Inspiration for Innovation: 101 Lessons for Innovators

Inspiration for Innovation: 101 Lessons for Innovators

by BIS Publishers


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In 101 short columns, Inspiration for Innovation offers practical insights and tips on you to become a successful innovator. In an inviting and jargon-free tone, this book inspires, surprises and teaches you how to be an innovator bit by bit.

With the use of an expedition metaphor, it shows the key elements achieving a strategic mindset: timing, breaking patterns, understanding customers, creating a culture for innovation, and implementing innovation projects successfully. It’s a wonderfully designed book to inspire yourself or to buy as a gift for other people. The 101 lessons in this book make you dream, think and act like a successful innovator.

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ISBN-13: 9789063694968
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Gijs van Wulfen (1960, based in The Netherlands) is a recognised authority and worldwide keynote speaker on innovation. He was chosen as one of the first LinkedIn Influencers and over 270,000 people across the globe are following his notably engaging, prolific, and insightful posts. In 2014 Gijs came sixth in the international Top 40 Innovation Bloggers. Gijs furthermore founded the FORTH innovation method, which provides structure to the chaotic start of innovation while still fostering creative thinking.

Gijs is the author of the recent innovation bestseller, The Innovation Expedition , published in English (2013), Russian (2014), Turkish (2014), Dutch (2014), Chinese (2015), and Japanese (2015). More than 25,000 books have been sold, making it one of Amazons’ top ten bestselling innovation books of recent years.

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1 Successful Innovation is a Matter of Willpower

Innovators have to be open. They have to be able to imagine things that others cannot. But crucially, they are willing to take social risks to do things that others might disapprove of. You have to stick out your neck.

When you share your ideas with others you will probably get a lot of negative reactions like: No, it’s always done this way... No, customers won’t like that! No, we don’t have time for this… No, it’s not possible... No, it's too expensive! No, let’s be realistic… No, that’s not logical… No, we need to do more research… No, there's no budget… No, the finance department won’t agree... No, the market is not ready yet... No, it might work in other places but not here... No, that's way too risky... No, it doesn't fit our strategy... No, that’s for the future..

The single biggest obstacle in innovation is one small word: ‘no’. In 1928 it was the famous economist Joseph Schumpeter who wrote, “Successful innovation is a feat not of intellect but of will”. Real innovators turn the ‘Nos’ into ‘Yesses’, as innovation does not stop at the first no; that’s the moment it really starts.

Table of Contents

Contents: some of the titles

Innovation culture

1. Operational Excellence will kill you

2. Organisations frustrate their most innovative employees

3. There are no old roads to innovation

4. Improvement is a step. Innovation is a jump.

5. You can invent alone, but you can't innovate alone.

6. Real innovative leaders give both focus and freedom.

7. Why Do Incremental Innovations Dominate?

8. The Reason Why Corporate Innovation Is So Hard

9. How to Convince Your Conservative Boss to Innovate?

10. In Innovation You Support What You Create

11. The Smartest Way to Get Priority for Innovation

12. Innovation Failure is a Badge of Honour

13. Do You Hate Steering Committees too?

14. Workplace Politics Kills Innovation

15. Can Tradition Help You to Boost Innovation?

16. It's not I-nnovation. It's We-nnovation.

17. The Biggest Obstacle to Innovation in One Word

18. Free Employees to Experiment with Big Ideas

19. Pain is a Great Motivator for Innovation

20. Is Your Company Innovative?

21. How to Get Anti-Innovators Up and Running

Innovation mindset

1. Innovation is not a person or a department. It's a mindset.

2. Why people fear innovation

3. Most people are like dogs and bark at what they don’t know.

4. Innovation Has Nothing to Do With Age

5. Managers say yes to innovation only if doing nothing is a bigger risk.

6. Innovation Magic Occurs Outside Your Comfort Zone

7. Are You an Active or Reactive Innovator?

8. How to Transform Frustration into Innovation?

9. Are You Really an Innovator?

10. The Most Important Quality of an Innovator

11. Simple Exercises to Break your Patterns

12. How Can You Be More Innovative at Work?

13. You Innovate Only if Doing Nothing is a Bigger Risk

14. How to Get Non-Innovators to Be Innovative?

15. Learn to Love your innovation struggle

Starting innovation

1. When should you NOT innovate?

2. Six Rookie Mistakes in Innovation

3. 10 Problems at the Start of Innovation

4. 6 Ways to Commit Innovation Suicide

5. How do you pick the right moment to innovate?

6. If there's no urgency, innovation is considered as playtime.

7. The best innovators are need seekers.

8. The Importance of Understanding Customers Deeply for Innovation

9. How to Choose a Clear Focus for Innovation?

10. How Do You Start Innovation with an Idea, like Airbnb?

11. The Technology Route to Start Innovation

12. What Can You Learn from the Troublesome Start of AIRBNB?

13. Effective Innovators Pick the Right Moment

14. The Main Reason Why Startups Fail

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