by Rosemary Rogers

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Insiders by Rosemary Rogers

Gorgeous, captivating, the object of every man's desire, Eve Mason's dreams of super model stardom have lured her into the California world of glamour and the media—where pleasure is an addictive drug...and beauty is a commodity to be bought, sold and degraded. But the whirlpool of lies and betrayals will not drag her under—even as it pulls her into the web of a dangerous lover. Because Eve is determined to taste the one fruit sweeter than wealth and fame: tender, uninhibited love.

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ISBN-13: 9780380405763
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 01/28/1979
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 4.48(w) x 7.11(h) x 1.24(d)

About the Author

Dubbed the "Queen of Historical Romance," Rosemary Rogers was born in Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka). She is the beloved author of fifteen bestselling romances for Avon Books, including such classics as Wicked Loving Lies, Surrender to Love, and Midnight Lady, and her novels have been translated into eleven languages. Rosemary Rogers left an indelible impression on the world with her passionate Steve and Ginny series — Sweet Savage Love, Dark Fires, and Lost Love, Last Love — and continues to touch the hearts of readers every year. She lives in Connecticut.

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Eve had told Marti, who shared the apartment with her, that she felt as if her life could be divided into two segments—before David and after David. Marti, who had been indirectly responsible for her meeting David in the first place, had merely looked sourly at her. Marti didn't like David—never had, from the first evening, when he'd walked in with Stella.

Stella—Stella-by-starlight, with the platinum hair curling damply around her face; at the nape of her neck. Stella, with the soft, demure manners, the voice of a lady—and the body of a wanton.

At first, Eve had thought that Stella belonged to David. Or the other way around. But Marti soon clued her in. Marti was a lesbian, and Stella was her lover of the moment. But Stella, who was also David's secretary, could never admit in public what she was. So Stella always carried a "front" with her.

On this particular occasion the front had been her young, open-minded boss, David Zimmer. Good-looking, sharp-dresser. Up-and-coming fast—he was the type. Eve, walking in late, had noticed him right away. And latched onto him.

Maybe it had been only because she felt sorry for him—he was obviously straight, and none of Marti's other friends were. Maybe because he was so tall, and had the nicest brown eyes and a sexy, full-lipped mouth—she always looked at eyes and mouth first. But there he was, with a glass in his hand, standing slightly apart from the rest of the crowd, ten gay friends of Marti's.

Eve had had a particularly hard day, filming "The Regeneration of Haight-Ashbury." Since she had moved up to being anchorperson on the KNXT morning news, she hadn't had too manychances to go on location, interviewing people on the streets, and she had enjoyed this particular assignment. But it had been a tiring day, and she's intended to go straight to her room and to sleep.

Instead, after she's kicked off her shoes, she'd asked him teasingly to fix her a drink.

It amused her to watch him studying her, obviously sizing her up. wondering...

"Hello." He had a nice voice, too. Deep. definitely masculine. "I'd love to fix you a drink, but I'm afraid I don't know where everything is—I'm just an observer here."

"So I noticed!" In those days, not really knowing David, she could tease him—play it cool. "Everything's hidden in the cabinet behind you. I'm Marti's roommate, by the way."

He'd fixed her the drink she'd asked for—and two more after that. She remembered the relief in his voice when he's become bold enough to say. "You're straight? You mean that?"

Later, he had escaped with her into her bedroom. That was after the others had left to go dancing, after Marti had announced that she's drop Stella off and it was okay if Eve and David wanted to party it up themselves...

Throwing her head back, trying to concentrate on her breathing, Eve caught her bottom lip in her teeth. Go back, Peter had said. If only she could!

That first night—why had she forgotten to be wary with David as she had with the other men she's started to date after Mark? He'd asked her questions about herself, her job. He'd caught a couple of the news programs she'd been on, and thought he had recognized her when she walked in. But she came on too early or too late—he was usually on his way to the office by eight o'clock. He was an attorney...

They'd both known at that stage that he would end up spending what was left of the night with her. But he'd taken his time, he had seemed really interested in getting to know the real person under the getting-to-be-well-known face and figure of Eve Mason, KNXT newswoman.

And maybe that was when he'd gotten to her, that very first time he'd penetrated the shell of reserve she'd learned to erect around herself. Or had it been later, when they'd gone to bed? There his concentration had shifted from her mind to her body, and the contrast between his detached, friendly manner of moments before and the uninhibited lover he had shown himself to be excited her beyond measure. Eve found herself giving, doing freely and naturally with him things she hadn't done before with any man, not even Mark.

"Eve—Eve! You're like your name. Woman. I like the way you don't hold back."

"Do you always talk while you're making love?"

"I don't make love often. Mostly I just screw around. You're different."

Nothing unique about that, but it was the way he said it, the sincerity in his voice that made the meaning different. And right then he'd told her that he wanted to go on seeing her. They made plans to have dinner the next evening; to go down to Albany during the weekend when she was free, to meet his family.

Who could resist a man like David—beautiful, tender, fierce, and knowing.

Copyright ) 1979 Rosemary Rogers

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Guest More than 1 year ago
i also read this book in high school, and it stayed on my mind as, i fell for this unconventional love story. kind of imagine angelina and brad as the main characters if made into a movie in our times!