Inside The Great Game

Inside The Great Game

by Robert D. Hubble


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The Great Game continues. In its long and bloody history there have been periods of relative peace and tremendous violence. Through all, the subtle intrigue remained, only coming to the fore when national interests are at stake, as is the case now; with one major superpower vying for influence against many smaller nations, rich and poor, for the only truly valuable commodity currently left in the world. Oil.
For this, countries still send their soldiers. But now under the guise of consultants and advisors instead of travelers and tradesmen. The present struggle is no longer strictly limited to the mountains of Central Asia, but is fought worldwide. Neither is it fought solely by nations, but by powerful transnational conglomerates. Religious ideologies also play a greater and more dangerous role than before; with Islamic fundamentalism clashing violently against western religions, values and naive interventionism. Yet no matter how often the "whom" and the "where" may change, the "what for" never does. It remains forever: Influence, supremacy, and, ultimately, domination.
Individuals drawn into this fight are still abandoned by fickle national and corporate policies and few are remembered for their efforts. When the instigators give up and wash their hands soldiers die. All so their masters can have a continued role in the Great Game.

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About the Author

Robert D. Hubble grew up to be a farmer but when life forced a change he joined the British Army without a second thought and served with the Royal Engineers. Then wishing to explore the world Hubble eventually found himself parachuting into the wild and rugged mountains of Montana to fight wildfires alongside elite U.S. Smokejumpers.

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