Inside Story: The First Ten Years

Inside Story: The First Ten Years

by Peter Browne (Editor)


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In this collection published to mark the tenth anniversary of the highly regarded online publication Inside Story, leading thinkers and cultural critics navigate the key issues of the turbulent years that have marked Australian and global politics and culture since 2008. Contributors include Sophie Black, Frank Bongiorno, Judith Brett, Tim Colebatch, Graeme Dobell, Sara Dowse, Andrew Ford, Tom Griffiths, Jill Kitson, Jack Latimore, Andrew Leigh, Shane Maloney, Stephen Mills, Drusilla Modjeska, Matthew Ricketson, Margaret Simons, Rodney Tiffen, Maria Tumarkin, and many more. Here are wise, incisive and entertaining perspectives from some of the best observers of contemporary society going around, curated by one of Australia's finest editors, Peter Browne.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648209607
Publisher: Grattan Street Press, University of Melbourne
Publication date: 11/13/2018
Pages: 406
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.83(d)

Table of Contents




François Péron and the Tasmanians: An Unrequited Romance 3 Shino Konishi

We Have Still Not Lived Long Enough 17 Tom Griffiths

Shoulder-Deep in the Entrails 22 Shane Maloney

Beyond the Easy Life of Gods 26 Annika Lems

The Humane and Sympathetic Eye of Sam Hood 31 Richard Johnstone

Mitchell, Murdoch and Me 40 Peter Brent

The Piccoli Prescription 45 Tom Greenwell

Breakfast in America 52 Graeme Dobell

Looking for Trouble 57 Margaret Simons


Remembering and Forgetting 75 Maria Tumarkin

From Ubiquitous to Obsolete 81 Shakira Hussein

Unlucky in Love 87 Anna Cristina Pertierra

Dick Casey’s Forgotten People 93 Stephen Mills

Fletch, Muscles and the Rocket 103 Jock Given

Forty Millennia of Indigenous History at the British Museum 110 Maria Nugent

Who’s Counting? 119 Bronwyn Carlson

The Educational Consequences of the Peace 124 Dean Ashenden

‘Now, Where Were We ...?’ 136 Andrew Dodd

Speaking into the Silence 141 Drusilla Modjeska


Switching Off 151 Judith Brett

The Everyday Politics of Perpetual Electioneering 154 James Panichi

Margaret Thatcher, Between Myth and Politics 168 David Hayes

The Real Julia 180 Sara Dowse

Personality as Destiny 187 Jane Goodall

The Liberal Nonconformist from Sydney’s West 193 Robert Milliken

A Former Leader’s Advice: In a Crisis, Have the Courage to Break

with the Past 199 Tim Colebatch

Australia’s Great Political Shift 206 Norman Abjorensen

‘We’re Not Just Looking at Who’s Telling the Stories, but the Stories We’re Choosing to Tell’ 212 Sophie Black

Sam Dastyari and the Thousands of Years of Chinese History 216 Antonia Finnane

The Great Assenters 219 Jeremy Gans


The Queen and the Perfect Bicycle 227 Timothy J Sinclair

The Politics of Compassion 231 Klaus Neumann

Two Suburbs, 167 Lives: How the Life Chances Study Turned Twenty-One 236 Melissa Sweet

The Remarkable Persistence of Power and Privilege 245 Andrew Leigh

‘Australia Has Brought Out Things about Myself That I Thought Wouldn’t Exist’ 250 Peter Mares

In the Name of the People 259 Rodney Tiffen

Has Liberalism Forgotten What It Does Best? 266 Rob Hoffman

The Coming Boom in Inherited Wealth 271 John Quiggin

Jumping the Gate 277 Jack Latimore

The Cruellest Option 290 Tessa Morris-Suzuki

Up to a Point, Professor Hamilton 293 Frank Bongiorno

America’s Deadly Exceptionalism 300 Lesley Russell


Lucking into the Zeitgeist 307 Iain Topliss

Women Behaving Badly 313 Jill Kitson

Silence Made Visible 318 Sylvia Lawson

Peter Sculthorpe, a Composer in Australia 321 Andrew Ford

On Literary Awards 324 Susan Lever

Once Were a Weird Mob 330 Brett Evans

John Clarke and the Power of Satire 337 Matthew Ricketson

Between the Covers 348 Diana Bagnall

The Lost Portrait 363 Sylvia Martin


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