Insomnia And Seven More Short Stories

Insomnia And Seven More Short Stories

by Jeremy Robinson
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INSOMNIA and Seven More Short Stories 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Kane_Gilmour More than 1 year ago
Robinson strikes the e-book landscape again with a quick shot of short stories. They cover horror, science fiction, action, and even a little romance--between assassins! As you would expect from the author, there's action and suspense a-plenty to be found in this affordable collection. However, some of these tales showcase other writing talents and hidden depth. HEARING AID is a joyful and tragic tale of a surgical attempt to restore a man's hearing gone horribly wrong. THE EATER brings to vivid life the antics and personal comradery and antagonism that exists between brothers. HARDEN'S TREE brings the creepy, but it also shines a light on teenage insecurities and jealousy over unrequited love. FROM ABOVE puts a new spin on the tough-guy, hard-boiled thriller by involving low Earth orbit and a speedy flying-car chase, but it also shows the main character growing and developing just a bit of a soft spot for "his ladies". STAR CROSSED KILLERS is pure action and romance, and Robinson doesn't waste time condescending to his readership by spelling out the characters' emotions--he lets you discover those things for yourself by examining their actions. DARK SEED OF THE MOON takes an old, old concept and turns it on its head quite nicely, even after you see where things are going. COUNTING SHEEP puts a linguistic spin on a deus ex machina. The bonus tale, BOUGHT AND PAID FOR, takes you on an interesting tour of duty with a man willing to kill innocents to reach his ultimate prey. INSOMNIA, perhaps the best tale in the collection, not only presents a spookily prescient near-future tale, but it also presents a deeper existential analysis of the end results of choosing not to conform in society. Perhaps the best part of this collection is Robinson's brief introduction and his short afterwords on each tale, their inclusion in the collection, and his inspirations on writing these things. For the Robinson fan, these things are pure gold, as they give you an insight into what makes this rocket-fueled, adventure-thriller writer tick (or as the case may be, lose sleep). Highly recommended.
Kelnyg1 More than 1 year ago
These short stories were fun and quick to read and the afterword that Jeremy Robinson wrote after each story explaining the origin was interesting and insightful. A couple of the stories stood out more than the rest but that is just personal preference and takes nothing away from the other stories at all.
jlgc More than 1 year ago
Insomnia is a book of short stories written by one of my favorite authors. These stories are interesting and thought provoking. They are simple but engaging. In these stories we find a man who finds something better than working 12 hours a day, a killer tree, a vampire colony on the moon and several other engaging stories.  Jeremy Robinson also includes short little narratives regarding how he came to write these stories. I would actually recommend this book to everyone. There is something to take away from each story and special glimpses into the author’s life.