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Inspiration for Living

Inspiration for Living

by Judy Tatelbaum
Inspiration for Living

Inspiration for Living

by Judy Tatelbaum


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Thank you my readers for your willingness to be inspired. We never know where our answers might lie. Our most important insights may come from a sentence in a book. I hope this is true for you.

Creating this book is the answer to a dream for me. I have wanted to be a writer since I was thirteen, but in those early days I had nothing to say. After I wrote THE COURAGE TO GRIEVE and then YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER, I thought I was done writing books.

Still I never stopped wanting to inspire others with ideas about living well. It has always disturbed me that there is no training to be a human being, no lessons in coping with trauma, illness, loss and tragedy. Ours is a world filled with people learning in hit or miss ways how to confront the inevitable troubles and sorrows in life or how to have satisfying lives and successful relationships.

Unfortunately there is also no training for the biggest jobs most of us take on - like being a parent or a spouse. It’s startling that we have so little assistance or support for dealing with the things that matter most to us in life. Seeing that we really don’t have any “curriculum” other than our own trial and error ways for coping with our emotional lives led me to write all of my books and now these articles.

Beginning my newsletter project, I thought or hoped to write maybe fifteen articles at most. Instead I have found an endless stream of inspiration, the sharing of which has been one of the greatest joys in my life. This book came as a surprise to me. My hope is that it is valuable for you. I am living Goethe’s words: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” May those words encourage you too in whatever are your endeavors.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692100684
Publication date: 04/03/2018
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

Outside of writing and dogs, I love books. I read about 7 to 10 books a month, hardcover, paperback and on my kindle. In addition I am always listening to books on CD or tape in my car, and in California one drives a lot. I particularly like reading good novels, mysteries, and memoirs.

I am a practicing psychotherapist, part time, mostly focusing on grief issues.
Writing enlivens me. I always write to inspire my audience. In addition to my books THE COURAGE TO GRIEVE and YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUFFER, I have written a short fable about afterlife THE JOURNEY FROM THE LAND OF FOREVER FLOWERS. If you want monthly inspiration from me, I write a free monthly newsletter which you can order frommy website: or email:

One of my secrets about writing is that I never face a blank page. If I'm in the middle of a writing project, I leave myself notes when I finish the day, so I have a place to begin the next day. If I have nothing in mind to write, I rewrite something from the past -- I have masses of writing to choose from. This always opens me to new ideas and new places to go. I began my newsletter as a lark, and have continued writing an article a month for several years now. Getting books published is more difficult today. Writing articles for me is an easier way to be sure I am read, and to connect individually with my audience.

Table of Contents


Introduction xi

Add What You Can To Life 1

Affirmations 3

Appreciating What We Have 5

Attitude 7

Authenticity 9

Befriending Ourselves 11

Being Alone 13

Being a Friend In Need 61

Being Present 15

Being True To You 17

Beliefs 19

Born Human 21

Burn Out 23

Challenge Transforms Us 25

Change One Thing 27

Choosing How We React 29

Commitment To Overcome 31

Communicating Freely 33

Complaining 35

Completion 37

Courage 39

Courage To Age 41

Dealing with Illness 43

De-Escalating Drama 45

Declaration 47

Don’t Give Up 49

Emotional Boundaries 51

Equanimity 53

Facing A Fatal Disease 55

Filling Holes In Life 57

Freedom to Be 59

Giving Others Freedom to Be 63

Gratitude-1 64

Gratitude-2 65

Growing Up 66

Happily Ever After 71

Hoarding Has Many Forms 73

How We Accomplish 75

I Wish I’d Known 77

I’m Up For This 79

Inner Simplicity 81

Jigsaw Puzzle Of Life 83

Journaling 85

Keys To Courage 87

Lessons Learned 89

Life Can Feel Too Hard 173

Life’s Gains And Losses 91

Lightening Up 93

Listening 95

Living In The Past 97

Making Sense Of Life 99

Manifesting Steps 101

Mastering Life 103

Metaphors As A Tool 105

Mistakes 107

On Growing Older 109

One Day Vacation 111

Overcoming Painful Experiences 113

Physical Symptoms 115

Plagued By The Past 117

Feeling Powerless Facing Loss 119

Reading Through Stress 121

Rebuilding After Disaster 123

Receiving 125

Regrets 127

Relationship Varieties 129

Releasing Regrets 131

Remembering Our Dead 133

Replenishing 135

Ways to Replenish 137

Roads Not Taken 139

Satisfaction 141

Saying “No” 143

Seeing The Big Picture 145

Self-Acceptance 147

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy 149

Sleep Difficulties 151

Smorgasbord Of Life 153

Snared In Our Story 155

Speaking Up 157

Starting Over 159

Staying in Unsuccessful Relationships 161

Stop Working So Hard 163

Stopping For A Moment 165

Survival Tips For Grief 167

Telling Our Story 169

Ten Secrets For Healing 171

Toxic Family Members 175

Toxic Relationships 177

Unfinished Business 179

Unhealthy Behaviors 181

Voicing Pain 183

Vows For Facing Challenge 185

Vows To Ourselves 187

What Is Enough? 189

What Makes Life Sing? 191

What Others Think 193

What We Cannot Control 195

Who We Become 197

Why Isn’t Life Easy 199

Willing Yourself Well 201

Witnessing Pain 203

Afterword 205

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