Inspirational Poetry for the Soul

Inspirational Poetry for the Soul

by Dionna Hill


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This poetry book is based on sermons preached by many Pastors, Ministers, Elders, Evangelists, Bishops and other great leaders in the church. These are religious and inspirational poems that will fill your heart with love and make your mind and soul be at ease.

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ISBN-13: 9781481757676
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/11/2013
Pages: 126
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

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Inspirational Poetry For The Soul

By Dionna Hill


Copyright © 2013 Dionna Hill
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-5767-6


    10 Instruments of Praise

    We have 10 instruments of praise
    That we should use every single day
    So listen carefully so I can tell you what they are
    Because they will help us go places near and far
    We use our hands so we can clap
    Or lay them gently in our laps
    We use our feet to stomp on the ground
    Or jump up high and turn around
    We use our eyes that we might see
    That God can supply our every need
    We use our ears to hear the word
    That was taught so beautifully by the angelic bird
    We use our tongue that we might confess
    And continue to thank God and be highly blessed
    We use our heart to share some love
    That was sent from God from heaven up above
    These are the 10 instruments of praise
    That we should use for the rest of our days
    So if you go to church and you do not have a shout
    There are other ways that you can send your praise out

    A Father's Instructions

    God our Father asked us to obey his word
    And we act like it is something that we never heard
    Do not cease to pray in what you do
    And watch God bring you out of what you are going through
    He wants to give you wisdom and spiritual knowledge to understand
    That he is soon to come to take us to the promise land
    He wants us to walk worthy of the Lord and all His pleasing
    And that we should fast and pray without ceasing
    He made us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light
    And He leads and guides is so we will not lose sight
    He said He would strengthen us according to His glorious power
    We have to receive it right now in this very hour
    All we have to do is listen to God and to His word take heed
    Because He said He would supply our every need
    He told us that He would clean us of our sin
    Only if we believe in Him deep within
    God created us to obey His will
    And if we did, our heart's desire He would fulfill
    All we have to do is do it His way and listen to what He has to say
    And for us God will always make a way
    We need to obey God, our Father, instructions
    Because if not we are headed down the road of destruction

    A Good Battery,
    But a Weak Connection

    You might praise God but there is a weak connection
    And without him you have lost your sense of direction
    In Christ your battery is represented by your heart
    Without it you cannot live until it starts
    You cannot have a cold battery in you
    Because you will not be able to receive your breakthrough
    Our power source happens to be Jesus
    The one who fed and created us
    The Cross represents the power of our salvation
    And it is where God was placed to show us our destination
    The blood of Jesus is what saves and keeps you
    And there for you when you are going through
    You may have a good heart
    But without that connection it will not start
    You cannot just praise Him on Sunday
    Because everyday he is making a way
    Stay connected to God and things will take place
    And God will help you win this race
    We need to stay connected to our power source
    So away from Christ Jesus we shall not be forced
    We need to stay connected with Christ
    And he will take away all of our strife
    So we know that the power is in the Cross
    And that Jesus Christ is the boss

    A New Birth

    There is a marvelous birth
    That was brought to us on earth
    Who can this new birth be?
    Is it you or is it me
    A person has just been born
    So little boy blue come blow your horn
    This person is clean, Holy and pure
    And there is not one disease he cannot cure
    To live a new life you must turn in your sins
    And under the spirit be born again
    There is no man who jumped over the moon
    So therefore a person cannot re-enter their mother's womb
    You must be born again in the name of the Father, Son and of the
    Holy Ghost
    And give all the praises to the high up most
    A person cannot be spiritually born again
    Unless they are ready to give up and give in
    You have to obey and abide
    In order to enter the kingdom of God
    Change your lifestyle and be born again today
    And Jesus will show you the righteous and holy way

    A Talk With God

    When you have suffered for so long
    In you mind you wonder what you have done wrong
    No one there to guide you from here to there
    But yet you seem to be going everywhere
    Many nights you lay alone in the bed
    Having terrible thoughts running through your head
    You ask God why me
    What have I done to have the devil chasing me
    The answer is you are not following me
    When you know I can and will supply your every need
    When you lay asleep at night
    I watch over you with all my might
    I am there for you when there is no one else
    My love, warmth and comfort you must have felt
    For you on the cross I gave my last breath
    And all of your sins were washed away upon my death
    Because I am in your life the devil will continue to mess with you
    But just wait because I am coming through
    And I will be there for you every step of the way
    And every morning, noon, night and day
    In my word I said I will never leave nor forsake you
    And I promise that is what I will continue to do
    My child open your heart and let me in
    I am the only one who can wash away your sin(s)
    I am the way the truth and the light
    An I am the one who gave you sight
    So my child take my hand
    And I will lead you to the promise land
    After hearing this you sit straight up
    Feeling like you swallowed something you begin to gulp
    Then you figure out that God was talking to you
    And that everything that he said that he will do is true
    So go ahead and give Christ your life on today
    Who know what miracles can happen if you just listen to what he has
    to say

    A True Friend

    We say that we have close friends
    But where are they when you are at whit's end?
    Where are your so called friends that claim they have your back?
    Or the ones to help you when you fall off track
    Whre is your friend when your money is running low?
    Or the ones who said that they would be with you everywhere you go
    Where are your friends when your bills are due?
    Or the ones who said that they were true to you
    Where are your friends when you are torn down?
    Or the ones to make you smile when there is a frown
    Why are you walking around making all this fuss?
    When God said that He will never leave nor forsake us
    I am glad that Jesus is my true friend
    And when down and out my heart He can mend
    My true friend Jesus saved Daniel from the lion's den
    And there with the Hebrew boys in the furnace where it was hot within
    This true friend made the dumb to talk
    And He blessed the lame so that they may walk
    This true friend made the blind to see
    And the only one who will always be there for you and me
    God we thank you for being there with us until the end
    And we thank you for being our one and only true friend

