions of the government may affect citizen's rights, but the decisions being made by the Congress and president were necessary for the preservation of the country. The president went on television and tried to calm angry citizens that once held precious metals and now owned devalued paper money worth less than one-third of the value of their precious metals. The president asked all North Americans to tighten their belts and support the government. Anger prevailed throughout North America. Individual liberties were being eroded, and our Operations Center (OC) was back in full operation. Once again, alumni were on an "observe and report" program to keep watch on an unyielding government. The only conclusion that Ann and I had was that the government had once again earned the mistrust of the people and operated in a manner that yielded contempt and ridicule by the electorate. I began to wonder once again why we had fought to remove one government when the next appeared to be equally corrupt.

It became patently obvious when watching the conservative news stations that the world was at risk of global war and annihilation. North America no longer was the shining beacon on the hill, and we no longer held the respect of our allies, nor garnered the fear of our foreign enemies. The term "impotent" seemed appropriate for our government and its lack of leadership around the world. Ann and I called for a second family meeting with our daughters. Ann announced that the time arrived to give a rebirth to Seeker. Plans were discussed, and a private development room was created off the OC for purposes of redesigning Seeker to meet the demands of the satellite era technologies. Hope asked if the end product could be named "Destiny," which seemed appropriate to Ann and Annie. From that point forward, Seeker became Destiny, and the brilliant minds of my beautiful wife and daughters were going to bring Destiny to life and be ready to protect our small part of the insane world if and when that time arrived.


Excerpted from Inside Out: Final Conflict by James A. Gauthier. Copyright © 2014 James A. Gauthier, J.D.. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
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