Inspector Ace and Sergeant Bubba: Book 2

Inspector Ace and Sergeant Bubba: Book 2

by Mavis E. Smith


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Ace and Bubba are an adventurous pair. Despite their differences in personality and character they always stick by one another, because they are best friends.
This book, the second in a series, focuses on personality, character and language barriers.

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ISBN-13: 9781490751405
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 11/21/2014
Pages: 30
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.08(d)

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Inspector Ace and Sergeant Bubba Book 2

By Mavis E. Smith, Earlene Gayle Escalona

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Mavis E. Smith
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-5140-5


Bubba was lying on his back porch, soaking up the sun and enjoying the slight breeze that rippled through his fine long strands of hair. He yawned—not a sleepy yawn, just a yawn because he was rather bored.

I wonder what Inspector Ace is doing today, he thought. Maybe I'll go over to his place and get him to come out to play.

As Bubba reached Ace's back porch, Ace was coming out, but not to play; he was just leaving, and Ace was on his leash. They must be going somewhere, thought Bubba.

"Where are you going, Inspector Ace?" Bubba said. "I was hoping you could come out to play. I'm so bored today with nothing to do."

"Mr. Cody said we're going to see Dr. Dean, the veterinary. He's a big, jolly man. He's always smiling, and he's very friendly. I have to have my checkup and my shots."

"Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!" Bubba said. "You have to have shots? I hate needles."

"You are such a baby, Sergeant Bubba. There's nothing to it, I don't really care about the shots, but I do hate it when they put me on that table that goes up and down so Dr. Dean can examine me. He feels me all over with his big, gentle hands, and I don't really mind that either because if I'm good, I get a doggy bone. Dr. Dean is very kind."

"Well, that doesn't sound so bad. I wish he would give Mr. Cody an extra doggy bone so he could bring one home for me," Sergeant Bubba said.

Mr. Cody Drummond opened the back of the car, and Ace jumped in. Then he secured Ace with the doggy harness. The car backed out of the drive, and Bubba was left all alone on the back porch. He yawned again, nothing much to do now.

I'll go indoors to see if Ms. Emily is watching television, he decided. If she is, I can curl up in her lap and have a nap. But Bubba saw that Ms. Emily was busy on the computer, probably writing another story, so he climbed into his little bed in the corner, curled up, and went to sleep.

Ace's checkup went very well. He weighed eighty-five pounds when he got on the scale.

"You've got a big chap there," Dr. Dean said. "He's in fine shape."

Then Cody patted Inspector Ace, and Ace knew that Cody was very proud of him.

On the way home in the car, Ace was looking out the window at the back when the car came to a screeching halt. Ace wondered what was in the way that made Cody stop so abruptly, and then he jumped out of the car and ran a little way back. Ace saw him pick something up and bring it back to the car. He opened up the back and said, "You won't mind this little thing riding with you, will you, Ace? She seems to be lost."

Cody carefully put the little thing in the back of the car with Ace. Whew, what a dreadful smell! It whined a pitiful whine, and Inspector Ace knew it was a little puppy dog, probably a lost little puppy dog.

Ace lay down in the back of the car so the little puppy would not feel so threatened by his size. He said, "Are you lost, puppy?" But the little puppy just whined a crying noise and wouldn't speak.

Oh golly, wait till Sergeant Bubba sees what I have here, thought Inspector Ace. Maybe we can track down its owner. That sounds like so much fun. Bubba said he was bored, but not for long when we get home.

When Mr. Cody Drummond and Inspector Ace got home, Ace jumped down from the car and couldn't wait to tell Sergeant Bubba about the little puppy. He climbed up onto Ms. Emily Fontaine's back porch and, when he reached the puppy door, gave Bubba the signal: one paw knock, two whimpers, and a soft yelp. Ace cocked his head to one side to listen. He heard Bubba coming down the hall. He had been asleep, all curled up in his little bed.

Bubba yawned. "What's up, Inspector? Whew! Why do you smell so bad? Mr. Cody should have let you have a bath at the vets."

"We picked up a lost little puppy dog on the way back from the vets. She's the one who smells so bad—it must have rubbed off on me a bit."

"What do you mean? A lost little puppy dog? Where does she live?"

"If we knew that, she wouldn't be lost now, would she, Sergeant Bubba?"

"OK, smarty-pants," Bubba said. "Are we going to try to find its owner?"

"It would be a help if she would only talk, Bubba, but she just cried when I tried to talk to her."

"Well, where is she, Inspector? Maybe I can get her to talk. She probably thought you were big and fierce."

"Well, I am," said Inspector Ace. "I am big and fierce." And he stuck out his chest and stood tall to try to look big and fierce.

"You can't fool me, Inspector Ace. You may pretend you are a fierce big grizzly bear, but you're really only a little soft, cuddly bear, especially when Hannah and Katherine visit."

"Yeah, you're right, Sergeant Bubba, but there's no harm in pretending, is there? I've got to play the part when a stranger comes to the gate, that's my job. You know we've got jobs to do, Sergeant Bubba. I've heard you barking when someone knocks on Ms. Emily's front door."

"I know, Inspector, I was just teasing you, but what about this little puppy dog? What are we going to do about her?"

"I was hoping you would have some suggestions, Sergeant Bubba."

"Well, maybe if I talk to her, I can find out her name—that would be a start. Wasn't she wearing an identification tag?"

"I didn't see one, Bubba. Let's go over to my place, and you can talk to her."

When Inspector Ace and Sergeant Bubba went into the kitchen, they smelled the little puppy before they saw her. But as they listened to Mr. Cody, they got chills down their spines. He was talking on the phone—to the animal pound.

"Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!" said Bubba. That was his favorite expression. "Now what do we do?"

"Persuade her to follow us, Bubba, let's get her out of the house before Mr. Cody misses her."

"Come on, little puppy, come with us, we're going to find your home and your owner. I know someone is really missing you. What's your name?" Bubba said in his sweetest, quietest voice.

The little puppy cocked her head on one side as though she were listening, and then Bubba thought she said, "My name is Missy." Bubba thought that was what she said, but she said it with a strange accent. She didn't talk like Inspector Ace or Sergeant Bubba, but they decided to call her Missy anyway.

Ace put his front paws on the counter in the den and reached over to the doggy treat box. He picked out a chewy large biscuit bone and then indicated that they needed to leave. When they got around the corner, they stopped to let little Missy eat the biscuit bone, then Inspector Ace took charge of the situation and, using his stern voice, said, "We have to hurry now, Sergeant Bubba, before Mr. Cody and Ms. Emily miss us and come looking for us. Come on, Missy, or whatever your name is, we have to try to find your owner, OK?"

Little Missy began to whine that crying noise when Ace sounded so bossy, but Bubba used his sweet voice again to comfort her, and off they set.


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