    Because I Know Him,
    I Know Who I Am

    Because I know Him, I am His child
    And he is always there for me even if I am a little wild
    Because I know that I am a child of the King
    Every day I should let my praises ring
    Because of Him I know that I am mighty
    And the devil tries so hard to destroy and attack me
    Because I know Him, I know his word is true
    If you don't believe me, live by His word and see what He will do for you
    Because I know of His goodness and grace
    And how He will keep you with his gentle warm embrace
    Because I know Him, He goes where I go
    And right now I want the world to know
    That God is able to do just what He said He would do
    And no matter what you should always take Him with you
    Because I know Him, I know I am wealthy
    He gave me life, strength and I am healthy
    Because I know Him, He can use me
    To do His will and have me be somebody
    Because of Him, I know who I am
    And I belong to Him and not Uncle Sam

    Becoming the Woman
    that God Wants Me to
    Be Anointed for Purpose

    I may not be that type of woman your eyes want to see
    But I am anointed for purpose to be the woman God wants me to be
    I may not have the finest things in life and drive a fancy car
    Or have a nice big house that is somewhere a far
    I may not be that woman that you seek
    Who is soft, gentle, easy and oh so weak
    I may not be that woman that you like with long hair
    Or the type of woman to show you how much I care
    I may not be that woman who does everything you say do
    Or tell you every day how much I love you
    However I am that woman who lifts her voice
    To cry unto Jesus and then rejoice
    I am that woman who loves God more than herself
    Despite all the negative things coming from everyone else
    I am that woman of good standards and virtue
    So would that make me the right woman for you?
    I am that woman whose price is far beyond rubies
    Or any other jewels that you might see
    I am that woman whose husband heart do trust
    Not worrying about me sinning and being in lust
    I am that woman who will love him for the rest of my life
    Because I am the one who said I do to become his wife
    I am that woman who works willingly with my hands
    Doing all that I can do until I am unable to stand
    I am that woman who is not ashamed to give God some praise
    And worship, adore and embrace Him for the rest of my days
    I am the woman who is not ashamed to fall down to his feet
    And call out His name which is oh so sweet
    I am the woman who was appointed for a time as this
    And do not be afraid because your name is somewhere on the list
    I am the woman God has set free
    To the point where there are no more chains holding me
    I am becoming the woman that God wants me to be
    So do not hate because your eyes will not let you see
    That I have the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    And that I was anointed for a purpose in this life
    I am that woman who was created from God's own heart
    Anointed and appointed for a purpose from the start
    Are you that woman than man wants to see
    Or are you becoming the woman that God wants to see?

    Being a Light for Christ

    What kind of light are you
    Are you the one that shines bright or radiant blue?
    Are you the little and innocent light
    That shines all day and night?
    Are you that light that shimmered like the star
    That led the three wise men to Jesus who was afar?
    Are you that light that will burn forever
    And keep the people of Christ together?
    Are you that light that will lead the way
    And always have encouraging words to say?
    What kind of light do you want to be
    The one that burns out or the one that help people to see?
    I want to be that light that shines all day
    And give off warmth along the way
    Your light can be the way you live
    And how gently and gracefully you give
    Your light could be the way you act
    And how you keep your love for Christ and others intact
    Do you want to shine your light?
    All you have to do is obey Christ and live right
    And your light will shine

    Bound Too Long,
    Time ToBe Free

    Are you bound and locked in chains
    And your body is rocking with pain?
    There was a woman who had an infirmity for eighteen long years
    And every day she did not live in fear
    She was bent over and only saw the ground
    Because the devil had her bound
    This woman could not see you or me
    But she kept praying on bending knee
    She was at church every Sunday
    For the Lord to give her strength along the way
    Even though she could not see anyone's face
    She had the healing of God's Amazing Grace
    Because of her obedience God healed her body
    And loosed her from her infirmity
    The devil thought he had her but she got away
    Because she listened to God and what he had to say
    The Lord healed her and set her free
    And he can do the same for you and me

    But Wait Until the
    Vision Unfolds
    The Vision is Speaking

    God's plan and vision are being fulfilled every day
    And we miss it because we do not listen to what the word say
    All the promises in of God in Him are yea and in Him Amen
    And He will keep us know like He did them back then
    It was revealed to Sarah and Abraham that they would have a son
    And they laughed but little did they know that process had already begun
    When it came to past they received the vision and all within it
    And they brought forth a son and called him Isaac
    For it says, write the vision and make it plain
    And that if we live by His word eternal life we will gain
    If we wait on the Lord, He will renew or strength
    And there to guide us when we go the extra mile and length
    We need to be patient and learn how to wait
    Because if we do not we will miss out on destiny and fate

    Can You See It?

    Can you see that you are a part of God's glory?
    And for that we should tell the story
    How God made a way out of no way
    And how He turned our darkness into day
    You can be changed through the spirit of the Lord
    Because He is more powerful than any two-edged sword
    Can you see that God is blessing you?
    Over and over again in all that you do
    Can you see that it is already done?
    Because on the cross was Jesus, God's son
    Can you see that the enemy is trying to stop you?
    And hindering you from doing what God asked you to do
    Can see what God has for you in your life?
    On how you will be successful, have a husband or wife
    Can you see that we have the victory?
    Because He was there to bring you out of your misery
    Can you see that you need to take back what the devil stole?
    And get blessed with more to make you whole
    Can you see that this is not side show?
    So move out the way so I can walk in my overflow


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